Allergies – Outdoor Exercise Tips

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Exercising outside can be a lot of fun. You
get to choose the sights and the soundtrack. But outdoor allergies can throw off your rhythm
pretty quickly. Here are some ideas for reducing allergy flare-ups when you exercise outdoors.Wear
a hat and wraparound sunglasses to keep pollen out of your hair and eyes. Clean glasses often,
and choose a hat that can be easily washed. Also, exercise when pollen counts are low,
in the mid to late evening, or after it rains and avoid allergy hotspots. Heavily wooded
areas or fields of grasses and weeds can sometimes trigger allergies. But the most important
tip for exercising outdoors is to keep things clean. Allergens stick to just about everything,
so wipe down any exercise gear after use with a damp cloth. Clean your shoes with a soft-bristled
brush regularly. And wear clean clothes each time you exercise. After your workout, get
changed – ideally someplace other than your bedroom. Wash your clothes immediately, especially
if they’re damp, or place them in a closed hamper outside the bedroom. Finally, take
a shower and wash your hair after exercising outdoors. Following these tips can help prevent
outdoor allergy symptoms from breaking the rhythm of your workout. Visit Zyrtec-dot-com
for more tips and tools to manage your allergies.

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