Alergias: Origen, síntomas y tratamientos naturales por Adolfo Pérez Agustí

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this is a production of mindalia television and mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from to contribute knowledge and create awareness the first social network of altruistic help through thought allergy is a disease that involves the immune system not It’s the same thing about intolerances that we can talk about in passing, which is the difference with an intolerance is a disease that involves the system immune system the immune system has three types of basic reactions or is depressed as it is with infections of repetition with certain suppressors that have to be sent with the bibliotherapy people who eat poorly who are malnourished because it has a very depressed immune system is not effective to solve the diseases that is a way the depression of the system immune there is another other characteristic of the immune system can be chaotic chaotic that it looks like it’s fine but it works with chaos the same thing can stimulate that those that occur in diseases autoimmune the immune system works but neither is depressed nor is there pérez cited is chaotic does not know exactly what to do and ends harming the organism on which it depends is chaotic but what happens how they are in hyper excited allergies works well but with excess but the idea of ​​the immune system is that that reaction does not cause damage then it is hyper excited and it is to that state so altered so exaggerated causes a secretion of substances that we said before histamine brad and quinine acetylcholine in essence are these three substances which are going to segregate and give a given a symptomatology normally right now almost all that are being given continuously because the body protects us from those elements that they call allergen protect us daily and segregate that substance we are not aware of it because they are segregated in quantities correct and we do not have any symptoms for the simple fact of breathing to be here of being in contact with us and with the environment the substance that they know allergens are called allergens the word allergy generator that’s why it’s called what alien is going to produce some relationships but that the body is controlling the continuously until in this person in particular It is so exaggerated that it causes more serious symptoms than your own allergy is more damaging the body’s reaction the answer that the very element that has entered my body is what worries me the least that is so and perez cited take your control to an immune system to bring you at your pace is very difficult if autoimmune diseases are difficult to cure because it is chaotic allergic diseases that is the hyper system excited are also difficult to cure and yet the diseases of the system is depressed there is easier to see there the medicine has us we have resources now if all I have to say where is the greatest difficulty well when the immune system is chaotic because there is if this is lost common sense and reacts I can not foresee how he will react in Allergies usually have to be solved with natural products I want to tell you not to take antiallergic antihistamines I will say depends the severity care a symptom that is called you know the anaphylaxis that as I give you there is no time to lose if it gives you and you do not treat it you die then we are going to be prudent to say that allergies can treat natural medicine say any type of allergy but be attentive to the symptoms an asthma attack begins the person to drown have air there is not enough oxygen you have to take go to the hospital a spray a petrolí not what it has what either telebrás min or that you are taking you have because the bronchi suffers a spasm closes and does not admit oxygen we already have an oxygen deficit that the lung is not going to happen much but the brain itself is going to happen and very serious then in serious circumstances you have to go to the emergency room but I say it but the natural treatment always in the background well someone has not heard the antigens When we take or ingest or inhale an allergenic substance we know that the normal people nothing happens to us but when it enters the body in very very special people produce what are called antigens antigens the word says antibody antibody generator the body is advocates creating specific antibodies against that substance remind me to say what kind of substances are the most common and defend list is defending itself if the symptoms are mild I do a little mucus a sneeze a small itch on the skin depends on what disease allergic I say do not worry that that is a natural response now yes it is intense be careful to ask me questions because I like that we are not going to see what substances have here it is by order knows how the first time I think that I I have put more Substances that usually give allergies to allergies are usually has produced by allergens of a protein nature fix because I insist that is very rare with a substance that is not protein produce an allergy because sometimes substances perfumes smells meals me I know they do not have proteins there because they produce allergies because of substances that stick to that element when a substance protein sticks to an element will produce an allergy an example we put the pollen itself does not have to produce allergy but it is known that they are the substances that adhere to the pollen are the cause why the pollen when purifies is a micro flame process biological digestion the pollen when we are purifying it and we eliminate the proteins foreign to pollen normally not only energy does not work that are able to cure an allergy and this is the first remedy that only I command for the now stationary pollen that the usual one is to spring-summer I just