Aeolus UC-1801 ICU Unit and UC-1803 Bredder’s Incubation Unit

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The Aeolus International Pet Products’ UC-1801
ICU Unit and UC-1803 Incubator. With almost two decades of design, development,
research and engineering, Aeolus International Pet Products is proud to release the UC-1801
intensive care unit for pets. You can easily control the temperature within
the chamber with just a few presses of a button. With mutiple fans, this ICU unit provides
a cross ciruculation to evenly disperse temperature throughout the unit. Aeolus also provides a professional air conditionder
sytem at an additoinal cost that can be regulated on the ICU control panel to realize neutral
temperature control in the unit. To help and aide you in providing you with
a healthy balanced enviroment, we have made the UC-1801 with an easy to use humidifier. A few presses of a button starts the humidifier
to help you create a safe enviroment for your animal patients. The relative humidity can reach 85 and the
temperature setting can remain steady at 82.4 degrees Farhenheit, allowing this ICU to accommodate
many exoctic species. The UC-1801 animal ICU unit has an easily
programmable dual compressor nebulizer that comes with a medical automazation function,
which makes it more convenient to administer full strength medicine as your animal patient
requires. The UC-1801 also features a Carbon Dioxide
concentration monitoring system. With a press of a button, you can monitor
the carbon dioxide concentration levels within the unit. The CO2 monitor also alerts you in case the
carbon dioxide concentration levels reach an unhealthy level for your animal patients. The UC-1801 ICU illumination function provides
10 lighting settings, giving you the power to create a comfortable and therapuetic environment
for your animals. Your UC-1801 animal ICU can begin a sterilization
process helping to easily disinfect the ICU and prevent possible cross contamination. Each component in the ICU is now easily accessible
saving time and hassle in daily routine maitenance. As pet lovers, we at Aeolus International
Pet Products understand the difficulty bring certain breeds into this world. With common conditions like short skull brachycephalic
found in our flat nosed fur friends like bulldogs, pugs and some cat breeds, we know the process
can be extra stressful without high tech equipment most breeders cannot afford. In an effort to ease the stress and anxiety
when caring for the animals that you love, Aeolus Kanistar Medical Line has created a
new cost effect breeders incubation unit. The UC-1803 incubation unit is designed specifically
for breeders. Engineered with precision and care to help
provide a nurtuing environment for newborn pets. This incubation unit has kept most of
the technelogical advantages that are featured in the UC-1801 ICU unit for pets; however,
in order to make the incubator more affordable for the every day breeder, we have slightly
minimized the control system. With just a few clicks of a button you can
have a trustworth incubator that will help you set acurate humidity and temperature settings
as your puppies and kittens mature. The UC-1803 breeders incubator features all
the elite features of the ICU unit with the exception of the internal nebulizer. However, an external nebulizer can be added
to your order. Just ask your sales representative for more
information. Should you have any more questions about our
vet equipment line, visit us at our website at, follow us on social
media @aeoluspet or you can email us at [email protected] We look forward to setting you and your business
up for success!

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