Allergic reaction BIG TIME!

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This skin…my god…. it´s a disaster… check it out… acid treatment… …not such a good idea The class today went well they where super nice and supportive really creative so much fun …but this skin If you ever wondered how someone with retinol allergy look like… …they look like this. well…you don´t know what to say… you laugh and then you cry and then you go – “I will NEVER do a beauty treatment again!” but if you have beautiful results on the last 300 times and when you higher the doze a bit and you end up like this then you should´nt be so worried …bubububu….(lips are not working) so I will do beauty treatments again but I will be very careful and not go so hard on my skin because this is not ok so If I had different genetic features I might have had cheeks like this and eyelids… but right now I just can´t wait to get back to my regular face bye bye… guys, it´s day two and I almost look normal again the cheeks are still here but day two on medicin is so much better let´s see…today it´s Thursday… hell broke loose Monday night so, Tuesday-Wednesday total chaos! today… a little better I almost have my cheekbones back swollen under my eyes so, go team medicine! medicine!

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  1. This is Excatally what retin-a did to my face after a year & 1/2 it turned on me I ended up. A had bad ten bumpy rash all over my face & around my eyes my face was sore & tender I ran into a pediatrician and she told me retinol is the highest form of quiet Hydroquinine and the highest form of steroids once it gets into your pores into your skin cells it becomes toxins and you have a hard time detoxing the skin I got off all medication all and antibodies probiotic high blood pressure pills everything I started drinking more water cleaning my system no Meats exercising could not get rid of this just to find out it was Retin-A and when I stopped. Using it took about 3wks month my skin cleared up. I used A aloe vera skin & plenty of water to pull the toxics out of my face 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. My dermatologist told me the right method to use retinol( tretinion) she told me to use dove beauty bar as my facial soap don't use any facewash just dove beauty bar . Ok here are instructions get tretinion -0.25% . At night Wash your face with normal water and wait 15 minutes then apply tretinion and wait for 1 hour and wash your face with dove .use ceramide moisturizer in daytime it's best . No side effects at all .

  3. Thank you for sharing! I had the
    same response and was freaking out. Your video helped ease my anxiety about it. NEVER using the stuff again!

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