Allergic to the Sun (Xeroderma Pigmentosum)

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the camera is all in front of us we’re sure right in front of us yesterday straight in front of us it’s emotion light and tapestry that that’s my concern no there’s only a little bit of light but what happens if there’s a lot of light I might get burn and better in depending if I have to do something I don’t wait for anybody I also have this computer that has become my eyes through my computer I can connect with the whole world I can read my emails I have friends that they tell me really and they said I don’t want to offend you Fatimah but if I live like you live for Karen I got and I jumped from a bridge I said what and people feel better for me is because they don’t know who Fatima Perez is when they get to know who Fatima Perez is they will say no one will say this is the most happiest person in the world and even though she goes to the adversity was like my soldiers I know being in a wheelchair laptop in four walls and I’m still looping the world after my doll in with the most beautiful colors no taste oh gee is it it bit it is you hit I cannot be without my computer something happened to it they have to refit immediately really I cannot be without it have people my eyes spin we are supposed to be 24/7 inside tell us how do you stay so optimistic I’m thinking about is dying I know dancing or so being here by myself where am I I don’t have a soldier I’m training here around and going from the kitchen to my bedroom it’s just listening to music and checking my wall you polish your garnish oh my god you’re so nice you’re enjoying a beer on thank you my friend yeah of course I’m having so much fun with you day or Sega my happiness my girl for life is contagious everybody says that but oh my God thank you my smile still alive right now it is contagious you’re not lying I know I know red you know in festively again I think is a gift from God

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