Allergic to Iodine?

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[Intro Music] What would you recommend for thyroid health if a person cannot take iodine or kelp or seaweed? So, I have found that a nascent iodine there’s no reason anyone cannot take
those. Some people have allergies to shellfish and the doctors say, “well you can’t take iodine because you’re going to be allergic to it.” I have never out of hundreds of thousands of people that have taken Detoxadine and so-called had allergies I’ve not found anybody that could not take iodine. Iodine is extremely important for the body. If you don’t take it or don’t figure out a way to get it in your system you’re going to be worse off. For example, I heard a doctor not too long ago saying that if you’re on thyroid medications, Synthroid especially not the natural thyroids, but you might need nine times the amount of iodine in your body. If you cannot take iodine by mouth then iodine soaks in through the skin. You can apply it to your inner thighs. You can apply it under your arms right here, you know, an area of your body that is not really exposed too much to the Sun and it’s going to the skin is soft and you will be able to absorb it. It’s just like kelp or seaweed again. However, I still don’t think you could be eating kelp or seaweed all day long, and I still don’t think that you’re going to be able to get enough iodine in your system. And that’s only because of the environmental changes that have happened over the last ten years. So, if you do have thyroid conditions I highly recommend applying it to the skin. If you cannot maybe start with a bottle, and then, you know, moving on from there. [Outro Music]

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  1. I had a reaction to a iodine based dye years ago. Since then I put a few drops in my bathwater. Works wonderfully. No issues.

  2. My sister is on Thyroid medication. Is it possible for her to take nascent iodine, or does she have to quit the medication and wait a few days/weeks before she can ingest the nascent iodine ?

  3. There is the possibility for people's immune systems to attack the body – we know this already. There's also the possibility for the immune system being re-engineered to react to natural substances the body needs. I am severely allergic to Vitamin C (in the form of Ascorbic Acid) and can't eat most foods that contain the buffered form. It sounds crazy, but it's real. Tested so many times and there's literally no way I can get much Vit-C into my system without becoming ill to the degree I take it in.

  4. I have a thyroid nodule and if I take kelp, spirulina or lugols iodine, my neck swells up and is quite painful. Would nascent iodine be different? I'd love to get rid of this nodule without them removing half my thyroid.

  5. Hi Dr Group I have polycistic kidneys. I’ve been finding mixed articles on the internet but most of the articles that say iodine is dangerous for pkd are actually referring to the iodine used in dyes for scans. I just wanted to ask do you know if detoxadine speeds up cyst growth in the kidneys? I need to take it to help balance my hormones but I don’t want to accelerate my cyst growth. Would really appreciate a response. Thank you

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