100 thoughts on “Aliens Attack Colonization Spaceship – planet Origae-6 space Fight Scenes

  1. Überall Strahlung von Monitoring…..Wieviele Jungs & Männers + Vaters….Spital landete…..Hauptsache Operieren….?

  2. Mit ETH …Rollstühlen Strategien sicher vielen Verkaufen Record…..Dann machen Sie Trottor breiten…..damit Sie Rennen…
    So gar Magnetische Boden……Wunderbar Wissenschaftler Arrogante in der Schweiz mit Älteren & Behindert….Super Ideal

  3. this movie ruin all series, timeline so confused
    1st why white xenomorph is more speed ,hard to penetrate with bullet still evolve to black xenomorph
    2nd if there is spore like this why they still need queen anymore
    3rd Acting is stupid

  4. я не говорю по английски, переведите на русский что это за фильм?

  5. Ich halte es für fair, die Geschicklichkeit und den aussergewöhnlichen Mut des Aliens zu würdigen! In diesen wenigen Minuten erschließt sich mir nicht die Story, aber Mut und Entschlossenheit schon. Wäre schön, sein Leben für eine wichtige und ehrenvolle Aufgabe geben zu dürfen. Aber wem ist das schon vergönnt!

  6. Okay, I've never seen this movie because I lost interest in the alien franchise a long time ago.
    But let me get this straight!
    A species that has mastered space travel, and is aware that there are other life forms in the universe, DOES NOT have a space Defense Force of some type, a military, protocols for approaching ships that are known to be designed for bombing and destroying other worlds????
    Umm, ok!
    I can see why now a lot of people didn't like this movie.

  7. Ugh!! .. it's like the writers have no concept of gravity, aerodynamics or rocket science.
    Why not lower the thrust on the opposite side of the crane, there for balancing out the ship? …. Oh, I forgot, because then you won't have any drama, or should I say easy drama! ….. Yes, I'm saying the writing is lazy, and insulting.

    I can see now why a lot of people didn't like this movie. It's made for children who don't understand the laws of physics and reality.

  8. these xenomorph are extremely aggressive . Once they see a human, they attack even if it will put themselves in danger . WTF …

  9. Worst pilot, instead of staying still and climb up. He instead just flying around looking for swinging speed up.

  10. Этот говнофильм вошёл в ТОП по критинизму и нелогичности )))) Смотреть всю фуфелность этого "шедевра" возможно только человеку с нестандартным образом мышления.

  11. Artificial Intelligence tricked humanity again, who else wants to trip the robot at the local grocery chain (northeast US)

  12. I hate these aliens. The whole freakin' planet needs eradication wherever these things are found. I'd start at the engineers planet as the first planetary extermination. Nova the sun. Nuke the entire surface until it melted into a congealed ball of slag.

    Oh. And make Ridley Scott the first to die for having created these nightmares!

  13. A dead city of an advanced space-faring race like that would have to be full of technology & riches. Looting would be justified.

  14. I know this was clips from some full movie. But I was hoping the Zenomorph from Alien would have killed off all the humans on that ship along with that evil android doctor for Virus Mutate Bombing the Prometheus aliens for no reason.

  15. Total garbage compared to the original Alien and Aliens from the 80's. They just took the idea and crapped on it, totally missing the original feel of the movies that made them so great.

  16. them is not realistic ,movie in 80,s is diferend is not be than one stupide machine think the destroy full civilizacion for one experiment is can be posibille than David make xenomorph ,time is not write ,story is empty may be is good story but is not Alien or Aliens have before missing many thing ,action ,emotion ,drama,and original feel.Just spooky idea what one machine may be think but noting more

  17. Зачем прибили котёнка?он просто хотел общения.котенок боялся остаться один

  18. In every Alien movie all we can do is watch helplessly as every human gets slaughtered due to their own stupidity. their survival instincts get thrashed around if their guts not already spilled.

  19. you got a spacecraft and your using a gunpowder machine gun……………………yup nothing is strange as far as I see.

  20. I thought Alien: Covenant was supposed to be pretty bad, but these scenes were actually pretty good. Best 12 minutes of the movie?

  21. His piloting was superb fuck y'all talking about, dude flew with the crane arm moving, and kept a float.

  22. А это не та ли чёрная жижа из фильма(забыл название там кароче про андроида который нашёл чёрное вещество и подмешал его в напиток своего коллеги; Прометей вроде)

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