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  1. OMG, 70 degrees is not cold! LOL It's funny seeing you guys in winter gear, when I would be wearing shorts and t-shirt.

  2. Hey Jaquie, just wondering how you got diagnosed with plant allergies? I am in the UK but was told that they can only test for food and skin contact allergies like skin creams 🙁 I’ve started having asthma attack like responses when pollen is high and I’m worried to just leave it 🙁

  3. Its – 7 C here and how you guys where those outfits in the 70’s (cant remeber the translation 😂) its cool how we all feel weather differently 😂

  4. How come your port only has the one access point? I have a double access point port, which means I can leave something hooked up to one and push medicine or anything through the second… maybe you should look into seeing they have the ones with the double access in the line for you, might be more helpful…

  5. I’m glad you didn’t have anaphylaxis! When was the last time you had an attack? It seems like it’s been a while

  6. 1 sorry I'm late 2 yay no angeodema attack (sorry if misspelled) 3 you look so good in that outfit especially those boots and that head band. I guess you could say you literally looked good from head to toe 😋😁

  7. So glad the Benadryl worked 🙂 Also, Jaq, WalMart has some of the best leggings out right now, if you like the feel of velvet. 7.88 per pair, I think, and they're a bit warmer than the normal pair plus so fuzzy.

  8. I have skin allergies to some plants and sometimes places that use natural organic cleaners if I touch the surfaces they were used on too soon my hands get all itchy and swell a bit. The seventh generation organic multisurface cleaner is the worst for it. I worked at a bank that used it on the counters and I had to wipe my station down with a clorox wipe every shift.

  9. hey Jacquie! I think you mean CHIA seeds and not CHAI. I just don't want any of your viewers to feed their pets CHAI (thinking that's what you feed H) as I think it may make them unwell. love you girl! xxoo

  10. Jacquie, do you think your mask may have had an environmental allergen on it and you touched your mask then your face?

  11. I love your Beanie it so cute.. I am glad the benadryl helped. But I am Happy you got to have fun in Disney and see your friends. 😀

  12. Maybe the plants around u gave u that allergies attack. Or the atmosphere, or environment, or maybe the restaurant wasn't clean with Lysol. Glad u got better. Glad u have ur emergency kit with u all the time. U really know how to prepare. Great job.

  13. My allergies get triggered in restaurants that haven't cleaned their air ducts in a while. I also break out from the cleaners they use to wipe down tables in some places. Benadryl is a blessing.

  14. I'm allergic to grass trees plants flowers dirt dust and more. From head to toes I itch all the time. Glad your feeling better

  15. Hey Jaquie, I hope this doesn't come across as offensive, but I noticed that you can see Paul and Janice's house address from 5:25–5:35. Also, at 5:41–5:45 you can also see the license plate on your car. I just thought I'd mention these in case you want to blur them for privacy reasons. Love your videos and have a good day!

    P.S. To everyone else, please like this so Jaquie will see this! Thanks!

  16. I find it interesting that the Benadryl worked instantly for you. I have been given IV Benadryl for allergic skin reactions with hives, and, every time, it has taken at least an hour to stop the reaction. One time, the highest dose and frequency of Benadryl didn't do anything for me, and I was completely covered in hives for three days. My doctor wasn't exactly sure what I was reacting to, but, she said that the virus I had been fighting might have set it off.

  17. jackie i know how you feel. i have so many allergies that i dont even know what im reacting to. ill be at work and all of a sudden my arms are red and itchy and i was littraly just standing in one spot touching nothing and greating guests

  18. Most of my allergies are airborn, like pollen, dust, molds, perfumes… mystery allergic reactions are very frequent, although thankfully mine aren't dangerous, just annoying.

  19. OMG! I'm sitting here watching this while I have hives under my chin, and lots of itching everywhere from MCAS. My jaw, hips, and knees have been extra loose as well. Benadryl isn't cutting it for me this evening, but I'm so glad it helped you. I hope you are feeling much much better today.
    I'm looking forward to hearing if your "wheelchair guy" was able to answer your questions today.

  20. I like your hat yes yes my son and i are heat sensitive also.do you have the recipe for the rew food diet. I hva e gone on her channel. As we have 10 dog and 15 cats. And 50 + chickens

  21. So what have you all learned from feeding your dogs a better diet for your?selves that you could share with us as a good tip? So glad your benedryl worked and you saw family and friends.

  22. I get random super itchy bumps on my face, usually around my neck and chin. And I have no idea why, the bumps appear randomly then go away. Anyone else have anything like that happen to them?

  23. What kind of dish do you feed Harlow in? Does it serve a certain purpose? My dogs don’t eat raw but it’s very interesting!

