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– It is so hot. (upbeat music) (babbles) (imitates baby noises) – [Jeremy] Do you wanna wear the backpack? Of course you do. ♪ I have often dreamed
of a far-off place ♪ – Nae Nae has fallen
in love with backpacks. ♪ Where the crowds would cheer ♪ ♪ When they see my face ♪ – It won’t hurt.
– I know. – [Kendra] I’m at the doctor’s office this morning with Caleb and Janae. They’re both here for well check-ups. They’re getting weighed and measured and everything checked out to make sure that they’re healthy. – [Doctor] Okay, let’s see your throat. Can you open up for me? Stick your tongue out at me. You are a great breather. Let’s do a couple in front. Okay, good. – Square, circle, apple, house. – [Woman] Very good. – [Kendra] Good job, Caleb. You have good eyes.
– Yeah. – Well, this appointment
is taking a little longer than we had planned, so getting creative. Caleb is drawing pictures and playing with the car we brought. – Now I need to make the race track. – [Kendra] Ooh, a race track. For the car?
– Mm-hmm. – [Kendra] Is that the starting line? – And the finish line. – [Kendra] There’s the finish line. – Ready, steady, go! – [Kendra] Whoa, that was fast. I’m so stinkin’ glad I
have this guy with me. Look how helpful he is. He’s carrying all my stuff. Thank you, Caleb. You are such a gentleman, taking care of your mom. – I am sweating. – [Jeremy] Is it hot out here? It’s only like 71, 72. – It is so hot. – [Jeremy] It is hard ’cause
it was just, like, 31 degrees the other day, so it’s the quick change that makes it hard. There is a nice breeze, though. – I know. – [Jeremy] That’s gotta feel good. – So Caleb and I are actually headed into another appointment right now. We’re having his blood checked for a food allergy panel. We’ve had just some different concerns that we talked to the doctor about and they said, “Let’s just see if there’s “any food allergies going on.” So he’s getting his blood drawn, and he’s being super brave about it. How’re you feelin’? – Kind of scared. – We talked through the whole process of getting his blood drawn in the car and this is his first time, but he’s being really brave and I’m really proud of him for talking about his feelings. So, what did you think? – I got my blood drawn. – [Kendra] How did it feel? Did it feel good? – No, it just, it didn’t
hurt bad, but it hurt. – [Kendra] Yeah, was it worth it? – Yeah.
– [Kendra] Where are we going? – First Watch. – [Kendra] On a date.
– Yeah. – [Kendra] Oh, do you need some help? – Nope.
– You got it? Thanks, buddy.
So you might have noticed, but First Watch
is my new favorite spot, so I’m excited about this. Caleb hasn’t been yet. Is this your first time?
– Mm-hmm. – [Kendra] All right, buddy,
what are you ordering? – Chocolate chip pancake, fruit bowl, hot chocolate, and grilled potatoes. – You must be hungry. Caleb’s trying to stir
in the whipped cream so his hot chocolate’s not so hot. Is it good? We’re picking up Laura from her art class, which she loves. Every day she asks, “How many more days “until art class? “How many more days until art preschool?” Makes me happy to see her so happy. (Classical music) How’s it goin’, Laura?
– Good. – [Kendra] This is the coolest spot. There’s all this water and sand and funnels and tubes. Did you make that?
– Mm-hmm. – I like it. The weather is so nice today. We are literally canceling anything else we needed to get done
and going to the park to play as a family. (peppy jazz) How do you do that? Are you getting dizzy?
– No. – [Kendra] This is why
we came to this park. It’s the boys’ favorite park. Nice pass! So this isn’t real grass,
it’s the fake Astroturf stuff. She apparently likes that. (upbeat pop-rock) – [Jeremy] Her little kiddie–
– [Kendra] Slide. – [Jeremy] Yeah! – A little friendly family competition. We’re gonna see how far we
can each throw the football. – [Jeremy] Good job, Elise.
Caleb’s turn! Eight yards, you also
got eight yards, Caleb. You guys tied. Here comes Kendra! How many yards can she throw? Oh!
– 17. – [Jeremy] 17!
