After Effects Tutorial: How To slow down animation

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Hi, my name is Florian Director of
In this tutorial, I will show you how to adjust timings on our after effects templates. I
will use our templates “Stylish Lines” as example to work with it. So in this example
is to slow down animation by 200% and still display a normal speed to your media. Ok,
first, you have to open your template folder, “Text” “Media” and “Logo” and when all is ready,
the first step is to slow down the global animation. We will apply the “Time Stretch”
effect to the global composition which is call “Render This”. For this, we need
to first compose the composition. In the folder panel, select the “Render This”
composition and drag onto “Create” a new composition. You have create a new composition
called “Render This 2”. We need to extend the time work area, go to “Composition”
and “Composition Settings” and change the duration to 3 minutes. Then, I would adjust
the time work area a little bit, then right-click on “Render This” composition and select
“Time” and “Time stretch”. Now, change the stretch factor to “200%” and click
“Ok”. Here you go, your animation is now slowed by 200%. If you are using picture or
photo, your template is ready to render. In the case of using a video, you will need to
split every media by applying an inverted time stretch. In the folder panel, open up
the “Media” folder and select “Media 1” composition. Select your media, right
click, select “Time” and “Time Stretch”. Change the stretch factor to “50%” and
here you go! Repeat this steps on all the videos and your project is ready to render.
I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks for watching.

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