Allergy advocates spark ‘Peter Rabbit’ boycott

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Multiple allergy advocacy groups prompted
a call to boycott the new film “Peter Rabbit.” The movie, released last week, has a scene
in which bunnies attack a man with blackberries, knowing he has a blackberry allergy. The man gets sick and has to use an Epipen. Australian group Global Anaphylaxis Awareness
and Inclusivity made a petition asking Sony Pictures to apologize for the content. It reads in part, The group also said the scene condones victimizing
and is “socially irresponsible” for a movie aimed at children. The outcry prompted the hashtags #boycottpeterrabbit
and #boycottpeterrabbitmovie.

85 thoughts on “Allergy advocates spark ‘Peter Rabbit’ boycott

  1. Pathetic the perpetually offended are on the march again this time over an animated rabbit whilst their kids play violent video games and watch horror movies. Not everyone suffers from food allergies and I don’t see what an animated rabbit has done that is so bad. Grow up.

  2. It’s a bloody animated Rabbit I’m surprised these fools manage to get through the day as waking up must offend them terribly.

  3. My son has life threatening food allergies and I homeschool him because of it. Parents don't teach their kids the seriousness of food allergies. Bullying like this is actually a widespread concern. I totally get it. This is just making food allergies seem funny. Until you've seen someone going through anaphylaxis you won't get it. I don't usually get upset about things…I just keep scrolling. Teaching kids that food allergies are a joke is not funny. It's like teaching kids to assualt people because it's fun.

  4. As a grieving mom, thank you. My heart is broken, my life very much a different world without my child. I can only say, I have his voice to help the next. Empathy and compassion for so many that have to live with such. My heart breaks. I am always here as a voice. Blessings and love to you all. JOSEPH DENICOLA MOM JULIANNE WWW.JOSEPHDENICOLA.COM

  5. Seriously people this SJW I am triggered by everything is making me want to punch them all in the face. We have become overrun by 5 year olds at the sandbox who run to teacher screaming I am telling on you.

  6. I hear that Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail are now claiming abuse. Dopey has been found to have learning difficulties and is to sue the other six dwarves for years of harassment. Chicken Hawk is suing Foghorn Leghorn for bullying. I now realize why I had such a traumatised childhood.

  7. The house of magic, a movie where literally the same thing happened expect the antagonist is allergic to cats. So where was the boycott for that? People need to lighten up.

  8. I get that allergies are like a big deal but wtf its a movie…get over it. Murder is a big deal but thats in movies. "Oh god no not an allergy scene." Lmao. We are becoming way too sensitive to shit and its going to be our downfall.

  9. I am going to watch this movie because the outrage culture is such a cunt. Hell, I'll buy the Digital copy if I have to. I'll donate to Sony even.

  10. These are most likely concerned parents who think the world revolves around their children. Still, it's common sense with this kind of shit to tell your children that what they see is wrong. That's the whole thing about being a parent; Teaching your children what's right from wrong.. not that bitching and complaining gives you what you want.

  11. The door to censorship over people claiming a right not to be offended was opened a long time ago. In this case, it isn't even that these dicks are being over sensitive, they're totally wrong. The kids with food allergies foundation said 'food allergy jokes are harmful to our communities'. No they aren't. Jokes aren't harmful, especially jokes as lighthearted as the Peter rabbit scene. It is the kind of mentality that makes these people make such ridiculous claims that is harmful. They need to get over themselves.

  12. Public outrage? Over what some overly sensitive crybabies.. forced apologies for some people who’s kids have allergies come on it’s a stupid movie. Stop with all this insanity

  13. This has been taken out of context, it's never made explicit that's its actually the villain of the film they throw these berries at, surely cruelty to animals should be more of a concern?

  14. Hello everyone who thinks the people who say this film is not okay are sensitive.

    First of all I'd like to say that I completely understand why you would think that. If I did not have a food allergy myself I would most likely think that so please do not get mad at me because I have no reason to be mad at you and I just want to help you get a better understanding.

