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It’s been a little over two years since I was last at
Adrenalin Forest. Today I’m back and I’m here to do Course 6 which I haven’t
done before. However, before I do that, I need to warm up. I’m starting with Course 3A. It’s short and sweet, but
provides a lot more challenge than Courses 1 & 2. The first obstacle is The Islands. It’s fairly easy – grab a hold of the green rope and hop
across to each platform. Piece of cake. The second obstacle is completely different to the one that
was here when I last did Course 3A. There used to be handles hanging from above but they’re
gone. Instead we have Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. Check out her music video if you don’t know what I mean. The wrecking ball used to be in a different spot, but now
it’s here. It’s a fun ride! Next up we have these unnamed vertical logs to weave around. If you can squat, then it’s not too difficult. However, I’m doing this mostly one-handed because I’m
holding a selfie stick. his makes it way more challenging! Now we have the seesaw. I think they’ve added more slack to these, because the
seesaws get quite a bit steeper than I remember them being. Despite being not as high up as the seesaws on Course 4,
these ones are more difficult. The next obstacle is Net To Traverse. It’s easy peasy! Adrenalin Forest have made this one slightly more difficult
than before by replacing the older net with this one that
has larger holes. After Net To Traverse is Lateral Ropes. This one is a little bit trickier but it’s good practice
because you get much harder obstacles similar to this one on
courses 4, 5 & 6. This is where the Wrecking Ball used to be, but now we have
these small platforms to teeter across. I love the flying foxes, but on this one I always run out of
moment! Argggh! After Flying Fox is the Lateral Logs. The logs on the end of the ropes used to be old branches and
not these rectangular blocks of wood. It’s not too difficult, but not having full use of my right
hand does make it a bit harder. I’ve seen a few people really struggle with these hanging
logs. They have a tendancy to slide away from you when you make a
step or reach out for the next rope. Next up is Zig Zag Ropes. These ones are easy, but the Zig Zag Ropes on the later
courses are EVIL! They slip underneath your weight giving you a nasty fright
if you’re not expecting it. Luckily, these ones don’t do that. Ever felt like snowboarding high up in the trees? Well the next obstacle is just that. You get to do a longer one of these on Course 4. We’re almost finished and for Course 3A, the best has been
saved for last. It’s the Commando. Now that 3A is finished, I’m going to do Course 3B, Course 4
and then then one I’ve never done before – Course 6! Join me on the next ones!

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