Allergies and Asthma: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

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(relaxing music) – Hi I’m David Palmer. I’m an otolaryngologist, that means ear, nose, and throat. I think I became interested in that because I had a history
of allergies myself, it runs in my family, so I actually chose a specialty
to help me with my own nose. The most common allergens
in the spring are the trees. And the tree pollens in the Wasatch Front are birch tree, elm tree, oak tree, maple, everyone brought there
favorite tree to the valley. So, instead of just the desert, now we have a blooming
allergy fest. (laughs) Well, you have the
typical symptoms of itchy, runny, sneezy, and blocked breathing. Those are the common ones, but there’s some uncommon allergies that can make you quite tired or it can make you a little grumpy. Or perhaps it makes you snore. Or perhaps it makes you have
asthma in the lower airways. So, allergies can manifest as nasal, itchy eyes, asthma in the bronchial tubes. You can even get it in
your skin as eczema. So, there’s several ways
that allergies can show up. Allergic asthma typically
shows up as an evening symptom. A nighttime cough, perhaps in a child who’s
not otherwise sick, may be one of the first signs of asthma. Wheezing is the tip off
that you may have asthma. It often runs in families again and it can be related to
an exposure like say a cat. Whenever the person is around a cat, and they start having
swelling up of their eyes, their nose runs, and they start wheezing
that would be allergies of the nose and of the
lower respiratory tract. One is to avoid the
exposure if it’s possible. The second is medications and the third would be allergy desensitization
or allergy shots. And that’s what I actually went through, as I was treating myself originally, I would try to avoid the
grasses and the weeds by staying indoors but that was no fun because I wasn’t going outside
and enjoying the outdoors. The next step of treatment
would be medications. There’s a lot of good medications that are now available over the counter. You’ve heard of Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, and to varying degrees they
are somewhat successful. But, they’re not always successful. Some patients, like myself, needed something
beyond just the medications. The next step if you can’t avoid it, and the medications aren’t enough, is to actually get allergy shots and to become desensitized
to the allergens that you’re specifically allergic to. The shots begin weekly in the first year and then they advance to every other week in the second and third and fourth years. I try to push my patients
to five years total but not everyone wants
to do shots that long. You can go off the shots and
still have allergy free days for many years to come. Yes, I began at age five. In the future, there will be approved an allergy tablet, it’s actually in the
research stages right now, but I expect the FDA
will be approving this towards the end of the year. This will be much easier for children because they don’t have to
worry about the needles, the pain of getting a shot, and you can do this at home yourself. I can’t think of any insurance company who withholds coverage
for allergy treatments. As I said, you wanna try lesser things
first like medications. I’m kind of the last hope, or allergists like myself, want to treat these patients
usually with something a little more than just over
the counter medications. One of the important
messages I wanna get out is that you can prevent allergies from going on to complications like asthma if you treat the allergies early on and prevent this allergic
march, we call it, then you can prevent the
complications of asthma and also chronic sinusitis. (relaxing music)

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