Alan Baptist, MD – Video Profile

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>>So the types of patients that I see
in the clinic are mainly asthma patients. I’m the Director of the University
of Michigan asthma program, and so we see a whole spectrum
of asthma patients. We see a lot of very severe patients, so
patients who have had to be hospitalized, been to the emergency department, had to take
oral steroids with a lot of side effects, as well as we see moderate
and mild patients with asthma, a lot of patients who are having difficulty
controlling their asthma symptoms. And we’ve set it up where we try to incorporate
the best national practice guidelines with also what is important to the
patient, and what are the goals they would like to achieve on an individual basis. We have both pediatric specialists,
and we have adult specialists, so we can see a wide range of ages. And we not only have physicians, but we
also incorporate a social worker who helps with issues that patients may be having with
difficulties in either obtaining medications due to cost, obtaining transportation,
difficulties and barriers to access of care. We also clinical pharmacists that can
help with difficult medication decisions. And so we really try to treat the
whole asthma patient at this program. So I think the way I’ve changed or evolved as a
physician, because in part due to my research, has been that I’m much more understanding about
the patient’s concerns, and their limitations of being able to implement the changes we’d
like to do, and at the same time understanding where a patient is coming from, and what they’d
like to achieve because of some of the stuff that we’ve been doing in the research arena. And so I incorporate that much more
than what a simple lab test shows, or what necessarily one expert in the
field says everyone should be doing this. I think it’s much more of an
individualized approach now.

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