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Kitai I need you to do a physical assessment you are showing Rapid Blood contamination. Are you cut? I’m dizzy, Kitai self eval Dad I….. I can’t stand. Open your medkit. You’re going to have to administer the antitoxin in sequence Inject yourself with the clear liquid first, do it now I can’t see. The poison is affecting your nervous system. Stay even. Dad please come help me I can’t see I Can’t do this by myself dad, please come get me. Kitai, Inject yourself, directly into your heart with the first stage. Do it now Now the second, asap To your left Kitai, Left! I cant’t feel my hand! Dad, I can’t feel my hand. Press it into the ground Roll over on it and press it into the ground Kitai Great work Cadet But you’re going to have to lie there for a moment The parasite that stung you as a paralyzing agent in its venom So you are going to have to lie there for a little bit while the antitoxin does its job

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  1. We just wanna make you go psycho put 100 thousand dollars on the bible i took the game with my eyes closed woah

  2. i have seen shittier movies get better critics, hollywood is just some old fat rich haters who actually worked for it , and just cause his born rich and famous family they hate him for it and dont want to make it easy, karate kid was a great movie and the pusuit of happiness, screw hollywood and everyone in it, bunch of old fat rich lards and failed marriages if you ask me

  3. will is not a real actor he was a mediocre music maker got lucky. but he is a fun play play actor on Fresh Prince in the 80s ..serious roles he cant do it is bad acting and his son is even worse.

  4. yea alot of meaning in this scene
    1- life can be stronger than us and we cant do anything about it
    2- you just use your brain to get out of bad situations being emotional and panicking won't really help you in most cases even if its about saving your own son ,but to be real here falling on a needle to inject your heart will most likely definitely kill you 😛

    i still like this scene screw the haters XD

  5. I ended up watching this movie by myself when I was like 6 BC my mom fell asleep on me😂 and I was terrified by the parasites but I kept watching it BC it was so good

  6. After Earth… Speaking of after, I’ve heard there are 12 years left for us to save the earth. Luckily, we actually have people stopping the end of pollution, trash and chaotic events. Climate change, I don’t know what to say about that. Climate change, global warming and stuff like that are probably just normal. In the future, everything will be good again. I think the future is gonna be like what’s happening in stories of futuristic movies. People say that won’t happen. Put your mind to it, think about what’s happening after this. It may happen a good way or a bad way. Whatever happens, know this. Life and the world still continues. There is no end to those 2.

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  9. Alright, I know that this was already in people's recommended before like 2 years ago but, it's time for another go at it my people. And we're going to watch this horrible scene with pride.

  10. M. Night giving direction: "Now in this scene I want you to act like a robot with minimal emotion. Okay, in this scene, instead of any growth as a human, I want you to act like a robot."

  11. Some people say this movie is boring. But you shouldn’t expect every movie to have all the flair and over the top visuals of a Michael bay movie.

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