  24. Thank god for benedryl lol! Im allergic to a bunch of food and the one i always run into is coconut allergy. If i eat it my throat closes and i break out and benedryl is the only thing that helps

  25. I love watching Harlow and Orion play. Question, is that a pulse oxemeter that janiece carries around her neck? I also love Paul and Judd’s bro love!

  26. I’m allergic to grass, wood paneling like in houses and when we were looking for a place to live I was in hives even though we told the realtor I was allergic she kept taking us into houses with wood paneling. I love your headband.

  27. I have allergies to dogs mole and any kind of animal it’s sad to have them but I love dogs I take a allergy pill everyday cause if I don’t take on I might start sneezing and coughing I know the feeling and your hat is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. i was watching one of your vlogs a few days ago thinking how awesome it is that you haven't had an angioedema attack!! i'm sorry for this minor setback, but i'm so happy you've been doing so well in that aspect. 💕

  29. Glad the IV Benadryl helped, and you had a nice weekend. I have around 10 diagnosed allergies, plus eczema and asthma. My doctor is looking into mast cell at the moment due to my strange reactions. I react badly to perfumes now and random triggers. Thank goodness for antihistamines, inhalers and vog masks. You could have been reacting to another persons' perfume, the cleaner used on tables, the scent of somebody's food, etc. It is a real pain in the ass. Love you guys

  30. i too have an invisible illness, i have absence seizures. I was diagnosed at the age of but have been seizure free since the age of thirteen and so was taken of meds which caused massive weight gain a hand tremor and memory loss. The point is meds are good up until a point an then it becomes a pill no pun intended. After my father died, it seems I have had a relapse if that is possible. i still have my absence seizure but it is not enough to put me on meds . my triggers are flashing lights, specifically the transition from the out doors to inside a classroom getting too hot and recently sleep deprivation.
    Up-date this morning 10/16/17 i had a driving lesson and had my usual 10 seizures in the drivers seat. i take omega 3 cod liver oil liquid form as i can not swallow pills. so i was irritable ( also helps decrease the too -small -to -medicate -seizures) i think i said that my seizures came back i wanted to clarify the EEG showed misfiring not seizure activity per say.

  31. I definitely can relate to having random allergy happenings. After having mono, I get random bouts of hives (and other odd symptoms), sometimes if I've touched something or not. Not really sure what it is or what caused it but I take Benadryl with me everywhere. I actually had a situation today (well, yesterday 10/30) where I realized I think I might be allergic to pumpkins. Got through one carving, not really touching the fruit much and then was cleaning out a second and my arm was swelling (thankfully benadryl helped). Think next year I'm going to try one of those carvable foam ones.

  32. It's really weird that as soon as you had the allergic reaction in the video, I had a slight allergic reaction to something I took or ate (I have no idea what I'm allergic too, don't really know how to find that out other than testing it out) but I'm glad the Benadryl helped! I was so worried when I saw the title that it was going to maybe be the Angioedema again, but I'm glad it wasn't!

  33. Love your headband. I am going to start my dog on raw. She is 12 years old and I am taking the advice from Janiece to go slowly. I hope she likes it. She is a very picky girl. The dogs getting in and out of the car was hilarious lol. I had to watch it a couple of times I was laughing so hard.
    I get worried when you have a reaction, so glad it subsided.

  34. Does pre-mix Benadryl not burn? Sometimes I end up in the ER and they don't dilute the Benadryl and it's like fire up my arm.

  35. I hate having random allergic reactions. I am highly allergic to lavender, so any contact sends me into an itchy mess. It's amazing how many things contain lavender, especially lotions and soaps.

  36. Have you ever looked into adding moringa leaves into Harlow's raw diet? Moringa is so super healthy and high in vitamins. Easily broken down for dogs because it's basically crushed leaves. Look into it. It's very healthy

  37. I love the bromance and how the pups just want to be together. I know when I get extra tired, I get contact dermatitis from dust or anything. Not to the point you do with the Benadryl push but I have Benadryl cream in my purse for that reason. Glad you are getting rest and I love that you share your story.

  38. Make sure to use ground flax seeds, otherwise the body can't absorb the nutrients and benefits of the seeds since their shell is so hard 🙂

  39. Flax seed must be ground into at least a coarse meal- no critter, including people can get the benefits of it otherwise- its hull is too tough for our digestive systems to get the oils,etc., inside the seeds. Only grind what you need at a time as it easily can go rancid- there are hand twist grinders or some heavy duty blenders/cusinart-style machines can do the job. My twist grinder stays in the frig, full of seeds and I can just grind right into my food whenever, like a big pepper mill. If you take this daily, then limit the amount – more is not better!

  40. I am from upper Wisconsin and I couldn't help but laugh when you showed your cold weather outfit for the upper 60's 😂 Thats hot!

  41. I have hereditary angiodema and it sucks big time! But my main triggers are a bad sleep schedule or if I physically exhaust myself

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