Allergies and Headaches Resolved with Chiropractic Care: In the Moment Ep. 9 w/ Dr. Brett Jones

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what is up everybody welcome back to in
the moment with Dr. Brett Jones thank you everybody who has subscribed to this
it’s really cool to see people from all over the world starting to participate
and comment and leave some love this channel is starting to blow up so thank you thank you thank you to all our lovely YouTube subscribers out there today
we’re joined by Kristina Kristina has been an assistent with me for the over the
last two years and unfortunately this is her last week
she’s gonna be leaving to Utah with her husband who’s also a chiropractor so
even though it’s gonna be sad to see her go we were excited for her in her new
journey but starting out in this video we actually wanna share just a little
bit about when she originally started here she had never had chiropractic care
and she had been getting allergies and headaches said twice a week for how long 10 years 10 years and then how about now no headaches when was last headache you had? Now it’s been I mean the last time I had a “headache” I guess was a couple weeks but it wasn’t even like a headache, I just felt a little something and then I got adjusted, and then boom it was gone and then allergies here’s a big one lot of people wouldn’t associate allergies with
chiropractic you’ve had allergies for how long and then for the last how long? basically my whole life. And how long
have you not had allergies? ever since I moved out here so it’s been about like
three years three years getting adjusted no allergies no more headaches you know
headache everyone gets a little headache every now and then but that’s
pretty damn sweet so today we’re gonna be checking her out
getting her adjusted let’s get started gonna lay down on your stomach so for
those of you again if you never heard about allergies and chiropractic your C2
vertebra has nerves that go to the sinuses and so a lot of times people
that are experiencing allergies or even sinus related headaches C2 can be a big
one but again it’s all interrelated so really it could come from anywhere I’ve
also seen C1 cranials occiput but if you truly know the biotensegrity of the
system you know that anything can cause anything so it’s important to get the
entire system clear and so right now I’m just checking
tone through the heels she has been complaining just a little bit about some
lower back discomfort and when I’m distracting the left heel I’m noticing
that it’s not it’s not releasing through the sacrum actually and again if you
check out some of my other videos you’ll see that you can start once you’ve done
this for a long time you can start to read the spine actually by decompressing
the calcaneus and reading the Achilles tendon all the way up the leg and so
what I found was that there’s a little bit less movement on the left side so
now I’ll go in there and I’ll do my palpation or I can also bring the legs
up to position two to see how the SI joints actually move when I’m bringing
the heel to the glute – uh pretty pretty stuck mainly at the sacrum and I do
believe it’s more of a P-L which means the sacrum has rocked the
posterior on this left side and again I want to re-palpate do a slight
distraction see how it’s dropping so when I distract pulling my heel of my
hand towards the coccyx our tailbone I’m checking what’s called counter
nutation of the sacrum and then if I put my palm on the base of the sacrum and
push basically straight posterior to anterior I’m checking more of the nutation of the sacrum and I’m feeling like it’s not nutating forward mainly
on this left side and if I had to be really specific it’s like the S2
tubercle so there’s an S2 tubercle of the sacrum and again I’m gonna see well
how is that related to everything else in the system and I do feel like there’s
actually some distortion right underneath the right scapula on the
inside scapula s also known as the shoulder blade more commonly and so
we’re going to do an adjustment here and get a little creative with my hands it
doesn’t always have to look a certain way the goal is I want to match my tools
to what’s appearing on the system you know so I have a different size hand
than most people and she has a different size spine and so that felt clean so
that was mainly going at this right-sided TP at about the T6 level
with a little bit of support with this hand and again if the goal is once you
know the biomechanics of the spine you can get creative and be an
artist let’s go this side up Kristina so now we’ll be adjusting this
left-sided sacrum again so this is actually involved side up so we have
this sacrum here we’re gonna be adjusting to the S2 tubercle this way so
again like to start the spine close to neutral not creating any torsion which
is gonna turn the erector spinae on and cause a little defense mechanism and so
right now I’m connecting a specific dot on my forearm to a specific dot on her
sacrum and I’m gonna drive just through that dot we’re gonna roll here breath
here let it out right there sweet on your back for me so the goal is you want
to be quick and powerful and precise and all all of you will go through one area
I think that’s the biggest thing that a lot of times when I see some some other
adjustments happening that you might do big movements but then it’s a lot of
movement everywhere right so how can you be specific into one point and you drive
all of you and even though I might have what looks like a broad contact I’m
focusing in on one square centimeter of tissue and driving everything through
there so that’s the entire body entire system going towards that adjustment now Khristina has also mentioned that when she’s running especially long distances
