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yoooyoooyoooyooo! Whats up guys its Shein12 back at it again with another Graffiti Story as (because) you have asked for that so much. For everybody who doesn’t know about that, all the Stories are sent to me anonymous and Im just reading them out. Its really important that I am not trying to provoke anybody to do illegal activities so dont even try it! If you havent subscribed so far it would be a pleasure to me and now enjoy the Story! Hey, today im going to tell you my graffiti Story. By now the whole thing took place a few ago. I think it was about the year 2014. Back then I had only one Love. My Football Club. Im sure some of you can relate with me. Going out every Weekend to watch your Team Play in all the stadiums all around the country. (Germany) While planning choreographies and having a great time working on Flags and banners. These Times I met a really good friend. I changed the name a little but we are gonna call him Julian. We were active in the same scene but he was associated in a different fanclub Some time we got to meet each other by loving and supporting out clubs. Me and my friends hang out in front of our club house. We relaxed an talked together. Since  I took a small sketchbook and a pen with me, I wanted to Sketch a little. I knew that it would‘nt be any problem as they would always be on my side. After a while Julian came over to me and said : what are you doing? Oh really, You are writing graffiti? Of course my answer was: You too? A friendship over years began. Instantly passioned for graffiti I asked him whether he took some drawings with him. Sure! He answered and showed some pics of his drawings. I emmidiently recognized that he had just begone and that he didnt get the construction of the letters. Because I was not a champ at all I asked him : Jo nice, lets do something together if you want Yes dude! He said . A few days later we met each other at Julians home. I brought my blackbook as well to show him some of the sketches. By his face I could see that he enjoyed them. Freeeesh! He answered and looked at them like forever. After that I taught him the basics, I knew and tried to help him to get his sketches clean and correct. After that we turned up the music and sketch together just 2 boys that a passion to paint and that are forgetting everthing around them while playing the music Graffiti is just a kind of problemtreating what you shouldn’t forget. So we met up once a week to draw. Many months past and we used all of them to sketch and to support  our clubs at the weekend. Someday I recognized that Julian had learned the basics. Not even two months past and he had passed me and already began to work on a semi-wildstyle wich he even flowed pretty good as well. ‚,Sh*t bro! That’s a fat banger!‘‘ He proudly looked at his sketch and got a little red in his face. Are you willing to do something with spraycans I ask him of course dude! Lets rock it julian said To us the context was clear, support the clubs so there was no question about the colours. Just the colourgrading and the place wasn’t clear. A few weeks later a football friend of mine and me were driving on the highway to the stadium. Julian and I didn’t live in the same district as the stadium so we both had to drive 30mins. When the friend was driving along the highway I saw a wall that was completely empty. It instantly jumped into my eyes and I thought: That’s it! The spot was empty and more than just ready to get aerosol painted! I turned around to take a closer look while we were driving along. I told Julian about the spot that same day. It was in my district and Julian knew about it as well.

Let’s take the spot! I said He was fire and flames and said : Of course dude! It was our first action together. We thought that we would paint the spot at the weekend two weeks later. Since there was a match on early Saturday we decided to do it on the evening after the match. First of all it was time to watch football but we met the same day to do the sketch and take a colour combination. As we met to sketch both of us got hyped which got my opinion about the sketches even more positive. We wanted to write the clubs name. The fill-in would be in the clubs colours with a white second outline. One week before the action we went to buy the cans. Julian had shown me a small Graffiti store in our town, I didn’t even knew. It was very small but had everything we needed and the owner was a cool guy who told us his stories that he experienced.excuse me he had got from his friends. Im really happy that I found the store and Im still buying my cans only there. So don’t forget: Support your local shop! Back to topic: Julian and I picked the right cans and because we would be in a rush so we took some high pressure cans. We bought the cans and stayed in the shop for two more hours to sketch a little and had a talk with the owner. When we were done both of us decided that I should take the cans home with me because if my parents were going to find them they would be more chilled than his stepdad who actually was a cope Agreed. I’ll take them home with me. I said. Now it was only a few days till our big day. I thought about the action every day and got really excited. But how is it going to be, painting the highway? Will anybody call the cops? But how have the others painted their pieces without getting busted ? We thought that if we are fast nobody would care. Nobody would pull out his phone to call the cops while driving 120kmh on the highway, what actually  would be against the law as well. So we didn’t worry. Nothing will happen. Finally the day has come and time was mature. First of all it would be football and then our action was planned. Unfortunately a defeat for our club but shit happens. For most of them out there is always a reason to drink. Frustration drinks or winner drinks are the same. But not for Julian and me. We had to stay sober for our plans in the evening. We met way earlier to go through everything again. We wanted to hit the spot at 3am for the reason that there is as little traffic as possible. Our plan was to meet up at 11pm to look how we were going to get there calmly. We knew how to get there but not how it looks. The highway was over a mainstreet at the top of a small mound. On the right handside of the mainstreet stands a tall abandoned fabric compound  and just between the compound and the highway is a small trail you can walk along and where we had to go Julian and I met like planned at 11pm . First of all we went through our stuff whether everything was where it should be. Check, everything is on point. After that we went to eat something to calm down and to kill some more time. Afterwards we would go to the spot. We walked along the way just relaxed between compound and highway. Thick brushwood followed to the highway with a few trees and a 5 meter walk uphill. Pretty steep but it looked  like no one would see us as soon we would get up there. After a few minutes we finally found a spot to get up there. Once again we took a walk along the trails and watched out that nobody could see us. After that it was go time. First of all the silent climb. I was shocked after we arrived on top of the mount ! On the mount I saw that it went down 3 meters in direction to the highway. But up here was only short cut grass.