send pollen in the winter time or it’s the same substance that will produce allergy ar sent it but only already sent it the pollen this they sold with just foreign substances inside and sent him that he eats it every day what is the pretense of this since in winter allergic manifestations are not frequent at least to volyn the body gets used to that kind of substance in such a way that when take it to take it eat it gets used because it trains the bloodstream to through the digestive system when you take it by air your body is accustomed and does not affect it has already become accustomed and does not elaborate antibodies very active and is one of the things that most only uses pollen is also uses homeopathy, see that with some remedy, not only is the poor and ingested chewed but the pollen in homeopathy is very effective and is usually use when the spring has just arrived now about spring a day say a little detail at the beginning of spring It is not the worst time when the worst time when substances the pollen the dust are disseminated through the air when it is disseminated when the heat has been so intense when the heat is already strong way there are certain kinds of substances with very little molecular weight that are going in the air and that usually happens in May-June when the heat starts to squeeze is all in the air at the beginning of spring there are no great symptoms, then the symptoms begin to worsen Yes, tell me yes yes yes yes now let’s talk we are going to talk because it’s funny everything can produce an allergy that people do not identify as energy and the doctor would not have to go to a very specialist managed area that says the children an energy but like mine if it’s yours but when it has to be a specialist a family doctor can not not make that difference Milk is a great allergy product because it has a protein element that casein has immunoglobulins inside that are also imo globulin a ruminant when my body receives immunoglobulin from a species that It is not the same says what it is and as they are allergenic nature milk is a big producer and people confuse it many times with intolerance that is not the same the difference is that intolerance there is no reaction immune system is perfect but if there is a reaction but it does not involve the immune system and yet allergies get involved the system immune the milk the egg we return to the same as what the egg has the same an incredible pure protein the peanut are quite frequent some nuts can have them the fish we are talking about products with a huge amount of protein the seafood and they are almost 90% protein pure e let’s see diseases that cause allergies but that sometimes we in the relationship I will not say the simplest that is asthma asthma can be allergic in nature as know that it is allergic in nature if it is seasonal if it is seasonal and coincides with the time of great flowering as now they are the almonds the sun as much as I can out there and the rye and everything if it is seasonal in nature and becomes more severe in the spring summer is asthma with allergic component is not the same as asthma that is declared in a chronic bronchitis the asthma of an old man or anything that there is no allergic component eczemas skin diseases that they persist over time people scratch themselves and see nothing in themselves but when when it’s a friend that you see it continuously scratching some parts of the skin but you see him instinctively he does not give not even that he is scratching and all his life is scratching that you know him you see him always scratching that is almost always a allergic manifestation is worth now we will see and you will see perfumes meters can give good allergy hay fever is typically to the crops allergies to pets well it has been known that pets in yes it does not generate allergy but if what adheres to the pet to the hair of pets to pets even if they have little hair has a skin they have microscopic hair but they still have it and when the pet moves and if he runs around the house we take him on top of him We caress you, we give you little kisses, because everything that has adhered to the hair of the pet that’s what is not the hair there are people who put them brush they cut the hair to zero in the hope that the pet does not give pets are the conjunctivitis knows what it is is continuous tearing continuous than ninth because of always looking at an allergic component well urticaria is a resemblance to which more what the hives urticaria is much more intense you really can not Avoid scratching utilities if the people if now we will see contagious humans there is someone who I said and the saliva of my boyfriend who has allergies So let’s talk about the one between us if the semen of my boyfriend has not been proven that neither saliva nor semen can produce them to another person but if what it carries within or that is what leads outside of it components in the toothpaste in the deodorant in the colony that’s going to produce the reaction that the person confuses with the exit or a prosthesis that takes that is releasing something but you know and we’re going to have our reservation that it’s true he has the saliva and he is not going to produce allergies but if what he has the person with another disease that is atopic dermatitis the notice gone on the defining and swiss terrible because it’s that lasts you atopic life wants say what what without without known cause atopic disease is when a doctor says atopic dermatitis I say did not have no idea but you’ve left believing that you have a diagnosis is how it says a person what you have is a headache I already know head but I want a definition in the diagnosis I want to know what kind of headache I cranial migraine and causes and remedies do not put me just a name to my illness and leave me the same as I was there is no words