Allergic to Pets – House Cleaners Secrets to Survival

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Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a house cleaner
who is terribly allergic to pets. And she says “Ang, how can I go clean a
house? I am so allergic to pets that I can’t survive. Okay, so yes you can. But you have to manage it. And I know because I speak by experience. I too am allergic to pets. Cats and dogs. And when I get to people’s houses and they
say “Oh, my dogs don’t shed.” And I can look with my eyes and I can see
their big balls of fur underneath their couch. I’m thinking “Yeah, about that.” Because people will always tell you “Well
my dog doesn’t give off allergies.” Yeah, they do. Yeah, they do. I can tell because my eyes water and my nose
itches and I just feel miserable and blah. So how do you do that when you clean houses? Well, it’s maintenance period. So, the very first thing that you have to
realize is that what you breathe filters through your body. So, you have to keep your own filters very
clean so that when that stuff comes in you have the antibodies that you can fight that off with. Because I’ve been cleaning houses for 25 years
and I’m still allergic to pets and I never figured out the exact ratio but I would say
about 85% of my customers had pets. And I would go bid homes and they have no
pets. And I’m like “YES! No Pets!” And then as soon as they sign up for service,
I go back next week and they’re like “Hey, we got four dogs.” I’m like “great… awesome.” Okay, so in order for you to deal with that,
I have a simple solution. The simple solution it’s not free, but it’s
next to free. Take a bottle of water. And it doesn’t… I just use the 16-ounce bottle. I drink it down to about right here. Okay, so there’s about 4 ounces missing out
of the bottle. Then I take some apple cider vinegar. And this is the apple cider vinegar with the
mother. You’ll be able to tell because there’s usually
a little bit of muck at the bottom. And I don’t know what the mother is other
than it supposed to be good for you. So, get the apple cider vinegar with the mother. This just happens to be Hines unfiltered. But there are other brands on the market but its apple cider vinegar with the mother that’s what you want to make sure of. The next thing is you can use raw lemons or
you can just buy lemon juice. And I use lemon juice just from the bottle
it’s just real lemon it’s a hundred percent lemon juice. And I fill this section about up to here, with
about two ounces. I fill about two ounces with the apple cider
vinegar, and I fill about two ounces with the lemon juice. And the rest of it is just water and I just
shake it up and it is a nasty, nasty, nasty drink. But I drink it every day. And what happens is this; it clears out the
sinuses. It clears out all the mucus that is in your
head that catches all that dog hair, and fur, and pet dander, and dust and all the stuff
that you are subjected to when you go inside to clean a house. Now like I said before. When you are the owner of the company and
you are the one that’s out cleaning every day, you are the biggest asset of your business. And so, if you show up at a customer’s house. And your eyes are bloodshot and you just look
exhausted. And it’s not because you’re tired it’s because
you have allergies. And you’re bringing in all this weird stuff
that’s in your head you don’t look healthy. Hey, so what happens is you come into a customer’s
house and you’re supposed to be bringing healthful and helpful solutions, right? You come in you’re
going to make their life better and you come in looking like you just had a hangover or
something. So, that’s not good at all. And it’s not good for you to be sneezing and
itching and whatever because here’s the catch. Even though you’re wearing latex gloves or
nitrile gloves or whatever kind of gloves you wear, even though you’re wearing gloves. To go out to this while you’re cleaning and
to touch your eyes, now you’re transferring the nitrile or the latex and the chemicals
that you’ve been touching, to your eyes. If you have to scratch your nose or your face
you’re putting all those chemicals up there, and it’s unrealistic to take your gloves off
every time to do that, put your gloves back on, it’s just unrealistic and it wastes time. So, the thing is you don’t get to do that
while you’re house cleaning. You don’t get to like to scratch your face. Whatever. You don’t get to do that. And so, by drinking this little cocktail,
and it’s not FDA-approved or anything it’s just something that I came up with, that has
been working for me for years. But it prevents sickness. It keeps all the germs at bay. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, I’m
not a scientist. I’m not a licensed certified anything that
can give you health advice. I’m not. What I have found for me in house cleaning
this is the Grand Poohbah. This is the drink that does the trick. And it keeps me from getting sick so that
I’m not calling in sick canceling on my customers, because “Hey I feel great. Right? And we know that time is money. And so when I cancel because I’m sick I lose
a whole week’s worth of work or however long it takes me to get well. So those are my suggestions and keep me posted
I really want to hear how this goes for you because you might have a solution that I don’t
know about, and if you’re watching this and you’re not
the one with the allergies but you know of a solution check in with us let us know because
we’re always open to new suggestions. So, if you found this tip helpful give us
the thumbs up. If you haven’t subscribed yet, subscribe. And we will see you next time on Ask a House
Cleaner. Until then, leave the world a cleaner place
than when you found it.

11 thoughts on “Allergic to Pets – House Cleaners Secrets to Survival

  1. What about ShihTzu's and Poodles (who are supposed to be hypo-allergenic)? Do they still bother you?

    BTW…I swear by the mixture you just explained but not because of allergies but because I have Lupus and I truly believe it helps me feel better. I also take medications and I "hope" it helps filter my kidneys/liver. I found it on YouTube or online awhile ago and have been doing it for years.

  2. I sneeze and get itchy eyes/throat when clean houses with dogs it gets worse with cats, I'm trying this drink this week, I already drink apple cider and it cuts all mucus, I know sounds bad but hey we're humans and have so many fluids.
    Angela you ways come up with something new and interesting, thanks for your effort to help others.

  3. Thanks for all the great tips! Have you tried the face masks that are supposed to filter out allergens and chemical fumes? I saw some at a home improvement store yesterday and wondered if they really work? I'm allergic to dust so if I'm cleaning a home for the first time and there's a lot of dust I thought those might help with the sneezing. What's your opinion?

  4. How do you deal with pet allergies when cleaning a customers house:
    A: Just work thru it, the allergies will go away when I leave the house
    B: Tell the client I can't clean their home because I'm allergic to pets
    C: Find a solution or remedy to help with the allergies, because other cleints have pets too
    D: Other

  5. OMG…. Nothing helps me. I've tried everything. I scratch for 3 days & nights straight. It's not normal scratching…. It feels like bugs are under my skin and it's uncontrollable.. I can't go anywhere a dog or cat has been. I can't hug people with animals…. Can't get in cars…. Nothing. You can't bring things in my home that has been around dander. If I touch it for a second, I'm done

  6. Do you have methods for cleaning a place FOR someone who has pet allergies? My roommate previously owned a cat, so her clothes and furniture have leftover cat dander, which leads to the whole apartment having cat dander. I have made a point to clean the area so my best friend can still come visit, but she's extremely allergic to cats. So much so that she's out of commission for a week or so. Once or twice she has ended up in the hospital.

  7. I heard vitamin C (in lemon👍)and Vitamin D help (like in salmon, cod liver, egg yolk) help take it away. Id go for the good quality stuff like organic non gmo ACV. May work even better;)
    Best wishes
    N thanks for sharing, God bless😀
    Try it;)

  8. Angela. I'l so glad I found your video. Thanks! May I ask, how many bottles of the drink do you consumer every day? Do you also drink it on your days off? Thanks.

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