Alan Ford u okruznom zatvoru u Beogradu

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

The cult comic book hero with Serbian features and in Serbian society. New York in Belgrade, and freedom is attainable! These are just some of the reasons why the roles in Alan Ford in the District Prison were sold out. I switch off , forget that I’m in prison , and I became the role I have no idea that I am in prison. And now , for an hour I wasn’t in jail , I was free That is where humor starts, it intertwines with our everyday lives, with some of our traits outside the scene and everyone’s traits are exposed in quite funny, humorous way. That in most cases strikes us as very entertaining. To have fun and at least briefly become members of group “TNT” wanted most of the 200 prisoners that serve a long prison sentences. Even characters from Alan Ford were insufficient considering the amount of convicts that wanted to participate in this play. This led us to create new characters on the spot Applause that lasted several minutes showed them, they say, that this play will be long remembered, at least in prison . Impression from the first play lasted long and only now is subsided a bit. So it’s just the right time to do other play and bring new and even stronger impressions The comic strip hero Alan Ford and his group were brought to life here in the District Prison in Belgrade by as many as 17 convicts. After Dostoevsky and “Notes from underground”, Alan Ford, they say, was welcome to shorten the time waiting for the New Year holidays.

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