Allergies and Children

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>Why is someone, like how is someone born
with allergies, and then somebody may develop them as a teenager as an adult?.
>So you’re not necessarily born with the allergies, you can you can develop
allergies a young child, okay and typically what we find is that in the
first year of life kids typically do not have allergies, they can’t develop some
food like milk allergies, like lactose allergies, and we’re not really sure it’s
again it’s this immune system component that we haven’t really identified yet,
why some people are so pretty supposed to react into things that they should
not be reacting to.>Alright and can you outgrow allergies?, because I’ve heard
people say oh I good the allergy I don’t have it anymore.>Yeah there are some
people that if you if you treat them for a number of months, or a number of years,
with either medications, or shots, or maybe not even doing anything and they
can avoid an antigen if it’s a low reaction, the reaction can the body
forgets that it’s ever been presented that antigen, so they then stop
reacting to it.>And do you see more allergies, I don’t know if this is a fair
question but, in children, or adults or it’s just kind of like nobody’s out of
the game there?.>We see two to kind of humps, in an age range as we see the
young kids that have a lot of allergies, and then middle aged people start to
develop them again.

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