Allergy and asthma sufferers feeling effects of robust pollen year

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When we think of allergies and pollen we typically think of spring. BUT we are heading into another peak pollen season just in time for school to start. First News Reporter Matt Jones spoke to local allergist and found out what your students need to be on the look out for. [B13]20170920 ASTHMA WEEK-INTRO During the spring all the plants begin to bloom. Pollen from trees, grass, and flowers being to kick up allergies for many. BUT did you know that we are heading into another peak season for allergies. [B14]20170920 ASTHMA WEEK-VO Instead of the yellow pollen- this time of year Ragweed and Mold are two of the common causes for allergies and asthma. And with school starting- many students are going to be outdoors for sports which could be a trigger. I spoke with one local doctor who told me that weather has had a major impact on allergies. [B15]20170920 ASTHMA WEEK-SV “THIS LAST WEEK, THE LAST TWO AND A HALF TO THREE WEEKS WAS VERY DIFFICULT FOR A LOT OF PATIENTS THAT HAD RAGWEED ALLERGY. WE HAD A DRY SUMMER, WE HAD A REALLY GOOD GROWING SEASON FOR RAGWEED WHEN IT’S THAT DRY.” I went ahead a looked at the pollen forecast for today and we are expected to be low because of the light showers he had BUT with the dry heat back in the forecast we are expected to rise into the medium to high range for both ragweed and mold. [B16]20170920 ASTHMA WEEK-TAG So as students head back to school make sure they know the signs for both asthma and allergies. In the studio I’m Matt Jones for 27 First News this morning. [B17]20170920

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