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when i was a kid i grew up in a pharma
couldn’t even go near the animals that allergies asthma bronchitis hay phir
emphysema my home respiratory system has not stopped at a colds flu’s fevers
carson as i was a mass my dad worked with all
kinds of toxic substances like turpentine tractor oil gasoline any like
his beer and vodka at the end of the day which messed up his liver he had so many
cox is in his blood had pushed out too risky and so we had really bad examines
arises my momma started having arthritis
rheumatism wheeler messed up in my jobs in secondary animals get this has to go
out there and cut down the weeds the fist souls the nettles the bird ought to
be any lines little did i know at dole’s very plans that i was fighting to cut down were the ones that
could it healed assault danny lines are better freezing anything having their
free trader who they are super food in a natural medicine aside from being a complete food at all
eighty cents on the alas is a make protein denny lines are strong blood
cleanser liver cleanser they dissolve kidney stones they help acne cholesterol
it prevent cancer they reduced gastrointestinal problems even diabetes to yellow flowers on the highest sources
of lesser than in the world even more than saudi emperor dot asap plant that has those little round
velcro ball the six year closing your hair bill did we know that that’s one of
the world’s top and healing herbs it’s a very popular anti-inflammatory antibacterial
antifungal anti-tumor it cleans the blood so well it makes it one of the
world’s great skin cleansers it removes acids from a bloodless makes a great for
examines arises it balances hormones arthritic unclaimed problems and milk thistle vessels also sal’s are
edible milk thistle is that all our but the spiky sharply sent contains that
light milky like liquid that by the way if you put that on walls warts or skin
cancer helps dissolve away milk thistle is one of the best things you can take
for liver it helps cure hepatitis is well psoriasis a bolivar the seeds
contain a substance called slimmer and which coats and guards the liver cells
by preventing toxic materials for men only sells and helps rebuild every
growing new liver cells and now they’re common plant that grows everywhere
everybody yard is good for bronchitis asthma emphysema getting rid of mucus it
helps the whole respiratory systems especially when you’re suffering from
kohl’s it also helps i guess to promised on the cultures and urinary tract swings
in informations implanting it’s one of the best things you take for hay fever
allergies asthma even to procure wallace’s it helps to really insect
stings which i got all the time fevers infections skin disease poison remedy
blood purifier supercollider stomach aches diarrhea in my dad’s prostate it’s only we knew back then at this
stuff the crew wilding free in our yard could help heal this
and what we had all man the world needs to know about this in a stop is right outside your door
right now and it’s free that’s why it made this five dvd set which while seal
outside your door and show you what’s out there what it
looks like and what it does this is over nine hours of video it doesn’t matter
where you live in the world this video shows you the most popular plants down
pretty much anywhere in the world what they look like and what they do
even comes up free recipe booklet which is very easily
make delicious meals from the free wild plants growing in your area simply go to
free food and medicine dot com that’s free food and medicine dot com against
video set you will learn so much and plainly you feel the difference

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