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and welcome back to talk of Alabama with
allergy season already upon us many households are battling dangerous
allergens bugs and bacteria so we thought it’d be a great time to talk to
you about the importance of protecting your home from the germs and allergens
out there luckily the team at Advanta clean makes it much easier with their
healthier home checklist we’ve got Jody here to tell us all about that so I
guess the first question would be what areas of our home are I guess most prone
or most covered with germs and allergens in your home germs and allergens are
going to grow particularly where there’s the right temperature and the right
amount of moisture okay your bathrooms your towels when you come in the door it
gets on your shoes 90% of the allergens that you bring into your home you bring
in on your shoes actually we recommend taking your shoes off at the door it’s a
big help you know I make my kids do that I’ve always done that not because of the
allergens because I don’t want to swiffer the floor eighty seven times in a
day but I mean with that said you can bring a E. coli you can bring in all
kinds of things all of your shoes everything that they’re walking on comes
into your house and then gets on your carpet and you have it yeah oh that’s
gross let’s talk about the bed you mentioned the bed what about dust mites
dust mites everybody has them they’re all in your bed it’s something that
everybody needs to deal with kids if you’re probably not watching it this
hour but don’t make your bed right away I know the moms aren’t gonna like that
when you get out of the bed pull the sheets back give it about a half-hour or
so kind of dry and circulate the air and you’ll retard the growth of those growth
those dust mites oh the dust mites okay does it kill them or just it won’t kill
them yeah you’ve got a vacuum regularly clean you know change your sheets
regularly etc okay but it’ll will retard the rate at which they multiply okay cuz
they’re really eating off your dead skin cells yes that’s correct
just super gross when you think about it okay let’s talk about keeping the
overall home germ-free you got some filters here yeah I brought
in a filter I want everybody to know that if you can see through your filter
it’s not filtering anything out okay so you want to have this pleated one with
the fabric in it some of these are electrically electrostatically charged
to collect pollen and things in the air we recommend that
Advanta clean changing your filters out once a month okay on my Facebook page AdvantaClean of Birmingham South I have a section on there where you can order
these online they come out the level of filter that you want for your home they
come out when they’re needed so there’s no remembering what signs there’s
no remembering what time it’s an dollar two more than you would pay at the
big-box store but it shows up at your door ready to change out okay we’re not
you know we recommend an FPR filter performance rating of seven to nine
seven to nine okay so what if you don’t know what I mean these are all different
sizes right what if you don’t know it generally the one that’s in your system
right now will have the side the size written right on the side of it as this
one does okay and that’s what you need to match you need to get that and put it
in and and again if you’re ordering them just know your sizes punch it in there
and then you can you can get the fpr that you would like for your home okay I
like that now what about you mentioned bath towels and such should we be
changing those out every time we take a shower not necessarily every time but
don’t hang them on a hook they’re not going to dry properly on a hook because
they’ll be bulked up we won’t be aired out get them on a bar the fold rotate
the fold down a little bit so that the fold doesn’t stay in one place on the
bar and it’s easier to dry also don’t share your towels one towel per person in
the house wash them every couple of days don’t get me wrong but you don’t
want to cross over it same with soap you want to pump soap you don’t want to use
a bar of soap so it will hold some bacteria on there yeah the new
the new pumps the body soaps and so forth are a great great way to minimize
living things over now what if I use dial which is an antibacterial soap so
does that still it helps but it’s not going to get every one of them that you
know and there’s there’s things moving on to the duct work you know I quit
cleaning the duct work in your house is very important and there’s things
there’s a chemical we can put into the duct or it’s not a very strong chemical
as far as humans are concerned but it kills everything up to tuberculosis
that’s in your system which is which is very hard to do it’s Hospital grade
okay well if people want to learn more what’s your website Advanta clean of
Birmingham South at AdvantaClean dot com 453-4700 thank you so much
for being here Jody we appreciate it now that I’m fully grossed out

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