ADRENALINE fuelled paintball day in Ottawa | Operation Discomfort

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Hi, I’m Nina an Ottawa based blogger, I love to keep busy and stay active by trying new things in the Ottawa region Follow my adventures as I try new activities and get out of my comfort zone Today was a big day. It was my first time playing paintball my friend. Amanda came with me And the first thing she did was hit me in the leg We had to dodge each other hide and we got to play paintball with some pretty professional looking people They really knew what they were doing and we were a little bit out of our league Today we’re going to play paintball at markt paintball had a really good night’s sleep feeling rested and ready to try it I’ve never done paintball before so I’m really excited for this new activity I’m just on my way to pick out my friend Amanda and then we’ll be headed out to mark paintball Hello, where are you get her you Know so nice to see you Ready to play some paintball. Oh, boy. Am I? Are you excited? Yeah, I’ve never played paintball before but I’ve heard it’s really fun. Yeah, I did Go once when I was really young mm-hmm, but I was like The only thing I remember is running down a hill and then all the girlfriends were like this isn’t for us So no and went into any obstacles and didn’t leave and I really wanted to play though. So Ladies hi, ultimate family adventure park, I’m Andrew Hi, I’ll be your guide today so we’ve got ax throwing we’ve got laser tag We’ve got Canada’s largest outdoor obstacle course, we’ve got 9 million square feet here So we’ve got lots to do but I think you guys are here to play some paintball today. Oh, yeah Okay, so let’s get you geared up. We’ll get your brief skin and we’ll get started. Awesome. Perfect. Great So over here people everybody My name’s Sun that sin Will be here wraps for today making sure you’re going home exactly like you came having a great time All right So first things first, we split paintball before raise your hand You have one person like it the rights to I knew I loved introducing new people to the sport So first thing your mats right here, okay, most important piece of equipment that you have This is what keeps you safe out there in the field So mass goes on you have your two tops the back you’re gonna pull them apart to tighten it bring them together to loosen it All right, you’re over 18. So you don’t need to wear the chin strap. I do recommend that you were Okay, that’s a safety defense from preventing you from pulling your mask off as well as if you’re running around on the field you having? A trip and fall. There’s no way that screws off your face. So everybody’s using the same sort of marker So these are the low impact markers. All right, 50 caliber like they set up at the shop We have the two things rain barrel. Saw your safety All right, barrel, socks and safeties are on at all times unless we’re playing paintball Once you get shot girl socks safety goes on you walk off The field will tell you where to go at the beginning of every game All right, when you’re walking we’ll fill the field barrels down fingers off the trigger. No walking around like this, okay We don’t like it. We treat it like a real gun. It’s not a gun to Barker cuz we mark things with paint We don’t shoot bullets. Okay, so that leads me to the fuel to play We have two barrels. Okay, great barrels deserve start box. I’m gonna start on the inside of those barrels All right, I’m gonna say for all socks Safety’s off. You’re ready to go. That’s when you do so Okay. Yes you guys ready? You guys ready to give me a thumbs up? Three two, one whistle starts the game two whistle stops a game in the middle of a game. You hear – whistles stop Stay where you are put your barrel socks safety on to deal with whatever happens start to get back up again. Any questions anybody? No Perfect. All right, so let’s grab her here We’ll put our mouse on we’ll go around order the to the entrance and header it to the field Once you’ve done that your market sound live you’re good to go you can take one or two shots down there and You guys are familiar with the gear let’s head up to the field and play Welcome to district 9 is the first field we’re going to be playing on today. It’s our newest field. Ok I’ve just opened a month ago plays like regular paintball guys. So we’re going to do an elimination deathmatch Ok, so we’re gonna have you guys versus each other to get you started. Alright, so we’re gonna do a quick little 1v1 here Yellow team are you ready? Yep Black team. Are you ready? Okay, guys Go Oh Gosh I thank you. Okay. Yeah, it stings a little bit a little bit. Yeah Yeah, it’s fun hot is. The adrenaline rush is real. Yeah I’m I think I’m ready to go again. You are I think I’m ready to go you think so Are you sure cause I think those are new opponents To Good we had a great day trying to eat. Well for the first time that marked paintball Amanda, how you feeling? I’m ready for the roasted. We’re ready to go home fun, but very tiring, although she got some really good shots in including me So that was my adventure today. I’ll see you in the next post

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