    This is something that I worry about everyday. I get up, go to the store, and every food that I want to buy I have to read the entire label to look for peanuts, which I am deathly, yes I said that not out of attention but truthfully, am deathly, allergic to peanuts. If you think there is no way someone can die by a food look up anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. It typically causes more than one of the following: an itchy rash, throat or tongue swelling, shortness of breath, vomiting, lightheadedness, and low blood pressure. It sucks guys. Even going to school is scary when you know that someone could eat your allergen. Another thing people believe is that when you take the EpiPen (Shot) You're okay! You're not. You still have to go to the hospital to get treated it only delays the reaction. So now that you hopefully understand this is sadly but truthfully the real deal. I think you can also understand that people with severe food allergies don't like it when a film tries to make it look like 1. It's okay to ignore and even start allergic reactions(anaphylaxis ) and
    2. Using an EpiPen stops the reaction.
    We don't want people to be missinformed or even lied to even if the cause is as dumb as a movie for children.

  15. Sometimes bad publicity is good publicity if you catch my drift…its just going to get more people to watch the movie…its why i'm here…to see what all the fuss is about.

  16. How could such people could be labelled as Advocates and campaigners?

    A campaigner used to be someone who was an activist for human rights such as ending apartheid not some body who annoyed at a cartoon character.

  17. This is so fucking stupid, it's not some random little kid, it's the villain of the film. Have the people complaining seen anything animated for kids ever ?!?! If this is wrong then TRUST ME, there are a lot worse things that are in children's media then an allergy being used as a weapon against an antagonist.

  18. I, for one, wish to boycott all boycotters who are politically correct, triggered, have no safe space in which to hide, and who want to disavow all opinions and morality contrary to their own. Fuck off.

  19. But, but, but…someone might get offended! Well, SCREW SOMEONE!!! I get offended every day, I don't go around bitchin' about it. Here, try this: BUCK UP!

  20. To all the parents that have kids with allergies: we don't give a shit about your defective offspring and will not be boycotting anything especially over your worthless useless kids

    Here you go this is what can happen and thats if you dont die. Know can people seen why people are so upset. About children thinking its funny to make fun of allergy children.

  22. I wasn't going to see this movie but now I definitely will JUST to piss off these overly-sensitive, idiotic, assholes trying to kill all the joy and humor in the world with every chance they get.

  23. This is why millenials are a fucking joke! Can you imagine a society going through Word War II or the Great Depression making a fuss over a children's cartoon? Parents were once expected to work, do adult stuff and just let children be children. Nobody except the creators and the children who watched it had the time or patience to worry about cartoons. More importantly, nobody really gave a shit. Now, adults spend all their time on social media creating Twitter storms. Your first world problems are so lame, I can't even tell the difference between satire and real life any longer.

  24. A lot of countries have problems with their people starving to death, and our biggest problems are offensive jokes. My God I love America!

  25. And the man electrocute animals and nobody said a shit..
    So GTFO and don't watch if you don't want to watch…

  26. But yet people think it’s okay to have homosexual content in a Disney film ? You tree hugging asswipes need a check up from the neck up 🖕🏻

  27. SOOOOOO RIDICULOUS! How did we ever grow up watching the Roadrunner with all of those bombs, TNT, and large weights teaching us how to squish people! Oh, the Humanity!!!!

  28. There arr spongebob scenes with Characters attempting to Kill themselves. disney Tv shows with Homosexual Content. Children cartoon episodes with Swearing And Other innappropiate acts. But Oh no A animated rabbit Caused a Man who Tried to kill him an allergic reaction Which Took a total of 15 seconds to take care of. Oh no we are gonna boycott his movie! Boo hoo Waaaa. this is offensive! Geez i wish these people would just SHUT UP! Also if you are offended by this movie then just don't watch it! or are you just gonna ruin it for the kids who DONT have allergies and their families. You make the choice You can stop the minority of kids with allergies who are actually offended by this. Or you can ruin the movie for alot of people including KIDS.

  29. Not just Boycott Peter Rabbit, but also Boycott my middle school for abusing students with disabilities! I was abused there myself!

  30. How about boycotting Hollywood FULLSTOP!!
    It's a cesspool of trash!!!
    If you're going to carry on about this particular movie…….then keep going.

  31. I just want to watch the scene but all i find is reaction by snowflake sensitive asses. Can someone provide a link?

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