Allergies (what causes allergies and how to cure them) – Teal Swan

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  1. It is called BAD air/food quality. Most humans did not create this at all within the body…and they are victims of the air pollution which causes the allergies because of a mix of new elements and properties to the air, that were not there ages ago. Cancer and allergies are NOT a spiritual disease in the body, it is solely a reflection of others polluting the earth. This is false information that leads to guilt, like the religious used to say about sins creating death and sickness. Instead it takes the blame and responsibility off of the people who are polluting the air and earth and don't care. When humans together purify their earth, then the body will get healthier.

    This is about GMOs and Earth pollution-that is it. The earth is a reflection of our internal state.

    Of course it takes an Elf to let all know this 😉 Take care of earth and you will see an improvement in health altogether.

  2. i'd like to make an experiment with a volunteer. I believe i can heal your allergies. If anyone is interested, leave a comment and let me go to work. It might take a few hours before you see any change. Please let me know if it worked

  3. This video made me think a lot. I have been struggling with "allergy" since I was a child. I use to fear dogs, I didn't differentiate between when they were playing each other and when they were been really aggressive, I believe that fear provoke me to attract a bad experience with a big dog who tried to attack me (thankfully my mother save me), but I start to be allergic to dog's hair. Years later the doctor send me injections and I get better, but I kept avoiding dogs, as a phobia until some cousin gave me the cutest dog ever❣🐶 a little female fox terrier, and this incredible creature become my best friend. Thanks to her I learn to love all dogs, and now I'm very confortable around this animals, it's something enjoyable for me in this moment of my life. So, allergy is gone. 😎 Of course, I have developed other allergies 😅😂😂😂 I joke saying that because I force myself to be tolerant with things I don't agree is why my body has to show some intolerance 🤔 maybe is not a joke after all. 😂😑 O.k. working on that. 😊 Curious, as a spiritual search I have been looking for my own ancestry, in genealogy and trying to learning about my forefathers (by the way, I'm from… México… sorry about the bad experience you have with this culture, sounds really painful and disgusting, I don't have the words to express the outrage of you or anyone else been exposed to that, is just nasty). I mention it because I discovered I'm allergic to gluten and I'm allergic to corn, so, basically I'm allergic to the plants who nourish all my main forefathers, the European ones (wheat, barley, rye, oats) and the Mesoamerican ones (corn). So I joke saying I most have some forgotten Chinese roots because I just can handle rice… 😆 Some part of me is afraid to healing this allergy because I have been feeling so great avoiding this plants, not eating them, that the idea of dealing with them again provoke a lot of resistance in my body, as like a little voice screaming: don't eat that, danger, danger, danger… 🤖😂 I don't know if I want solve this. Maybe I'm happy eating rice and amaranth and don't need corn and gluten in my life. I don't know, but you make me think about it. Thanks, your videos and post are helping me very much in my own healing process. Have a lovely day! ☉

  4. Why would you recommend beeswax? Can you imagine a life of a bee? Working very hard to gather resources for her family only to get her home smoked out, terrifying, injuring and often times killing her family members just because people fancy some things. 🙁

  5. I got this from stress people made me feel trapped and I am claustrophobic. My allergy meds aren't working and I have been cleaning my space as I feel trapped.

  6. Wow.. this is so dangerous.. I really hope people wont stop taking medicine and think they can believe their way out of serious illnesses. Or worse take their kids medicine away.

  7. I suddenly realized i was allergic to eggplants, they itch my mouth and my face skin breaks out (pimples) … I never had any allergy problems before (or at least did never notice) and this one is strange? it's not a huge reaction, but i can definitely feel the strong itch and face skin inflammation… i wonder what that relates to? but i also hear that lot of people have this "mild" reaction to eggplants, anyone here? any clues? the strange is also that i love eggplant!

