ALLERGIC ASTHMA Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

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Allergic asthma is as macaws by an allergic reaction It’s also known as allergy induced asthma you may have allergic asthma if you have trouble breathing during allergy season People with allergic asthma usually start feeling symptoms after inhaling an allergen such as pollen the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that more than half of people with asthma have allergic asthma Allergic asthma is treatable in most cases symptoms Allergic asthma and regular asthma have the same symptoms they include wheezing coughing chest tightness rapid breathing Shortness of breath if you have hay fever or skin allergies, you might also experience It G skin rash Flaky skin runny nose itchy eyes Watery eyes Congestion if you swallow the allergen these symptoms might be present as well hives swollen face or tongue tingly mouth swollen mouth throat or lips anaphylaxis severe allergic reaction causes You develop allergies when your immune system over reacts to the presence of a harmless substance called an allergen Some people may develop breathing problems from inhaling allergens This is known as allergic. Asthma it occurs when the Airways swell as part of an allergic reaction in general and haled allergens cause allergic asthma some allergens that can cause this condition include pollen pet dander dust mites tobacco smoke air pollution strong odors including scented lotions and perfumes Chemical fumes less common allergens that can cause an asthmatic reaction include Cockroaches milk fish shellfish eggs peanuts wheat tree nuts even though Into these allergens is less common. They may cause a more serious reaction treatment Treating allergic asthma can involve treating the allergy the asthma or both Asthma to treat your asthma your doctor may prescribe inhaled anti-inflammatory medication or oral medications that help block the allergic response a fast-acting relief inhaler such as al Terrell Pro air hf a prevent ill HF a ventolin HF a is best used to treat asthma symptoms when they occur and may be the only medication needed if you have intermittent symptoms if you have mild persistent asthma symptoms and Hailers may be prescribed for daily usage examples of these include pulmicort a small Nick’s and sir event if your asthma symptoms are more severe an oral medication like Singulair oracle 8 is often taken in addition to the inhalers Allergies allergy treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms You may need an antihistamine to deal with classic allergy symptoms such as a chink You might also need allergy shots if your symptoms are more severe Every individual needs unique treatment and care We encourage people with allergic asthma and their families to learn as much as possible About the latest medical treatment and approaches as well as healthy lifestyle choices Stay strong live long. Thank you

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  1. I've been having most of the stuff mentioned been using an inhaler it hasn't been working been sick for 2 days have most of that eyes half swollen first waking up been living on histamine pills 20mg a solid year also get the shakes real bad vomit can't eat well been having this gruh sound cough lungs feel like there going to collapse weird feeling breathing out what should I do or take?

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