that are used when they tell you I have to criticize I’ve been criticizing the doctors I can not help myself I have average friends that It is a viral process, it means that the cold all this is broken and you he knows is to say how he knows that this is a virus yes to analyze a video has to take my blood to a laboratory to identify the type of virus as well as good cubero eye this is a virus no no these are diagnoses that I use sometimes when I do not have an idea also above all those things and I am very happy the patient says how much she knows this man since you have told me that I have a headache or rim already what he knew before entering that he has contact matisse headache that is a see yes there is no diagnosis that is to say it means that the cause is not known but painless intestinal manifestation of a itchy dermatitis that small rash a small thickness on the skin with red has the characteristics of a dermatitis but we do not know the causes of pheromose then In addition to the atopic fit batista what has not been defined is that sometimes it is very difficult to define that’s why it’s called topical, the cause can not be everything, but it’s not everything, but It can be a lot of causes well the contact dermatitis is easier to identify we are talking about diseases allergic not only from the cadastres the bronchial ones, not the dermatitis of contact the word or say a bracelet that this person does not make damage to you it lends and that day the street will be made with this bracelet so pretty terrible in contact matisse is worth it in the colony that you exchange or the shower gel that does not hurt anyone But if the bracelets are worth the clothes usually generate contact dermatitis that Well, it opens them up immediately because every time you use that element for and because some glasses can also be a dermatitis but it takes away yes and the symptoms disappear the medications usually produce allergies that are called also in an imprecise way sometimes as a side effect and it’s nothing more that an allergic reaction to the components of the medication and is not a side effect even if it’s a play on words to insects that we know all insects can give a reaction let’s brutal the wasps in one person does not cause him the damage and another one will kill him that is unpredictable and nobody can know and other allergies the sun allergy to see here right away and someone says yes I know or have lived or I know who has had it is called solar hives allergies to Sun is thought to be through sweat is not not sun allergy and the allergy to water but not because the person is dirty there people who have water allergies I have had a good friend who had allergy was showering and nothing to be out since the entire skin was itching with red and it was not gel because we tried to change gel was allergy to water and are are very difficult to cure but not difficult does not mean possible Then we will tell you how it is good to cure what I said, I am allergic to sweat. does the sport in a gym many times the elegies the sweat are very very clear allergy to cold cold urticaria is called must wait that winter is because allergy to cold and to the heat of course allergy to pressure that is an allergy under pressure not something that grabs you that imprisons you is a clothing or the hand contact there are people who really feel bad when they touch my hand and it’s a problem help is worth putting a vascular reaction but allergic type to the pressure it also happens to the pressure of a bed linen of a sheet my god this we do not get safe allergy and now you’re these last ones are amazing allergy to vibrations because there are people who get so mad when there’s loud music, it’s not the music it is not the ear it is the vibration that produces the music because there are people who It gets mad when you have some workers in the street with the hammer is know as I tell you, it is that I can not stand it or I have to leave here allergic manifestations set the advantage of all this that everything has the same treatment with natural medicine natural medicine you will see that does not have a basic solution for each type of allergy, not all are going to be treated in the same way because we’re going to act on the immune system good allergy to nickel to certain metals but nickel but also mobile phones are a major producers of allergy to the latter what I already live very closely with a person I chose the magnetic fields you know that the magnetic fields are around our where we are right now there is a huge amount of magnetic fields circulating among us the wifi wireless and there it has been shown that the new accountants who have put on the light that I believe all the houses already from madrid has those new accountants who no longer have to upload anymore has to come because they go via satellite or they do not even have to come to do the reading where do you think that scales are powerful signals those signals not only go via satellite do not go throughout the house for the entire environment look at your house how many neighbors are you little that you are four floors two neighbors are eight counters only in your house and in the neighbor’s or the of the other in everything in everything and to fix in Madrid is a major producers of sensitivity energy that will cause electromagnetic sensitivity and the symptoms are very similar to allergies is the immune system which is chaotic does not know to have to know that the immune system communicates between them you know that the leukocytes act causing the but if not sharp the macrophages all should work at the same time to achieve healing must be synchronized in a single purpose that is to cure that person and we have a series of white blood cells itself working at the same time we assume that electromagnetic pollution is coming around wifi you