Ahjumma Bag Raid – SS8 in Manila Essentials

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Show how much you love Super Junior by shouting In 3, 2, 1. Is that okay? We love you, Super Junior! Can you show us your Super Items that you must bring on concerts? specially for Super Junior Show I heard that the crowd is usually ‘titas’ so a lot brought Katinko and Vicks. Do you have one right now? I brought Vicks. Can you show it to us? This is not necessary, but bring light stick. Your ticket and bag You should bring wet wipes! – Why?
– to remove dirt and maintain your freshness You should also have Advil Of course, our super powers – Salonpas! Why do you have Salonpas? Because it’s painful for our legs to stand for four hours This is for them. This is for Super Junior. Aside from the ticket, of course, light stick then, energy medicine for headache and then, also bring medicine for Diarrhea just in case, if you’re too excited Katinko, Vicks, Inhaler. All of those ‘tita’ stuff Jacket because I get cold easily I brought this. to fight headache How about you? I brought handkerchief. Is that a handkerchief? It looks like a bath towel! why did you bring towel? I might sweat later. What if you’re waving that at the show then your bias was able to pick it up and wipe his sweat with that? Any message for Super Junior? I hope I pass this semester because you are my inspiration. I love you and I hope to see you again. Good luck and I hope you show us more abs. Donghae, my bias. Finally, after 10 years, I’ll be able to meet you. To my bias, Yesung, for 10 years. Good luck and be happy every day. We love you so much, Super Junior!

18 thoughts on “Ahjumma Bag Raid – SS8 in Manila Essentials

  1. yung mga dala namin ng friend ko white flower, ain relieving rub, katinko, advil, at diatabs 🤣😂😅 bag raid din ang peg 🤣😂

  2. Not a ‘Tita’ yet but that inhaler got me through all the boys’ kakulitan and abs (whoops) and stage presence in general. Thank you for bringing them here, Inang! It was a wonderful experience as a Baby ELF 🥺💙

  3. panalo si ate na may salonpas hahahahahahah buti na lang nagseated ako hahaha hindi na keri ang long standing hahahah

  4. Jusko nag dala din ako nang efficascent oil at simeco baka ma acid ako dala nang sobrang excitement hahahahaha hello po sa fellow tita elfs out there lol

  5. HAHAAHHAA. Bought katinkl din tlga. HAHAHA. Pang sakit ng ulo, ng tiyan ganern. Hahahaa. Kasi siyempre dapat full energy sa concert. HAHAHA

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