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Your Aerobika* Oscillating PEP Therapy
System can also be combined with your nebulizer treatment. We recommend the use of the AeroEclipse* XL Breath Actuated Nebulizer and Ombra* Compressors. Ensure you have read the instructions provided with your nebulizer before starting your treatment. Set up
your nebulizer and ensure your prescribed medication
has been added to the nebulizer cup. Ensure the nebulizer is set to breath
actuated mode. Remove the mouthpiece from the nebulizer
and attach it to the nebulizer port of the Aerobika* Oscillating PEP device.
Switch on the compressed air source and complete your combined treatment using the breathing technique from the previous section.

4 thoughts on “Aerobika* Oscillating PEP Therapy System with a Nebulizer – Trudell Medical International

  1. Aerobika is used for exhalation exercise, while Nebulizer is used for inhalation exercise, When combining both does it mean the inhalation provides medication and patient is using the Nebulizer and while exhalation patient is using ( getting benefit of ) Aerobika? Does it mean there is an outlet in Nebulizer system which directs exhalation out of the inhalation Chanel? It would be beneficial to the audience if you can explain this aspect as well in the same video. Great work, congratulations to Trudellmed team, particularly these two devices improves the effectiveness of the medications and more importantly improves underlying lung function.

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