have at home by wireless phone and system cells immune cells fail to communicate they communicate but badly chaotically already we have an allergic disease caused by an electromagnetic wave so if you are free of them lucky you are because look at this last name is terrible I met an intimate friend of mine and he told me the first day that he already had a problem with electricity electromagnetic and I told him what the symptoms were and all good good symptoms are intense heat sometimes digital face general weakness the sensation of suffocation symptoms that correspond to an allergic disease also and when the source of emission is eliminated it is a place where the wifi no no is powerful or does not exist the symptoms immediately disappear but they return well those are the symptoms if the ear turns red and headache are immense then any symptoms that you have that has appeared in the last five years and that the doctor does not know what it is that I do an analytical do not appear anything look what happened in your work surroundings have been put a wifi nearby because the jobs like being all computers are interconnected in your home or a wifi is installed for the computer and the wifi of a huge power and the phone wireless I say again it’s one of the most powerful there is more than any another electromagnetic but it seems that the counters of the light are worse that is to add when you have a disease that there is no way to cure the psyche the doctor is puzzled to think about this there is an application in the mobile to detect how your house is working so I’m going to download it and you are active and if you are going to see exactly how is the network from your house if it affects you of the neighbor I get crying when you activate it come out or mine I grab it to the bright red and the one of four neighbors because in addition, it comes out with or not with jazztel how to visit leaves more to the law you can find out how your environment is phones the say the phones the watches watches are also a great product of all that good you see how terrible allergic diseases are terrible the application since I’m telling you good if you want there are several the best not the best the truth that the best novel name download wifi to analyze how it sounds in English as it write but there are several and these are of use free then you can download it, I think it’s a download on it but and what to see now let’s see look one thing now let’s see the part good to me does not affect me at all electromagnetic pollution nothing does not affect me that I go to a full field of hay everywhere and that there is pollen here animated because because my nature made me something good I would have to have but that’s what I left at least and I said that it does not affect me means that everything enters my body just like in you but for some reason my immune system does not go into a madness is not so quiet says nothing happens this comes in and it will leave but there are many people causes the iv but that excitability of the system immune the air conditioning and here may be can be the air conditioning itself good as a source of electromagnetism is brutal that undoubtedly but as a source of allergies in itself should not be because At the end of the day it has a filter and if the filter is good you know that you have to decade a year every two years that the filter foot and that the hyper filter have ever confessed I have my house nothing and I think the instructions said here six months said dead will debate was imagine what is going to enter the street and everything is the filter be that for everything that is in the street and what goes inside your house hold it there in the filter and you do not damage is but you have to clean the filters and what we do ask it to me good is going to say other good things the allergy to milk is very common is confused with intolerance to sometimes lactose can be an intolerance and if you take off lactose and nothing happens to you was an intolerance but if you remove the lactose skimmed and you leave white water water and it continues to produce you is one is a Allergy and almost always are the casein and the room simón or william immunoglobulins that come from the breast of the cow the allergy to eggs we have already said that it is especially where the more protein in the egg to see in the clear in the clear in the clear in the clear the yolk also but it is not the the same amount the albumin is a pure protein and precisely allergy by that so pure that gives allergies the body can not unfold it called acids that’s why the people who used to take the bus before remember luck bodybuilders they took the clear alone and pure without transforming I say apart from that it is not going to serve for nothing can harm a protein so pure the body needs unfold the parts of the bowl unfold half a process called coagulation that what it does is to fractionate the protein in amino acids the hard boiled egg a little less because already have the heat look like the heat això the process that should make the body is already very better tolerated and good is that it has made you poor egg yolk very good the next talk will be the cholesterol you I’m going to surprise you when we talk about cholesterol, you know that the room our friend calls cholesterol so be prepared to what you see hear well the wine the wine that another person does not drink wine immediately hurts the head and is intolerance or is allergy is almost always allergy normally to the tannins of the wine those substances that give it is pastosity that makes it seem that can be chewed wine canines in intolerances comes by the tannins and I do not know if there is any wine free of tannins not a friend and that allergy can give you with this is not a matter of exclusion amount of sensitivity had this a blow allergy and hit by a