she’s starting to get some pain at the ankle joint what I’ve noticed is that
did you notice if it’s is it clicking a lot not clicking just feels stuck okay
so for those of you that have ankle joints that are feeling like they’re
clicking like you go to do your foot it’s all crack crack crack crack crack
crack crack crack oftentimes what your body’s trying to do is trying to release
pressure through a joint right and so when that’s happening it’s not usually
the ankles messed up it’s that you have so much myofascial compression around
the lower leg it’s looking for a release valve and it will do it through the foot
and this can happen in different places so if you’re noticing that you’re hyper
mobile somewhere and something is popping and cracking and clicking a lot
it can usually be sometimes I’m saying usually sometimes but the majority time
what I’ve found is that it’s because you are very tight and restricted in another
area and that way the body is trying to do the best it can
to relieve that tension compression by kind of almost like a pressure release
valve this is not the case for these ankles this case is most likely they’re
stuck or subluxated or dysfunctional in some way and so now we got to check well why and so I personally even when people say there’s an ankle issue
I like check the whole system so I’m going to check and see you know how is
what’s the tone of the quad muscle what’s the tone of the tibialis anterior
and the peroneals how is the calcaneus moving with the tibia the
navicular that the cuneiforms the metatarsals like I want to consider the
whole foot the whole leg and really the whole body but right now we’re working the lower half and so what I’m feeling with
Kristina is actually a subluxated second cuneiform so it’s the second one from the inside here and so we’re going
to make a contact and even though my whole finger is on top what I’m trying to
do is still focus through one dot and then once I got my focus through one dot
I’m gonna do a slight distraction and once I got the distraction I usually
– if you’re making this adjustment and your a chiropractor you want that foot and slight dorsiflexion so we got a slight dorsiflexion making a
connection to one dot getting a distraction and then going boom it moved
really really really well and so that was the second cuneiform on this
left side and now we’ll check the right one so this right one actually let me
see actually that’s okay this one does feel like it’s more talus and so talus
is right underneath the tibia so we’re gonna go I’m just gonna use a pinky
contact here whoa that one moved sweet love it
cool so now ankles are moving nice tone of the lower leg feels good let’s go up
and check the neck so when we first started working with Kristina we did take x-rays we found that she had a C2 spinous right on this
right side and that was really the main adjustment that we were making that
helped her headaches and helped her allergies and so right now again I’m
detecting just a little bit of that c2 spinous right and so what we’re gonna do
is we make a connection there it’s gonna come up through here and we will just
be just be adjusting C2 on C3 on this right side and when I made that
adjustment I noticed there was a little bit of restriction at the C5 just on how
the skin reacted so we’re gonna check C5 on this other side because even though
we could focus just on the joint you want to also focus on the cord and the
rest of the system and so there was still something needed to be served at
the C5 neck just got really hot blood flow is coming back so that’s one of the ways you know hey did I make a great adjustment you know warmth one of one of my mentors Dr. Susan Rossi she’s like oh you’re
cooked now you’re cooking you’re pink I love it there’s a life so blood flow is
coming back come on up Christina thank you thank you thank you for your service
at the source and thank you thank you thank you for checking us out again if
this is your first time here please make sure you subscribe share with a friend
like it love it and we’ll see you next time

39 thoughts on “Allergies and Headaches Resolved with Chiropractic Care: In the Moment Ep. 9 w/ Dr. Brett Jones

  1. Can u recommend me to someone On the east coast who does feet as well. Found good chiropractors but the extremity knowledge is limited

  2. Dr., your demonstrations are beyond impressive I can’t even think of the right word but you have brought something truly electrifying to the chiropractic world!

  3. Couldn't the drop in "allergies" be because of a new location? She said she stopped having issues when "She moved out here 3 years ago", which may have been the same time she started getting adjusted. So we can't really say for sure that the chiropractic adjustments are what helped her allergies or the new environment (Maybe she was allergic to a certain grass or tree pollen where she previously lived and those plant types aren't around her new location?)

    That said, I've been watching chiropractic videos for a few years now, but have never been adjusted. It started as an ASMR kick but has become something I'm interested in getting care for (Just looking for the right practice in my area). I've had allergies all my life as well, and I'd love to be able to help with it without the need of medications.

    I just recently found your videos Dr. Jones and I dig your style. Keep up the videos and good work!

  4. I be getting allergies too, every year. You know anyone in NYC that is good at chiropractic treatment? I need one.

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    Frm mam Africa. Algeria

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