Allergy Cure in Ayurveda | Chronic Sneezing Herbal Treatment – Real Testimonial

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Greetings Ms. Meenu. I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda. You’ve come here to see Dr. Vikram today. Could you please tell us a little about the issues you were facing? I was suffering from allergy since many years. Since how many years? It’s been 15- 16 years. How did you figure out that its allergy and not any common issue? I kept taking medicines for cold for a long time. I tried homeopathic and allopathic but I got no relief. It would just make me feel better for a few days but eventually it would get worse. What were the symptoms? Excessive sneezing, allergy on the face, watery eyes. If I would wear clothes which had been lying in the cupboard for a few days I would have allergic reactions from those clothes too. I was allergic to almost everything be it the bed, blankets it would lead to uncontrollable sneezing. Was it seasonal or did you suffer from it all the time? I thought it was seasonal and it will be cured but it was always there. What treatment did you take as you’ve been facing this problem from the past 15-16 years? I’ve taken a lot of Cetirizine and medicines for cold then I started taking homeopathic medicines also. How did you come to know about Planet Ayurveda and Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Someone known to us got their son treated for the same issue. They referred us to Dr. Vikram because their son was cured. Did you get a test done for getting a confirmed diagnosis? Yes, I got a nose X-ray done long time back and it showed increase in the size of the bone and they said that is the cause of the allergy. Was the sneezing frequent during the mornings or all the time? There was no fixed time. It would start in the morning, sometimes at night and now, I started sneezing during sleeping also. When did you start Dr. Vikram’s treatment? It was 15 days ago. How are you feeling now? Absolutely fine! I haven’t sneezed even once. It been 2 months since I took medicines. You took the medicines 2 months ago for 15 days? Yes, I took treatment for 15 days 2 months ago and then stopped it. You’re feeling fine after leaving the treatment also? Yes, absolutely. Which medicines did you use? I took Aller-G care capsules and a few others. We’ll show your prescription to the viewers. It has Kaf ketu ras, Aller-G care capsules, Boswellia curcumin. You took this treatment just for 15 days. Yes, just 15 days! That’s a very good thing. Would you like to give a message to the viewers? Ayurveda is the best. According to me, one should go for Ayurvedic treatments. There were no side effects no drowsiness nothing. Did you follow any changes in the diet also? No, there were no changes in my diet as such. You just took Ayurvedic medicines? Yes, just the Ayurvedic medicines. Today, you have come to take treatment for some other issue? Yes, some other issue. I’m suffering from frozen shoulder. OK! You’re preferring Ayurvedic treatment for that also? Yes. Thank you and Wish you all the best. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Allergy Cure in Ayurveda | Chronic Sneezing Herbal Treatment – Real Testimonial

  1. I bought the Allergy Care Pack. I've been taking it for 5 days now but my allergies are still terrible. I will update in the future. I am hoping this works because it was an expensive buy.

  2. Mujhe bhi same allergy hai… Pehle toh kabhi kabhi hoti the.. Ess var toh hatt hi nai rahi… Plz tell me some medicine…

  3. Sir ,mujhe bhi yahi problem 12-13 saalo se h,kahi pe bhi permanent treatment nhi ho rha h, me ye ayurvedic treatment Lena chahta hu Dr.vikram Chauhan jee seKripya mujhe unka address uplabdh karayeRamesh Joshi , Dehradun UttarakhandpH.9837185831

  4. Mujhe 3 yrs se dust allergy hai kabi bi sneezing aa jati hai… Aankh se Pani cough itching hota hai eyes mai plz help…. I'm tried enough I can't handle this allergy anymore
    Plz help me

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