It was unbelievably dark and absolutely nobody was able to see us. But instead we had one of the best views I’ve ever seen. We were standing all the way on top and could look down on one side to see the lighted city. On the other side we were able to see the highway an the hundreds of lights from the passing cars. I won’t ever forget the view and I’m still thinking whether I should go there again. There was space all around us so we first sat down into the grass. It was a warm summer night and we had some time left so both of us enjoyed the moment. It was a warm summer night and we had some time left so both of us enjoyed the moment. We even laid down and watched the cars passing by.

The time stopped only for us. The cars were driving very fast and we felt like the time passed us but up here it seemed like the time stood still. We spent around one hour before we even thought about painting the spot. It was just unbelievable to chill here with my bro and to know that nobody would ever find us up here. Later we started to talk about the action and to search for the wall we wanted to bomb. It was about 200meters away and exactly at the point where the highway crosses above the mainstreet. We walked crouched into the direction of the wall and sat down so we could see the wall Here we saw that we first had to walk down the mount and following to walk about 10 meters to the wall. The good thing was that between the crash barrier,the highway and the wall we wanted to paint was a only a 1meter wide Space to the wall So we didn’t have to walk down over the highway. We packed our stuff, looked if the caps were on the cans, shaked the cans and prepared for the soon happening action. Then we waited the last time till 3am so we wouldn’t take anymore risks. Accurate at 3am the alarm from Julian rang.
It’s starting now. I thought . I had a really crumbly feeling in my stomach although I knew that nothing could happen to us up here.
But how is it going to be down at the wall? Are the cars going to stop and call the cops? Are they going to honk? I didn’t know but the spot should be ours. So we shook all the cans again, put on our gloves and took a look around. Nothing eye catching to see.

We gave us high fives and said : It starts now!!! We pulled the ski masks over our heads and ran like some crazy guys down the hill. As I ran down the hill the adrenaline shot into my blood. I was so intoxicated because Im running in the direction of the highway where the Traffic is firing thru. As we arrived at the highway we ran to the wall. We put down our bags and began to pull our first lines. Julian followed me and filled the giant letters with paint. To make the graffiti even bigger I stood on the hand rail of the wall to get higher. As I stood up there and pulled the first lines an LKW? Just passed us from behind. I knew as I heard the noise that I turned around reflectively because it was so loud. You can’t believe what kind of felling it was up there. I stood on the hand railing with both legs. On one hand painting the letters, with the other I held myself on the Glaspanel to not fall and there was a 40 ton LKW passing with 120 km/h. The hand railing and the Panel vibrated as he passed us. After I checked that it was only a LKW and everything was alright I continued to spray the letters. All of that happened in pieces of a second.

After I had  pulled out the forms of the letters I helped Julian to fill the insight of them with paint. After that I took the Outline can and pulled the outlines. Meanwhile Julian took the white can as we discussed to pull the second outline. I was absolutely focused on the graffiti and the action.

After seconds to my feelings I was done with the outlines and grabbed the can for the highlights. When Julian was done he began to pack both of our bags.

Now the point where we didn’t think began. How the hell should we take a photo? 

As Julian was done I told him to watch the highway. He should scream as soon as he would see a car and I run to the second lane to take a picture.

