Alergias Respiratorias (Asma) Prevención y Diagnóstico

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Welcome to Pulmón Critico My name is Abraham Ali Today, we´ll talk about respiratory allergies (which usually cause asthama) and how to prevent them. Today, I brought an very special guest. Dr. Rodolfo Jaller Raad, allegorlogist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Ex-president of the colombian society of allergology and ex-presidente from de latinamerican society of allergology. bolivarian chapter. He is going to tell us how he treats patients with allergic asthma and how he determines his diagnostic. Let’s keep in mind that asthma, manifest basically as a dry cough, dyspnoea or lack of breath, wheezing, that is a whistling in the chest accompanied by a thorax affection when the patient feel in greater scale the effect of their symptoms. It’s always important to engage the phenotype or the asthma etiology so we can develop a full handling to the disease and its cause
simultaneously. One of the most common causes is known as the allergic cause. Allergies are basically the exposure to antigens and allergens from environments (outdoors or indoors) which get to the lungs or bronchus, swell up producing the symptomatology previously described. The prime orintator is the clinic. Logically, inside the clincal history of the patient it answers to what exposures or effects, symptoms are presented. going through dust, humidity, domestic animals such as cats and dogs or pollen. Having this previous orientation, allergies tests are made. There are two types of tests. Cutaneous tests, where a drop of the cantigen is applied. After a 15 or 20 minute wait the resultant mark will be compared to an standard to determine whether the test is negative or not. In some other cases, as it is with toddlers or patients that had previously consumed antihistamine an specific IGE is made. The IGE is directed to each one of the antigens determining the pssibility of an allergic reaction. This is the way we complement the etiological diagnosis of the allergy point of view. Interviewer: Arte there more allergies in the atlantic region of the country? Allergies in Barranquilla are more or less than 16%. Later studies showed that San Andres islands have almost 22%. Bucaramanga 18%. Colobia’s level of allergies is high, but in Barranquilla is aproximately 16%. Now, I’ll tell you about the prevention of respiratory allergies. First of all I’ll talk abou a controversial topic: A/C Lots of patients ask if AC’s are good. Cold air may cause a some problmes when it is set in very cold temperatures. But when we talk about AC and it relation to allergic phenomena we can find a great benefit as it works as a blocking system that keeps external environmental substances or pollen that gets in the rooms from the patients with allergic problems. No, I invite you to take into account the decontamination of surfaces at home and work. Ideally, capets should be avoided. Wooden floors are better. Walls and curtains must be washable. A very interesting thing is the use of linings that keep mites away from the mattrssees. and pillows. Th third important point is to avoid humid zones sucha as bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor. Those people who live in houses usually have piles of wood or logs with humid zones where fungus can grow and where rust can grow. This can be estimulating for respiratory allergies. Another point is to reduce the dandruff of pets. If you are allergic to cats or dogs it is not a good idea to have cats or dogs. But in case, you love this beautiful animas, I suggest for you to wash frecuently your pets. Avoid animal dandruff since it can produce an increase of asthamtic symptoms. If you definitely love pets the other option are hairless pets. You can see that it is a way to keep enjoying for example, of cats. But keep in mind that sometimes allergies are presented on animal’s epithelium not only with hair. The other point is the cleanliness of the house. Your house must be clean. Dust, is your enemy. That is the home of mites who produce allergies. Cleaning is necessary. Or at leats, look for someone who does it for you. In case you are the one who does it use a mask, as it is an alternative to avoid asthma crisis. Last but not least, keep in mind the cold. I talked about in a previos video that I invite you to watch. It is called “la prevención del asma y del EPOC.” When cold gets into the mouth or the respiratory system, when you excercise or get exposed to cold outdoors It can generate a closure of the bronchi. Thanks for watching Thanks for learning about your lungs- Subscrbe to my channel and turn the notifications on so you won’t miss any video.

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  1. Colombia como país tropical tiene una gran prevalencia de alergias por ácaros. Puedes averiguar cual de ellos causa tu asma, en caso que asi sea.

  2. Que buen video, muy ilustrativo. Lo usaré para mis pacientes. En Asma y alergias respiratorias es muy importante la educación que demos a los pacientes y sus familias. Gracias Doctor Alí. 👍

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