Allergic Reaction To Apple Cider Vinegar | Enough To Make Your Hell

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even though many people use this vinegar
for health purposes it has never been studied this means that it’s sexual
long-term effect is unknown if overused it may heaven and wanted effect on the
body since vinegar is a highly acidic
substance over ingestion nor youth over a prolonged period of time may cause
serious internal damage to the esophagus and digestive tract it may also cause
low potassium in the blood apple cider vinegar can also damaged teeth by
removing the protective enamel and can leave your teeth with a yellow stain as
mentioned apple cider vinegar may cause allergic reactions in some people if you
normally have an allergic reaction to apples you should not use a cv some
symptoms of an allergic reaction to this liquid are severe throat pain difficulty
swallowing rash hives itching swelling of the mouth swelling of the throat
wheezing and difficulty breathing if you experience any of these symptoms you
should stop the use of apple cider vinegar and speak to your doctor or seek
medical attention right away treatment for an allergic reaction treatment for
an allergic reaction to apple cider vinegar will vary depending on the type
of reaction a person has experienced for a minor reaction such as a rash hives
and itching a dose of benadryl or the use of an antihistamine cream may be
used to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms until they diminish for a more
serious reaction such as swelling of the mouth face or throat or trouble
breathing a person should seek immediate medical help by contacting 9-1-1 or
taking a trip to the hospital as soon as possible
this type of reaction requires medical treatment as
it can prove to be fatal important to remember that home remedies are not
guaranteed to work and may not be safe for everyone you should always talk to
your doctor before beginning any type of treatments or health avoid a serious
allergic reaction or other complications

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