minimum amount good proteins to wheat that we know and now a very curious allergy which is the exercise of time to exercise not to work women now you are going to ask for the leave at work look at the doctor who told me that I have an allergy to my work Yes, but at what time did a woman arrive who, yes, I think I already said it yes I think I’ve said this but well at least he has repeated well exercise allergy actually proved that it was not the exercise itself but what you eat before exercising that the exercise that is what causes a greater vascularization the blood vessels open oxygen is everything but moves to fast then to little that you have assayas comfortable eating something that can cause allergies and that very active process of active body everything revitalizes the allergies to the spring and you already know to the animals we have already said we are going to the remedies because you already demoralize a little bit and he said he’s worth it and now he’s going he says a Bogota what the fuck we do our what do we do what we do with allergies well let’s see the allergies primaverales that are going to arrive until the summer the monkey is silent but it does not matter if they are in the air then in winter there may be if a few days of wind move everything and the pollen the rain not because it brings it to the ground not the rain itself is a good because it will contribute to everything going alone and go by the sewers but the winter wind is going to contribute 14 move and it can happen that not because also when the trees and everything are very humid it tends to clump everything is fine but if it happens to you we are going to give it by radio, it can happen, you know that allergies leave us sometimes bewildered but as I allergic to this is not possible let’s say the remedies I have a few mistakes the first one is curious that it is an herb to say a grass that produces urticaria itches brabo the nettle green the white not the green nettle the green nettle that produces urticaria because in the hairs of the nettle is if you take a nettle jordi the take it with gloves and cut it Caldas in very hot water you can eat it as a salad that will give you the higher mineral contribution of no other mining rate no other vegetable scalding it in hot water loses that ability to criticize the person and eating the salad also tastes rich astic having of woman declared is a damn grass dark places in salad woman but good in this case is not worth I want to say that you can take salad and take it and if not see is that if you see that there is and eat it in salad or if you are lacking minerals including calcium and phosphorus all that take nettle and for males you know that comes to us from death to the prostate and what is not the prostate what has already been said is worth for men green nettle wonderful and for others as remineralizing and for mitigate the effects of allergies what the green nettle does and if you take it every day in your home you can take it in infusions and it tastes rich in pills in extracts what it does is decreases the sensitivity of that organism to suffer from allergies will remove it but each time they are less sensitive that is worth the green nettle with their traditions because I would tell you Allergies just as asthma has a time of day that are more dangerous that is in the first hour of sleep at bedtime since the bag 6 at 12 until two or three o’clock that is the worst hour is when the asthma crises are brutal allergies also who have had children we know that to those hours all the fever goes off and everything there is a reason because at that time shoots and at dawn everything is mitigated and the secret leaves a gland that called adrenal gland that has some hormones that are incredibly effective but that are put to sleep in those hours like the body in the The adrenal gland is cut off because the poor woman also has to rest stops working and leaves the body helpless but the doctor knows and in emergencies go if they know those hours they watch more patients the hours of The first hours of the night, after early morning, they leave it because the organism begins to produce corticoids we already have an antiallergic of the best what is there and what the body produces well another that there is the maritime pine the maritime pine all are very plants well-known colds are used so I would use this in the allergies that cause asthma allergies asthma crisis is worth in the pine maritime crisis not going to also but you see that we each go to the first would be to decrease the sensitivity to suffer allergies the other is allergies that cause asthma thyme look at what is one of the birds that is one of the wonderful plants that we have Spain is the best thyme of the best in the world and we have unceasing in favor of echinacea and other plants coming from switzerland the thyme is an extraordinary plant for the system defensive but extraordinary goes for the nervous system for people who fall thyme valley for digestion thyme is worth for immune system to reinforce the defenses fight certain bacteria especially bacteria of the digestive system parasites the books you had ‘helicobacter pylori’ we have those bacteria that from time to time when they give us war, always take thyme when you suspect that there is a bacterium that should not be and for allergies allergies are cough irritative which is a pertinacious cough and is allergic type because there is no other other symptoms if it is true what my friend says here counted the crisis of others that there have been because I believe that at least 60 to 70 percent of the friends included myself have suffered the crisis of all that last you a brutal week and that should have coincided at best with this flowering that you had said before but it was terrible no no for decisive others It will touch you already it will