  8. Teal I love you so much! I would love to get on a chat video with you or communicate with you somehow you are just amazing and thank you so much

  9. I get severe reactions, side-effects as soon as I start a new job in my field of ‘expertise’ ( Computer Science/Cybersecurity). I say ‘as soon as’ because I quit a few times and immediately those few times I am extremely healthy, happy and glowing. Btw if you did not already deduct from what I said so far, I absolutely hate my field of ‘expertise’. I am only in it because I got forced into it by my parents ( Indian) 🙁

  10. So here I am, married to a man beside the sea where one of the primary sources of food is fish – and he is allergic – deathly allergic – to all types of fish …. when he was a child he apparently ate tons of fish until he couldn’t eat anymore then one day it almost killed him. You’re saying this is all a mental issue? Maybe someone forced him to eat it once and it traumatized him during childhood?

  11. Teal – I had severe anorexia from age 9 to age 13 and then continued to just be strange about food during healing…it was never because I thought I was fat, but moreso because I watched my mother buying everything on sale every day and treating food prep as a chore and it started as trying to save money and make things easier for my mom. Then we were vegetarian for a year and I read so much on how animals are farmed that I stopped eating meat. Then I saw all the things sprayed on fruits and vegetables and decided that white rice and bread and everything I didn’t want in my body …. I’m going back there again – I feel like nothing is good for me that we buy and like every food at the store is poison. Luckily I’m not skinny right now so I can afford to maybe stop eating some of these foods I consider bad. But omg in this world right now, what IS safe to eat? And with my 1 and 3 year old – how can I make things that they will eat? – omg if they eat kraft dinner and ice cream sandwiches with their father or grandmother again, I may never forgive myself 🙁

  12. I have a mild nickel allergy. When I was 3, my aunt took me to get my ears pierced, which is how old I was when my grandpa died (I'm not sure if I got my ears pierced before or after he died). However, I never really knew my grandpa, which is probably why my allergy is mild.

  13. I developed allergic urticaria after ascention. Through out half century I never experienced allergies. I hope these are ascention symptoms like ringing in the ear or vertigo.

  14. Thank you, there is lots of new information here that I haven't found anywhere else. Thank you sooo much. You are an angel from heaven 🌸🦋🌷🌹🦋🌸🌷💗🦋🌸🌷💗

  15. I have seasonal allergies. Those are my only allergies that I know of. Some times BS gives me issue's too though.

  16. so before i was born i was in fear of nuts hahahaha damn infants and their thoughts being "out of alignment"

  17. At first I really wanted to dismiss this video. But the more I listened, the more I started entertaining this idea that we create our own resistance. I think a lot of times that is true!

    I just had a deep conversation with a friend this morning about what I went through when my mom died, and I was forced to see the huge chasm between my intellect and my emotions, to the point where I felt split in two. Since that realization about 8 years ago, I have been trying to listen to my body's knowledge as much as I listen to my intellect's knowledge, if that makes any sense to anyone, lol.

    It seems my body DOES tell me when something is 'wrong' somehow. How that sense manifests itself is dynamic and mysterious.
    For instance, when my mom died I didn't feel a lot of grief, and yet all of a sudden I couldn't eat, or talk to people. I couldn't work, or think straight, or sleep.
    I sometimes get allergies so bad that my nose runs like a faucet, impossible to stop. I just have to accept it. Like an 'unacceptable' truth.

    I think this video may be hitting on a huge truth of our existence.

  18. So the person who suffers from allergie, is the one who causes the problem? I made an video how you can cure yourself form hay fever. have a nice spring everybody. Hay fever is an allergic, that will get worst. results garanteed.

  19. Does this mean that if we are always fully in alignment, i.e. if we reintegrate then we'll be immortal?! Won't the planet explode if we have births but no deaths?

  20. Whenever i'm in airconditioning my allergies go crazy, can you explain that so I might be able to heal it? I live in Fl. , summers are hell for me.

  21. I personally believe it's the vaccinations that are forced on our children changing their immune system!!!!!! 😡

  22. Anyone please type the candle name? I mean the material to make the candle she mentioned… I need subtitles…since English is my second language

  23. I do what I can to help with allergies but I've had to quit certain things in order to help them as well. Those changes have been made in the past week or so and I'm simply waiting to see if my symptoms decrease. Today was a better day so maybe things are improving.

  24. Makes sense to me too! Had a terrible experience while using a deodorant that had jojoba in it, well randomly after that traumatic day I started having a reaction to my deodorant. I was prescribed a cream that was pure jojoba since we didn't know why that was happening. Well fast forward six months decided to use that cream and I still break out in hives.. Funny enough I also have ALWAYS had a problem with acne, well just so happens jojoba Is great to help cure acne.. coincidence? I think not.

