Allergic – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Hey guys, welcome to Sweaty Piggles. Can I get you something to drink or an order
of Cheesy Pretzeled Ham Nibblers Oooooh, those sound good Mmmm, yeah, those sound great. Do they have gluten in them? They do. They’re… pretzels. Ah shoot. I’m allergic to literally everything. Come on, Yancy. You’re alive but you’re not *living*. You gotta get outta your bubble and try something
new. (sigh) You’re right. (Door Opens) (Heavy Sigh) (Wings Flutter) Uh ah. (Lick) (Pop) (Popping) (Shrieking) (Agonizing Scream) I *wont* have what hes having. (Bounce) (Grunt) [End Credits]

100 thoughts on “Allergic – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. lmao I love the way no-one is grossed out about a dude literally exploding into gory chunks but rather obsessed with the fact his death didn't make a mess

  2. Did you guys just reference Gundar the Barbarian? That sound at the end is so close to wizards ringtone or something.

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  4. Wait if he’s allergic to everything then he should be allergic to literally everything so that means he can’t talk or do anything really not even in a bubble he would just die

  5. Cool. I'm not the only one that knows home improvement. The ending was the music from the show home imprkvment

  6. Χα χα μαγαζι για γυφτους 😈😈😈😇😇😇😅😅😅😅😅🤣😂😂😂😢bitchhhhhhh!!!!!!!!;!!!!!!;;!!?!!!!

  7. If he's allergic to literally everything…..what, did his mom birth him into that bubble? How does he go to the bathroom? How does he get dressed!? Aren't these questions important!?
    Oh, okay then.

  8. Since when does someone answer "I'm allergic to this" with "NAH TAKE IT ANYWAY YOU GOTTA LIVE" like it wouldn't unlive them at the moment

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