touch it is not released to anyone well then the thyme we are going to give you are in those allergies that cause two intense vale we already have another infusion and take it from the field either sometimes there is that buy it you pick up in the field it’s easy to identify the thyme smells of a way a very special plant of the fvm smoking area already is behaves and I think it is one of the very few behaves as if it were a antihistamine pharmacy antis friends you know that they send it for Allergies does not block the action of histamine does not prevent it from segregating that does puts in between and prevents histamine from causing damage and blocking it well in smoking already has that effect blocking the action of histamine and has a long-term effect that is depurative little by little it is cleaning the organism of those substances that have remained and little by little it is purifying until with luck after a year of smoking and allergy almost has disappeared is worth smoking and the laurel you know all has also antihistamine properties are not so intense as smoking already but as it is a plant and used in meals more plants you will see you see in the amount of remedies that there is the green of the or it sounds beautiful that plant is a precious plant fine the green of the I already used it in chronic old asthmatics that reach the consultation with an asthma that has been going on for five or ten years and they see if the natural medicine finally offers a cure is not going to cure or remove truly allergic and asthmatic crises definitely but they are going to allow him to make a normal grindle life and especially the old allergies old with an asthmatic or emphysema component the lung completely collapsed ok well another rude plant rude drop this plant is a plant insectivorous is curious because it catches the insects and eats them the digested has a species lets you enter with insects are fools are looking for little things so colorful because it opens everything and when extra insect gives a panzada eat the rude insects we will use to relieve bronchospasm which is the product spam or allergy that cause a bronchospasm that can be a broncospasm the word mackerel tells us the person suddenly to be it is without air then it will happen but at the moment it gives a shock of name I know which is that no but is not expected a moment that I do not breathe that you can not it has done a little exercise worse the fis and this such bronchospasm usually pass well by the back is used to avoid those bronchospasms in people what else can we do nose washes with sea water but use sea water that now sells it even sell a kind of little bottles that saiz the sea water through a hole and goes out the other this leaves all clears because the nasal mucus with all the good that is sometimes it is an enemy of ours because it catches everything and there it leaves it and little that let’s do that, it has already happened again for inside then it costs us nothing if you have an allergy crisis that you do not notice because the nose becomes congested navarros the nose with sea water and sell it already there is a bottle if yes no to be able to talk like this at home with a dropper and that between a site on the other, a good wash is worth a product, a trace element trace elements are those minerals that the body needs in quantities minimal that’s why it’s called oligo trace elements that is manganese manganese is used throughout life allergic crises what it does is diminish what is called the morbid predisposition is the predisposition of the body to suffer allergies as a child had them as a young man he has another one again and with a higher goal the calf but at another time to be the cats tomorrow to the company tomorrow to pollen has a genetic predisposition to suffer from allergies, then manganese breaks that predisposition bitten a very curious thing that has also been checked the lyophilized quail egg system used a lot when I had my query open in Madrid and it gave quite good result cronista good to sell it in pills and egg of lyophilized quail has a quite logical effectiveness against {84686}{84724} Interesting. the description yeah good this used I guess it’s good if you can find it with more just because I do not know if they sell themselves because trying to do it right we had talked from the beginning of the pollen on the property that has so wonderful to cure allergies spring pollen allergies worth in winter very well pollen you have to take a tablespoon and chew the You can not eat without chewing because because pollen It has a very hard cuticle that is where the fatty elements are often element So important is there and there but this cuticle from outside is very hard and the human digestive system can not digest it can not crumble it total that there he will have three or four days and I do not know then you have to chew it you take pollen chews it and it breaks the cuticle and if you take a peat and titula is better than better dissolves something hot liquid dissolves something Leave it for a while be cuticle and in water but good if you want what chews is that it does not taste so bad either, I like the taste of the cop, but in a tour you get a full pollen pot I know they sell it in kilo you have pollen for six months, yes yes, but chew it well chewed and undoes so great very well but essential do not take it in the spring time not take it earlier in winter the winter months e Well that can give you a brutal reaction because you have attached the pollen air with the ingested and you can happen all and the denial areas if also ultimately comes from the same site and the royal jelly has its hing pollen particles inside the Propolis pollen has everything honey also has particles if it also has particles and in fact the honey can give allergies by pollen or honey we finish now with homeopathy