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Nebuliser is a device, which turns liquid
medication into a fine mist or spray by blowing air through it. This will allow medicine to
be delivered directly into your lungs where it can be absorbed more rapidly and more effectively
than if it were to be taken by mouth. NET Brand Nebuliser consists of an electrical
air pump (or compressor), the nebuliser chamber where the medicine is placed, a plastic tubing
connecting the pump (or compressor) and the nebuliser chamber, a mouthpiece or facemask
used to breathe in the medicine. Compressor is the power source that pressurises
(compresses) the air. Nebuliser chamber is a small plastic cylinder in which the liquid
medication is put into. Face mask or mouthpiece is the device used to breathe the medication
into lungs. Nebulisers is used for patients with lung
diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, bronchiectasis and
cystic fibrosis. Narang Medical also offers Ultrasonic Nebulizers.

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