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Allergic reactions to pollen, mites, animal dander or various Foods affect the lives of millions of people around the globe. The causes
of those allergies often remain undetected. This can lead to a severly impaired quality
of life. With the identification of allergens at the
molecular level, individual solutions can be offered to patients. Traditional IgE tests
are not able to resolve sensitization patterns at the molecular level.
The solution is a new test that can simultaneously determine the IgE profile to a plethora of
allergen sources and molecular allergens, as well as tIgE MacroarrayDx’s Allergy Explorer allows the
simultaneous determination of sensitizations against a multitude of different allergen
sources and molecular allergens. With the help of nanotechnology every allergen
source and molecular allergen can be optimised for production. High quality for every test
feature can be ensured. A small volume of serum or plasma is sufficent
to detect your patient’s sensitiziation pattern. cross reactivities often make a clear cut
interpretation of test results difficult. With the help of molecular allergens the true
sensitizers can be identified easily To allow for a maximum of flexibility for the physician, the allergen panel can be adapted to the patient’s needs – Multiplex
on demand! Dietary recommendations can therefore be based
on a systematic approach to avoid unnecessary or even dangerous restrictions. Allergen sources which are perceived as eliciting
symptoms, can be reintroduced into daily life.

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