it is worth homeopathy who has taken a homeopathic product as we have five minutes if you allow me explained that homeopathy very briefly homeopathy is a miracle of quantum physics had to expand to quantum physics and its foundations be admitted by the physicists who had totally laughed at her to prove that the homeopathy would have its foundations in quantum physics and the lord encouraged that it was who discovered it he did not even know it but the gram of patía is one of the great miracles as long as we have with the remedy that we we need homeopathy has no middle term or it works or you throw the money you can go I go I took it did not help me anything I say possibly what I admit to me it worked for me half an hour true ay if we hit not at half an hour to ten minutes is already doing good effect if we hit coloma empathy in an asthmatic or allergic crisis if We accept with the remedy of that person immediately that is here you can disappear I remember a crisis that I went to the car a friend of mine in the field got fatal asthma allergies a what was it called It was not a zoo aflac be good when I remember the name and how it was what happened to him and good luckily he was next to my house he took home the future tire of auto matter in the car and no more emergencies when it arrived he had already had it and told the doctor if an anaphylactic crisis or a shock and anaphylactic shock is about good and that has taken homeopathy says well tell me what the doctor has taken he pointed out what he had taken homeopathy six functions spectacular but it may be that it does not Nothing works because it does not work because it is very difficult to know what you need in this moment of your life today you take a homeopathic product that today result well in a new one is to take does not do anything to you because your life has changed your feelings have changed your body has changed and that remedy already it is not for you is the main problem the regulations are used before tajes I do not like costumes but he used a tester system homeopathy in five minutes he put it in a machine says this is your product Well, I do not use it, I have my own system but it is very difficult to times to hit but if it gives certain almost all diseases are cured well is not what he usually uses with kinesiology with machines and I have my doubts that this is so but good most are vain legs and because the another method that is the one that I use is the interrogation method I need at least one hour interrogating the patient to know what remedy he needs and what dilution because I have to know from when he gets up where he sleeps with who speaks as his work with the sun his taste that what he hates that what he likes how are his emotions that what who dress as is their neighborhood and that interrogation takes an hour when that interrogation will more or less define the person as the remedy is homeopathic can be successful and then the dilution comes that is also it is difficult not the same as the 7 that the 7 that the 8 that the 15 or that the 30 then the difficult and I like work homeopathy deciding offer although there are remedies which are the ones I’m going to say now that they work almost everywhere in the world the first remedy that to me the one that better result has given me in the crises allergic now that you have an allergy not like preventive I’m going to point it here this is the remedy that has worked for me almost always I put it to the deduction 15 lung well as it sounds like a histamine well at 3 o’clock this I dare almost always to give it even to a person who has an allergic crisis right now if it works it works at 5 minutes if it works at 5 minutes now it may well not nothing works of that person but normally it works you have to be prudent although I would say take it every half hour until it disappears all the symptoms in the first half hour I want it came out present because I never we know but it works almost always and almost never produces reactions and is very effective remember the knob in this mini people for allergic component asthma as mate allergic component are allergies or intolerances are allergies well I would not tell you this I say no that refers to allergies of spring type asthmatic bronchial that involves the respiratory system is worth the knob in this mine the allergies already like 6 youtube is the type of contact let’s find your remedy and another one also works pretty well to wait more wrong this is going to send at 8 12 h this is or not for you now I will tell you how you have to take it what it means good as nobody throws us out of here we follow ch this is centesimal that hahnemann grew up in the illusion people animates centesimal homeopathy can be used decimal decimal dilution or centesimal the Germans are used the law of h I also think it’s a very big risk but they use it good that use however in the rest of the world and that is cheering was German that’s why we use it because we use the dilution centesimal and not latex because this offers less danger the possibilities of secondary dates are very small with the ch vale and if you want the peak how homeopathy is made it is curious since we are left with more than a couple of things look we take this full of water and we take 10 drops from a good waist we take another container full of water and here we take 10 drops of this and we throw it here now we take 10 drops and we throw it to the next in such a way that when we go to 4 the drops that we throw here here no longer appear you can do the analytical as you want the chemical tests that you want that the matter has disappeared premium of origin here there is nothing detectable because that is the miracle of the homeopathy but if there’s something that quantum physics proved here it occurs an effect called dynamisation and later water memory the water