– [Kendra] I’ll take it. – [Jeremy] 22! (applause) 22 yards! – [Isaac] Try to get it to me. – [Kendra] Hey, not bad! – She’s off. Nae Nae’s turn. She’s like, “I’d rather
hold the water bottle.” All right, it’s my turn. I’m gonna try to do it
from end zone to end zone. This is a 40-yard field. – [Kendra] Here’s the end zone line. Will he make it? Oh, so close, 39! So babe, you stopped right here. – [Jeremy] Oh no. – You need to let yourself go all the way to the end. Jeremy really wants 40 yards and he keeps getting 39, but he’s a really determined person, so he might be here for a while. Woo, he got it!
42! – I knew I could do it. I knew it. (laughs) Just gotta keep trying. Never give up on what
matters most in life. Like throwing 40 yards. – You’re cute, I like you. We’re going home to clean out the van and clean out the garage. So it’s 78 degrees outside and we all feel like we’re dying of heat. It’s hilarious, it’s just
the temperature difference. It was what, three days ago there was snow on the ground? And so it’s a huge
temperature increase for us and so we’re all sweating. The kids are like, “Can we go swimming? “It’s so hot, why does
it have to be so hot?” – It just hit 80. – That was just a minute ago. – Now it’s 81. It’s now 82. Each time it goes up, the kids are cheering and moaning and like, “What, it’s going up?” This is the entertainment
on our drive home from the park. – [Jeremy] Who needs TV– – [Kendra And Jeremy] When
you got a thermometer? – So now it says 83. It’s gonna get hotter
and hotter, apparently. – This is gonna be so hot. – Okay, this is getting ridiculous. It’s not ridiculous that
it’s 84 degrees outside. It’s ridiculous that in
our 20-minute drive home it’s gone up six degrees. What’s the vote, do you guys think it’s gonna go up one more degree before we get home? – No, I think it’s gonna go down when we’re getting closer to more trees. – [Kendra] What do you think? – I think when we get
home it’ll be 84 degrees. – [Isaac] Yay!
– [Kendra] What? (laughter) – I knew it!
I knew! – [Kendra] Wow, the
temperature saga continues. We’re now in our neighborhood. – We’re gonna take out the seats so we can clean there. All right, so we get one bag that is for inside, and then another bag for all the trash. Well, there was a lot of trash in our van. I’m cleaning my vacuum filter. Woo, I got a little dirty. (upbeat music) Once Kendra gets the itch to clean. – I’ve been waiting. The itch has been there, but I’ve been waiting
for it to be warm enough. – Well, the van’s not perfect, but it always feels good when I see how much we threw away and how much dust and
stuff was in the vacuum. We did good here. (making music) (laughter) – Green, green, yellow, yellow. (“The Alphabet Song”) – Wait, we should sing the ABCs. ♪ A, B, C, D ♪ – Laura, you’re the singer, okay? ♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G ♪ ♪ H, I, J, K, L-M-N-O-P ♪ (“The Alphabet Song”) – [Jeremy] Tobey has a super flat tire. We’re gonna try to work with that. – Well, we had hoped to also
clean out the garage today, but we’re running out
of time for that one. We have to do it another day. How’s it goin’? – [Tobey] Good. – This is my first time to actually try to take the tire off. I remember doing it with my dad. I know your dad worked at a bicycle shop, so I might have to call my lifeline. – [Kendra] FaceTime Papa? – [Jeremy] Yeah, FaceTime Papa. – [Kendra] What is goin’ on here? Do we have to actually
replace the whole tire? – I wanna test it to see if
there’s a hole in the tube. – [Kendra] So that’s the tube, that’s what’s inside the tire. – [Tobey] So we tested my bike tire and it has a leak. – Watch, listen. (hissing) It should not make that noise. We’ll have to fix it. (mellow music) – The big kids are gone at
some activities this evening and so we just have the little kids and so we decided to go on a walk and soak up as much of this warmth as we could. Do you like going on a walk
in your jammies before bed? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Hey. (laughs) You ticklin’ her? These girls had a bath. – Goodnight, J House out! (laughs) – [Kids] Two, three,
four, five (shouting).

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