Allergic March of Children Eczema – Atopic Dermatitis – Asthma Allergies

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Dr Bill Lanting America’s Allergist we were talking about children and
allergies so there’s something called the Allergic
March of Children and what is that it’s a progression in allergy presentation
or allergy symptoms and so what it is is that for sure of
the skin stuff or eczema well eczema is a description
the proper name is atopic dermatitis allergic skin condition and this is set-off by different allergens
usually indoor stuff like: dogs and cats molds cockroaches uh… dust dust bytes and
things like that but also atopic dermatitis can be set-off by
foods that there is a time foods can be the dominant or the cause of eczema one-third of the time that’s allergist like to test for the
stuff the next step is allergic rhinitis or not having a fun
nose with stuffiness and congestion and mucus and then the last thing is a asthma or breathing symptoms so again when usually sees this
presentation of atopic dermatitis allergic rhinitis, asthma, now, not every kid reads the book making
jump ahead but if you have one you should be
looking for the others again knowledge is power if you know what
allergies are if you know what allergic symptoms are and you know the disease states or what
comes from allergies then you can do something about it and live a wonderful
symptom free life i’m Bill Lanting America’s Allergist — take

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