Alcohol, Cold Air, Exercise: Why they can make your Asthma Worse

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– Hello, I’m Emma Hammett, the founder and CEO of First Aid for Life and Today I’m going to talk
to you about asthma and in particular how asthma can be harder to control when hay fever season is upon us, when it’s cold outside, when you’re trying to exercise, particularly if you’re
exercising in the cold and how alcohol can also affect asthma and it’s thought that it can increase your disposition to
having an asthma attack or your predisposition
to allergies as well. Tree pollen is out and about from about February, it starts coming February, March. It obviously depends how
warm it has been out. Tree pollen can exacerbate hay fever, it can make you experience allergies and those allergies if
you are asthmatic as well can mean that it is harder
to control your asthma. If it is cold outside, the cold air can also dry your airways and make them go into spasm which can again make it harder if you are asthmatic and cause an asthma attack and likewise, if you are exercising, particularly if you’re exercising in the cold, it’s been shown that there’s something called
exercise-induced asthma which again, can cause your
airway to go into spasm, the cold, dry air dries things up and again, it can make things worse. It doesn’t mean you should avoid exercise, it just means that you should exercise with your reliever inhaler close to hand. So, pollen can cause allergies and asthma tends to be caused by an allergic response. Alcohol contains histamine and it is histamine
that the body reacts to when you are reacting and you are having an allergic response or you’re having an asthma attack as well as a result of an allergic response. So, consequently if you
are drinking alcohol, and you already have a predisposition to allergies, then it’s thought, it’s strongly suggested that the alcohol can make that predisposition stronger and it can exacerbate
your allergic response. So, the advice is that if you
are having trouble controlling your asthma or your hay
fever’s getting worse, that cutting down on alcohol or cutting it out
altogether may well help. I hope that’s useful. That’s Emma Hammett
from First Aid for Life and

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