    I also ate white rice which I associated as bad for the first time today in a long time and got heartburn. I had resistance to it.

    Thank you Teal <3 <3 You are the best..

  25. I KNEW I wasn’t crazy! I’ve been having to wake up early and go to sleep early because I’m sending my first able-bodied child to school. He’s 4 so I have to get up with him and make sure he gets ready and all that. My ego is really resisting a lot of it. It’s resisting not sleeping with the tv on, making him ride the bus, having to change my disabled child’s schedule, the boredom the comes with him not being home (which I actually somewhat like). My nurses have been skipping out of their shifts when I’m wanting to rest. It’s just been a huge change and I’ve had a massive allergic reaction to all of it. It sounds absolutely ridiculous to everyone I’ve told “I’m allergic to 6 AM”. I even have to get up at 6 on the weekends. I’m getting only 8 hours now (i know, I’m spoiled). I’m a person that needs 10-11 hours of sleep. I’m going to have to do a lot of meditation work 🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. Hi! Smoke of cigarettes has always been a cause of a swallen throat and blocked nose for me and in my environment ı am constantly getting exposed to it. Even in open air, cigarette smoke blokes my nose after 10 minutes of exposure. However, I became a smoker in some period of my life for some couples of years and each time i quit i got the symptoms. When i was a smoker, i didnt have blocked nose but frequent hoarseness. İ am curious about your opinion (any opinion) about this case. With love

  27. Hi from birth I have had allergies. Aspro. Allergy I inherited. I am not a neg person. I feel spiritually fulfilled yes blissful. I don’t eat salicylate most veges. I have neg blood. I don’t have abuse history and understand life. So 💕😋👍🌈

  28. How does a baby become allergic by consciously denying their emotions? Babies don’t know how to communicate other than with their body language and crying. How can their belief system make them allergic?

  29. We are disconnecting from nature so much. We are corrupting it. The food and environmental are toxic, try to stay as connected and clean as you can. Also the body might be weak.

  30. hi Teal, wondering if you could make a video about energetic/spiritual meanings behind bloating. i've been eating clean, yet something i cant figure out is making me bloat to the point where its painful and my stomach is stretching. as a naturally skinny person, i look like i'm pregnant! wondering what direction/where this is coming from on a non physical level…

  31. Im inclined to listen to this even before watching from a scientific standpoint why does placebo work when its nothing and cure a range of things?

    Why does someone allergic to roses still have that allergic reaction if a plastic rose they believe is real is put on them? Something else is going on, why do people randomly develop then have allergies disappear?

  32. Thank you for this video. Greetings from…MEXICO! (Sorry, hehehe). Actually, allow me to apologize to you for the conduct of that particular group of my countrymen. Blessings.

  33. Hello Teal! I wonder if you would ever speak on the ketogenic diet and why it is healing so many people despite being comprised of nearly only meat because it has become huge lately. I love your dedication to your content! You are incredible!!

  34. Thank you for sharing your story and for helping us understand and take steps to heal! You're AWESOME Teal! I've just discovered your videos recently, but I'm amazed with the incredible work! Thanks for shining your light!!! Sending you love!

  35. I used to break out in hives as a child when I would go outside. I haven’t taken anything for it yet haven’t broken out in YEARS 😳🤔

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  38. i cried when you explained what allergies are caused by because it 100% fits my case: i get allergic reactions to my bed and those started when i was around 14. now i understand that i developed them because i was very depressed and suicidal at that time and pretty much cried in my bed every night. it all makes sense now. i thank you infinetly

  39. I had pollen allergy as a kid and did bioresonanz and it never showed up again until now. The other day me and my BF were sitting in nature talking about his depression and BOOM we both got the allergy in that particular moment. haha.. thanks teal!

