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My loves welcome to my youtube channel again – thankfully today we are going to talk about oatmeal not only because it is a healthy breakfast because the fine to have can also acts as a soothing balm for inflammations before you get to the heart of the matter if you’re new you’re new click on the link that appears below with a click and subscribe also thinks about the cover of ring notification of course to my new rooney chain kama sutra or to the mines and the naturopath the loves the oatmeal it reduced redness and itching and many other infections of the skin when they contain active ingredients chemicals called a wine among friends of I know it sounds like cement for you but actually these active ingredients make oatmeal a very powerful traditional anti-itch anti inflammatory skin allergies and helps heal all lighten and this very quickly all you need to do is take a bath of oatmeal and of course if there is a large area of ​​skin that is clogged then buy some oatmeal powder in warm water two and soaked the whole body in the bathtub stay that way for about half an hour and then rinse your body so normal you can also do it a pat l apply it directly to your skin if the affected areas its small enough simply to apply dough so that you take the find even before the sale itself you let soak a little bit in the water and you apply on the infected area you can even use a bandage with a damp cloth gently keep this for about half an hour and then rinse off you can also buy a coffee tails of coconut oil or four drops of lavender essential oil for to have a result immediate so here are my loves please if you have children that we can infect the skin sick you even you will be you suffer from skin infections do not wait anymore do this you will love I thank you for keeping this new video until the end come back on my channel all the offers of news of news it kisses


  1. Bonjour Rose
    Je souffre de rosacé palpulo pustuleuse, quelle serait la dose a prendre pour fairela pate pour une utilisation ?
    Combien d’eau
    Combien de farine d’avoine
    Merci pour votre retour
    Et merci pour toutes vos vidéos

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