has been loaded from memory global big terms are like this and it’s energized and even if it does not carry the base substance although there is nothing here the water has changed with that water is impregnated then the globules and everything at 4 there is no active principle at all but there is water is that when I say 8 is that what I’m telling you 8 of illusions is not nothing for that ignorant doctors says that’s water say you took him to the faculty that reviews the physics because that ignorant is this man have you not I leave that the memory of the water man by God in the end do not pay attention to the doctor who say that that is water at least in homeopathy is ignorant in the rest not let’s leave it but in europe aunt better study well we continue to there are two tell me he was the alien strain you know that this is the active principle of garlic let’s see when there is a lot of nasal distillation when the allergy produces a congested nose and continuously mucus and that gets worse especially at night also when it gets worse when we’re in a very warm closed room the personalized and I’m suffocated to problem the window and can not breathe allergic crisis to the person and that is that I I’m suffocating because I’m fine and need to open the window, it’s a symptom quite ordinary they need to open up the pressure and that almost always obeys a allergic crisis that is manifested that way already told at the beginning that Allergies are manifested in strange ways and it is very difficult for the doctor for anyone is to say you are not an allergy to such a thing is very difficult It’s not a matter of expertise, it’s very difficult and it’s good if conjunctivitis go to the lynx to also at 8 o’clock yes yes it is also a distillation whatever it is from here that of the eyes yes for allergic conjunctivitis if there is an herb that is eyebright yes very good you can take it even for the eye but you can take it to take away your sensibility internal but also in eye-drops hotel or factories your which is very easy manufactures a Euphrasia eye drops or they sell it to you and they sell it to you in pharmacies and Herbalist eye drops so it goes pretty well because it acts as a vasoconstrictor pretty good we have two and a very curious the aconite and I tell you curious because it goes very well in allergies of people fears as to see what curious adolescent children who are horrified to go to bed darkness teenagers who are afraid to integrate into the school and people in life fearful fears themselves then the aconite is used that usually go pretty well for them allergies but in people with fearful component the arsenic if that arsenic does not hurt the arsenic nor I datum my experience there that goes very well in adolescent allergies, in addition to adolescents, allergies are very good very thin people if they have varicose veins still more thin anorexic girls adolescents who have seizures of the psychological crisis of adolescents but especially thin people is worth and if they have varicose veins with more reason, varicose veins are still coming out and now tombs very well in allergies of this kind of people that that requires another treatment but good if you want psoriasis there is a very intense emotional component then you have to try both things there are 12 plants of choice you can move forward although it is not a manifestation allergic gives similar symptoms but we are not allergic to water lime and Burdock to water Burdock goes pretty well in psoriasis but you have to treat the allergic component if it is not treated or emotional if it does not deal with the emotions that triggered that there is nothing to do now if you deal with the emotions and then also treat the physical part with these two plants and if you do not have another question ask me some that can answer by the way does not help you catch me to see if equal mother of mine by god totally influences emotional state or It can cause you a crisis in the safest place more aseptic you can brocade a a brutal allergic reaction the emotions very much there is that you try to all forms emotions are behind any disease I would like that one day the official medicine had the doctor and the psychologist next to me I went in consultation to the two simultaneously that would be ideal psychologists watching watching listening to us and the doctor hiding global and now let’s make a diagnosis deals with both but the moment is not like that I ask one more question Now I’m telling you this because we’ve already passed the hours well tell me and delusion well the dilution for determine depends on the intensity of the symptom when the symptom is small small dilution when the symptom is intense very high dilution is a term global although it is not exactly like that but for you to learn it from now on small symptoms small dilution four or five medium or high symptoms from seven onwards, well, we have finished Here

100 thoughts on “Alergias: Origen, síntomas y tratamientos naturales por Adolfo Pérez Agustí

  1. Dr.Perez, de repente en Nov. del 2016, me alergista me descubrio que era alergica a la histamina y al huevo. Casi todos los alimentos tienen histamina. Tambien en este mes me empezo la psoriasis bien severa en espalda, estomago, piernas y cuero abelludo.
    Estoy tomando una pildora diaria de antihistaminico y tambien vitaminas como Biotin 15,000 y Noni para el sistema inmunologico. Sin embargo, estoy muy aburrida con esta situacion. Que podria recomendarme?

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    gracias por excelente conferencia.

  5. Esto nos demuestra que muchas de las enfermedades tienen una causa espiritual. El dia en que la medicina tome en cuenta los niveles vibratorios espirituales, podrá curar naturalmente los cuerpos y aliviara a los espíritus.

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