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I came here for my 9-year-old daughter Physicians diagnosed her problems as allergic asthma and bronchitis As a result, she was on medications for more than two years She received vapour therapy, cortisone medication and medications like Ventolin But they did not work at all Then, I met bioresonance therapies via one of my acquaintances I came to Neosante First, the physician here conducted an allergy test But this test was not a blood analysis which we commonly see The tests were conducted using the bioresonance device while checking the pulse These tests showed us which foods my daughter is allergic to Then, she started taking the sessions and these allergenic foods were forbidden for two months And we followed these rules on bans Formerly, when she had the flu, her coughing would just go on and on and she just couldn’t pull through That was our biggest problem After the sessions, my daughter’s frequency of getting ill is much less now Now, she gets ill much more rarely And the long coughing periods that came after the illness is completely gone now The best side of these sessions for me and my daughter is that It is so easy to apply and no medication is involved This method can be used easefully by everyone but it is especially good for children Now both my daughter and me are really glad Because she doesn’t get sick frequently like before And even when she gets sick, she can get over it like regular kids So thank you so much You feel better with NEOClinics Resonance Therapies

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