  40. I haven’t finished the whole video yet, but what about allergies in new born or kids who are less than 1 year old?

  41. Amazing video but I suffered with allergies since I was a young boy .. at 32 now … After a blunt it's like I never had any allergies … But what works for me might not necessarily work for you

  42. I think I am allergic to dust because I am always reminded that I have to clean, and would be grounded if I didn't. I think my step mum had plants in her house that I'm allergic too, and also a cat. I had really bad coughing fits, allergies and asthma because of smoke (she was a smoker) and cats because of emotional things that were happening in my life. Our emotions create or subconscious, no wonder our conscious mind does not want to be reminded of traumatic experience. Would contact dermatitis, allergies to make up/soaps/creams also come from negative thought patterns?

  43. Hey guys this video is good, I also want to tell you that if you suffer from allergies… take thymus!! Yes thymus gland. Like heals like, and the thymus is huge in the function of your immune system. I can’t tell you how much it has healed me, when nothing else could! I’m going to work on the mental aspect as teal mentioned as well! Hope you all find relief! 🙏🏼❤️

  44. Good topic, Teal. I’d like a little more info on how this applies to people with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)? This is exposure to water damaged buildings and subsequent allergy to mold, many mold containing foods, mushrooms, yeasts, alcohol, and kombucha. How does this apply or relate to this? Myself and several people I know are afflicted with this and would be delighted to overcome this mold allergy condition that is keeping us sick.

  45. although the mental health affect our health massivley but we shouldnt underestimate the power foods and gut health

  46. 2 years ago,I developed an allergy to water!!!!! I LOVE water,and I used to LOVE taking baths!!!! how did this happen????? Teal?

  47. Speaking of “Pavlov” ~I Love it when someone has a great day not knowing there was , say a “cat” -anywhere nearby. But “then”…

  48. You’re body is revealing your intelligence. Your ears are Waaaay higher than your eyes. For me it was growing up in “Cuban” Miami. Father and grandfather had “select” words, while mother loooooved Anything “Latin”. Mother and father also Despised! each other. One day, meeting “lazy Cubans” on workday on beach, at behest of mother “Tell them something that will …..???…. (like you, basically). Guy stopped strumming guitar long enough to say “To knooooow us, is to looooove us.” (Wrong answer) I honestly nearly threw up on him. Over it, Tho Yes, Latins ARE LOUD.

  49. The universe lead me here with your website 🙂 Just one day after I thought "I wish I could cure my allergies so I can enjoy spending time in nature" 🙂

  50. Oh crap. I'm allergic to almost everything. Grass, pollen, dogs, cats, birds, trees, vegetables, fruits, dust…. When my doctor tested allergies I was allergic to 38 out of 40 things. I don't know where to start finding the cause. I have those allergies since I was 8 years old.

  51. This explained everything about my lip eczema… The phase when I went through trying to go vegan and adopt a healthier lifestyle through natural healing and essential oils. The people around wear very against it, especially my family members and partner who were very doubtful of my decisions, and it made me questioned my belief about what I believe which created a resistance… I have been resisting my own beliefs… Thanks Teal for the truth bomb… Enjoyed your videos since 2017.

  52. I did notice that when I got diagnosed with my allergies, that the symptoms were more noticeable. Power of suggestion, I guess. Need to get the power of suggestion turned the other direction. I have grains and dairy allergy. I know she says to avoid that anyway, but it sure would be nice to enjoy it occasionally without any histamines getting in the way.


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  54. I really enjoyed this segment. I'm trying to make sense of my son's nut allergy, within the context of resistance, as he has been to hospital 3 times after consuming forms of tree nuts.

    I believe in the potential causation of allergy from the hygiene hypothesis angle, which could also support introducing a child to forms resistance, but to be honest I really don't know. Examining how our thoughts and feelings produce resistance and psychosomatic responses is a more realistic approach. It makes sense but using my son as an example, I'm finding it difficult to work this one out. Appreciate anyone's feedback

  55. My mother told me that I was rushed back to the hospital soon after she brought me home because I was covered with eczema. She also told me that she was a nervous wreck during the pregnancy. Anxiety has been an issue for me my whole life.

  56. This makes sense – I had horrible allergies living in DC, like many. They say it’s because of all the pollen from trees but the negativity I felt in that city on a daily basis aligns with what teal is saying. Interesting.

  57. Damn that's unfortunate the whole cilantro story our culture is very beautiful regardless we are hard working kind genuine people

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