Allergy Menus, Tips, and How to’s at the Walt Disney World Resort!

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Allergies are very important and at Walt Disney World They go to the next level to make sure that you feel safe and that you have no worries while you’re on your trip So today I’m gonna be going over everything allergy related at Walt Disney World. So let’s get started So I have a peanut and tree nut allergy and within the past year I have been to both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida And I always ask for allergy menus and special things just to make sure that I’m safe to eat all of the amazing Disney foods I Enjoy a lot of the Disney foods and that is for sure one place that I can travel to and feel the most safe The most comfortable and there’s still a lot of fun stuff for me to try and eat throughout the park So if you have allergies from the low to the extreme Walt Disney World makes you feel really really safe about it So today I’m gonna go over all of the little things You need to know if you have an allergy and are going to Walt Disney World for maybe the first time if you’re going for The first time I do have some other tip and trick videos. I’ll have those I’ll link down below along with all of my vlogs if you guys like to see some of the foods that I ate and where I got them but I am gonna go over that in some of this video as well So make sure you stay tuned and subscribe for more Walt Disney World videos. Let’s get into it So let’s start off with the most basic thing snacks at both Walt Disney, World and Disneyland You are allowed to take snacks into the park. I haven’t done that in years But whenever I was younger had the allergy I was kind of nervous about it. It’s picky eater all of that sort of stuff So if you’re going to anger kids with allergies you can take in Snacks and it is cheaper that way too if you sneak some snacks in that, you know You’re allowed to have so that’s definitely something I would do if it’s your first time or you’re a little bit picky about stuff They do sell snacks at the park and you can read the labels on the back of all the snacks Packages to see what you are allowed to have Disney also has this special brand that is very allergy friendly and it looks something like this They have kind of some trail mixes some chips pretzels kind of basic snack items that you would find a lot of that brand is safe but a lot of the desserts and Items and the bakeries are not they cannot guarantee cross-contamination and things like that So definitely if you’re picking up a snack from your resort or something just check the label next heading into quick service Locations. These are located all around Walt Disney resorts and theme parks and you know And it is always nice just to walk up to a stand or a little booth and just get a nice little quick Bite to eat. I still am kind of picky. So I Really only have like hotdogs chicken corn dogs, like basic things Well, I’m there, but they do have a lot of adventurous foods at the parks as well so once you go up to a quick service location You can just ask to see the binder or if you go to a food cart You can ask for an allergy binder and I’m gonna insert some clips now from well I was at Walt Disney World, but this just kind of shows you what they look like They’re these binders that have the lists of all of the ingredients for all of the items that they serve at that cart or at That stand and it is super nice to be able to read the ingredients from all the different foods like for the pretzels I have the Mickey donut at Magic Kingdom and I was able to see the ingredients for the icing for the doughnut itself and they were able to Guarantee, there was no cross-contamination in the whole area So depending on your allergy that can be more that can be like adapted for you which is really nice and it makes you feel really Good as well knowing that it’s safe you’ve seen all the ingredients and you can even see that some of the other stuff at the cart or at the stand they Do not have it and having a nut allergy a lot of the stands that I’ve gone to they’ve just straight-up said we don’t have Nuts or anything here, but they still show you the binder anyway So it is super nice that they do that and they have all the information for you and it just makes you feel really special Here at the electric umbrella in Epcot The hole in sign is all peanut and tree nut free and I was able to get chicken and fruit here Great over Everest to the right. They have this really cool truck. That’s all painted. Really cool They have soft-serve ice cream here and is allergy friendly you just asked to look at a allergy menu in Japan Now heading into table service or sit-down locations These are a great way to kind of take a break from the park relax and eat a nicer bigger meal So I have so many sit down and quick service locations that I would highly recommend That I have eaten at before and I have enjoyed and found something I’ve liked there so I’ll have those all listed down below in The description as some of my recommendations for you if it is your first time traveling to Walt Disney World and Are wanting to make sure that there is for sure a good allergy option for you But we’re gonna take a look at the Disney parks app here in a minute so I can show you guys some of the ways You can look for that kind of stuff but for itable service restaurant when you book your reservation You can actually select that your guest has an allergy or when you make an account You can actually say that you have an allergy under your profile. So my profile actually I put in peanut and tree nut allergy So whenever we booked a reservation at a table service, they can already see that Someone in your group has an allergy with super-nice because that just takes that one Worried a way of remembering to tell them whenever you book So once you get up to the check-in type area You can always remind them that you need an allergy menu and they won’t take that to your table as well So here’s a quick look at the allergy menu at Toni’s in Magic Kingdom. That’s a really nice restaurant That’s one of the very few sit-down restaurants at Magic Kingdom, and I’ve eaten there many many times So they do have a very nice allergy menu and whenever your host or hostess Comes over to you to get you started for your meal They will ask you if you have any questions about the allergy menu And if you would like to speak to the chef or if you feel comfortable just going off the allergy menu So that always makes you feel good as well. So going in for example to the Walt Disney World app You can also mobile order which is super nice from any of the quick service locations Which I have really enjoyed doing especially at Disneyland. So we’re gonna take a quick look at that So you guys can see what that looks like So you’re gonna go to order food, so we’re just gonna go down to one of my other favorite quick service restaurants My craze is super nice and on here. Just kind of shows you some of the items on here But if I click order food, so right here at the top of the screen There’s actually an allergy friendly selection and then that will take you right to whatever allergy you have Which is super nice and even shows you how many items are available so before even going all the way across the park wondering if a stand has something you would like and that you are able to have Definitely go on the up and take a look and it is super nice that they do that as well So if I select my allergy here, it goes through everything that I could have at this restaurant So super helpful Very very nice and I can also mobile order that so I can order that on my phone and then go pick it up On the other side of the park. So that is really really helpful and I’m super glad they started doing that So then if you’re waiting in line and you’re getting close to the end You can always order something and then pick it up when you’re done so that just avoids another line that you have to wait in while you’re at the park and then whenever you get your meal once Ordering from an allergy menu or from this allergy selection here on the app for like good safety muscle time they actually bring mine out on a separate tray, which is crazy and They actually have like a special like allergy like sign in it, too so like The other workers know that like it doesn’t need to touch anything and a lot of the time they actually have like a special person Making allergy friendly things or like a like the chef will make that item personally So, you know for sure that it is safe and they try to avoid all that Cross-contamination, so I hope this allergy video helped some of you guys out If you have any questions, please leave them down below in the comments I’d love to answer them for you guys as this is something that I always worry about when traveling somewhere and Disney World for sure Makes it very safe and worryfree So again, if you guys have any questions, please leave them down below and I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible again, make sure you guys check out my other Walt Disney World and Disneyland videos all linked down below and I hope you guys have A wonderful day and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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