A extremely dangerous situation on the highway. Even more because I heard from a friend of mine that her friend got ripped by an LKW while painting at the highway. I decided to take a picture regardless as I thought that the traffic was pretty chilled and a car was coming just every ten seconds. Julian is watching the highway, I’m putting on the camera so I only have to pull the trigger when I’m standig there. I was looking at the direction where the cars should come and run as Fastnacht possible to the second lane.

Meanwhile I was only looking on the lane the cars were coming from. Thru the dark light you could see the lights of the racing cars pretty fast. I pulled the trigger and took about 3-4 pictures while I’m steadily lookin in the direction of the traffic. Luckily no car came along and I walked back fast to Julian behind the crash railing. We took our bags and ran up the hill as fast as we could.

We didn’t know if anyone had called the cops. Well actually nobody hupped but maybe someone called the cops.

So we made our way to the city as fast as possible to not get caught at the spot. We walked down the hill and as we arrived down there we hugged each other an celebrated the action.

Shit, we actually killed it‘‘ Julian said. I told him : nothing is over, let’s just get home safe first. We arrived in the city safely and said goodbye to each other.

Everybody went home. Till today we celebrate the action. And I will never forget that day and the action. If you are watching, thanks for the great time Julian! Since we haven’t had any contact for years I wish you all the best and hope that you think about that day so positive as well. Yooooooo and that’s it with the story, I hope you enjoyed it. If yes I would be nice if you would give me some feedback in the comments or give me just a thumb up or a thumb down. As I said I do not want to invoice anybody to do illegal activities so don’t copy that! As I said in the beginning I’d be very thankful if you’d subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so because I can see that about 60% of you haven’t subscribed wich means if you are interested and want to support me or even don’t  want to miss any story then subscribe to my channel And you can also give me some feedback to the background, what do you think about it? Do you like it or not? And if you out there have experienced a cool story then just write it to me. You’ll find the Email address in the description of the stories. Take enough time so the story is actually cool and write long enough. What did you think And what did you experience ? Then I would say we see each other back again at the next story and I wish you a wonderful day say have fun till neeeeeeext tiiiimme tschiiiaaaaaaooooo

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  1. Hi ich bin genau in der selben Action wie du. Mit Fanszene und auch gerne Zeichnen sowie Grafitti nur das mit der Autobahn hab ich noch nicht getan. Kannst du bei solchen Actionen Grafitti Nachtssprühen tipps geben? Würd mich freuen:D

  2. Kann mir wer helfen?

    Ich hatte eigentlich vor ein Train zu sprühen aber ich hab absolut kein Plan wie ich da vor gehen soll und wo die ganzen Bahnen abends stehen

  3. Habe echt Lust graffiti zu machen aber will es nicht alleine machen außerdem kenne ich gar kein der graffiti macht . Hätte jemand vielleicht Lust mit mir paar pieces zu machen im Umkreis limburg – Weilburg

  4. Nicht zuahuse nachmachen…

    Zuhause = Legal
    Draußen = Illegal

    ok ich mache das nicht zuhause nach sondern drausen

  5. Die Idee vom Piece find ich mega! Leider feier ich die Outlines garnicht… Aber trotzdrm Respekt fürd Bild!

  6. Leider ist mein lokaler Shop in den letzten Wochen immer teurer geworden und muss daher immer ne halbe Stunde mit dem Zug in die nächste große Stadt fahren wo es nen guten Laden giebt

  7. Dieses gefühl wenn man wieder zuhause ist und alles safe ist… die ganze aktion, alles einfach vorbei ist und man im bett liegt und das adrenalin langsam nach lässt… einfach krass

  8. Also sorry aber deine Styles sind jetzt auch nicht gerade die heftigsten.. dran bleiben das wird bei den meisten irgendwann eh noch aber dazu muss man auch Kritik auch erst mal an/ernstnehmen usw.. alsoo ja ist nur meine Meinung aber die meisten Maler die ich kenne würden mir da Recht geben .. sieht hald aus wie wenn du Grade Mal so 2-4 Jahre lang malst ka😅

  9. Hey kannst du z.b mal bestimmte Tage wo du immer grafitti Storys erzählst mache wer übels korrekt

  10. Geiles VIDEO, UND COOLE Story aber Lkws fahren nicht mit 120kmh auf der Autobahn die dürfen da nur 100 fahren! XD Sry für den Besserwisserichen Kommentar.

  11. Story ist ganz nice, aber du musst echt an deinem Style arbeiten. Die proportion der Buchstaben stimmen nicht überein. Kann dir empfehlen Videos von DokeTV anzuschauen der zeigt die Sachen ganz gut vor.

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    Edit: Trotzdem gutes Video 👍

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