AeroEclipse* Breath Actuated Nebulizer

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For those who rely on nebulizer
treatment as an important part of their therapy program effective aerosol delivery is critical. With traditional jet nebulizers whether
the user is inhaling or not aerosol is being produced and released
continuously represented here by the blue band. Breath
enhanced nebulizers introduced air entrainment which helped
increase the amount of aerosol delivered for each breath. This
recognized the best time to deliver aerosol was during inhalation and conversely that on exhalation
aerosol delivery should be reduced. Since both of these types of nebulizers
continue to release medication up to two-thirds of the aerosol may not
reach the lungs because the patient is exhaling, is between breaths or is taking a break
from treatment. This brings a couple of questions to
mind. How much medication is the patient actually receiving? And since it is
emitted into the air, who else is breathing the medication?
What if aerosolized medication was only produced on inhalation and not on
exhalation or between breaths? The AeroEclipse* Nebulizer is breath actuated and works in just this manner. Aerosol is only produced when the patient is inhaling delivering medication deep in to the
lungs. When they are exhaling or taking a break to rest or talk, the medication is contained in the cup
until they are ready for their next inhalation. There is no wasted cloud of aerosol
spilling into the air. The easy to see feedback button lowers
on inhalation indicating aerosol is being produced.
Then it returns to its original position to indicate aerosol production has
stopped when the patient has stopped inhaling. By watching the feedback button the
patient can get better control of their breathing pattern for slow inhalation. This can also encourage users to take the
long, slow breaths recommended to improve aerosol penetration and deposition in
the lungs. Have confidence in knowing and seeing
medication is being inhaled by the patient not dumped in the environment. It’s time
to rethink nebulizer therapy. Safer more effective aerosol delivery is available with the AeroEclipse* Breath Actuated Nebulizer. The only breath actuated jet nebulizer
available today. For user instructions or to obtain more
information about the AeroEclipse* nebulizers please visit

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