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By Adem Lewis / in , , , , , / Today is the first day of spring, and one of the things about yoga that makes it so interesting is that yoga is about being in harmony with the seasons. So our physical body of course is nature. We typically think of nature as trees and that which is out there. Yoga says your physical body and your mental body, your entire being is a function of nature. So yoga attempts to give each person a practice that will allow that person to resonate with their natural radiance. Ok, so being the first day of spring yoga says, ok, what does spring look like in our own body? So I walked in the studio today, couple of folks said things are popping, everything is budding, my sinuses are stuffed up, the allergies are hitting. So right off the bat there are some great things we can do just sort of getting the body open and ready for spring. Spring is a beautiful time, there’s a lot more energy available, so people find a lot more creative energy. They’re running around doing things, but as things pop, the pollens are in the air, we need to keep our channels open. So i’m gonna show a couple really simple yoga techniques.
Will this help folks with allergies?
Absolutely. Here’s a couple of really simple techniques for allergies. So every morning when you wake up, you go to the bathroom wash your face, brush your teeth, just throw this into the mix. Just about 10 times, stick your thumb right in the base of your nose, rub up kind of firm, rub up to about the middle of your forehead. just about 10-15 times. All the way up? Yep, all the the way up. Do that about 10 or 15 times. Then you’re gonna bring your fingers right to the corners of your nose. You’re gonna press in, rub out, about 10 or 15 times. I have to do that before my make-up, cause i want my make-up on. I’ll let you do that.
So it’s best first thing in the morning and that what this is gonna do is that this is gonna open up the sinus cavity, but it also stimulates the nerve plexuses here, it’s gonna help balance out the endocrine system. So this helps the body basically change with the season. Instead of being in dis-harmony with the season, the body harmonizes with the season. So you do that every morning, not just in spring. No, I do it every morning. In the spring it’s the most important, just because there’s a lot more stuff in the air, you wanna keep especially these passages open. There’s a whole other set to do. We do stuff with the abdomen, perhaps we can do a whole show on that, but for the spring these two just takes a couple minutes. And the other things that’s really nice to do that we do in yoga is we actually massage the teeth, instead of brushing them first thing in the morning. Your tooth brush is used to get the food particles out of your mouth. Sure. And first thing in the morning, you haven’t eaten, there’s no food particles. You want to freshen the mouth. In yoga they’ve been doing this for thousands of years. Anciently they used neem leaves, crushed up neem leaves, which you can find in some natural tooth paste, but any tooth paste will do. Preferably organic, natural toothpaste. Massage each tooth all the way to the root of the tooth to the gum, massage each tooth in your mouth and then massage your tong and just massage around inside of your mouth. What that will do is that it will help of course clear the mouth, but you’ve got nerves attaching to each of your teeth and you’ve got acupuncture meridians, so this helps to keep the whole head clear. Does that kind of clear your head? That clears, that sort of pre-clears you for the day. So you find if you’ve got allergies, they just won’t be as bad. If you do it for a week or so, I’ve got a lot of students that their allergies just don’t attack them anymore. Really? Yeah. That’s interesting. And a lot of students get off their medications. Which is great news for people. And it’s free, there’s no side effects.

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  1. Yeah but you have allergies because you did something wrong and your system is congested/clogged.
    Soy is the biggest congestor, then milk, all cooked oils/fats also congest (liver, sinuses, etc). Think of "throat clearer" person that is the inidcator when anything is congesting (aka your body doesn't want it). The throat clearer is always attempting to hack up poor quality fats and oils that have congested his throat (the first sign).
    Milk congests and restricts respiratory (nasal/lung) passageways and is the cause of snoring.
    Flax will only "Work" for a while, you gotta switch to NON-CONGESTING raw fats and oils (instead of cooked fats and oils which congest, constrict, block, accumulate).

  2. Hi I have bad  allergies in my both eyes for last 15 year  I want to get ride to it 
    I have tried  all the treatment that I could  Please  help me to remove it from my life ( I am form India )

  3. Respected Sir,
    I'm suffering from Blooming Allergy.
    Suffering a lot with Runny nose, Sneezing, Watery eyes, Nasal congestion, Itchy throat, Cough, Sore throat.
    Please give some remedy advice.

  4. hi dear i was wondering if you could help me?
    i work as a beautytherapiest and i been doing this job for 10 years and recently i started geting itchy rush all over my hands when i use nail polish

  5. hi dear i was wondering if you could help me?
    i work as a beautytherapiest and i been doing this job for 10 years and recently i started geting itchy rush all over my hands when i use nail polish.
    could you pls give me some advice
    Thank You

  6. hi dear i was wondering if you could help me?
    i work as a beautytherapiest and i been doing this job for 10 years and recently i started geting itchy rush all over my hands when i use nail polish.
    could you pls give me some advice
    Thank You

  7. I exercise in the morning and stretch in the morning and it has helped with my allergies, specifically with my sinuses. I am going to try this, I'm optimistic, I hope it helps even further. Thank you.

  8. Hi sir i have sinus for 10 years now i have used alot of mediation but nun of them worked can you please give me some tips

  9. sir its been 3 years i have soar throat problem … doctors called it some kind of throat allergy… is there any way to get rid of it…..

  10. my 6 year old daughter has allergic rhinitis it comes like a nightmare n gives her cough flareups. pls help.she is already on asthma mefication

  11. I have suffered allergic for many years and still could not fine solution after taking so many medications, still having runny nose, sneezing as well as cold. please help.

  12. have nose allergy ….i had been under medication for 4mnths and i was completely fine for more than a year…. recently, it comes back…. i'll start doing this & see if it works for me……

  13. I will try to do this every morning .hope it helps I'm really tired of getting sick elergy all the time . Thanks

  14. Hello . I get severe allergies with almost anything . And when I get these allergies, I get edema. So I just swells. My face and my whole body swells. Will this help for my allergies. Can you suggest something that will really help. Thanks.

  15. I have a very strong dust allergy… specially bed dust or u can say room dust… I usually start sneezing all the early mornings…. is it help me to prevent this?

  16. Has anyone tried Sinuzolax Miracle? (search on google) I have heard numerous amazing things about this popular sinusitis home remedy.

  17. This is crazy, I had just been scratching my eyes and tried this and it definitely alleviated the itchiness.. I also did it mid afternoon but will now do every morning, THANKYOU!

  18. Thank you so much for this amazing treatment it actually works very fast I am suffering from sinuses from 5 years i didn't find any permanent solution but actually it works thank you

  19. if I was having an allergic reaction and I wastd 3 mins watching this video id be dead before I realised you were chatting bare

  20. I tried this during mmy morning routine. I actually slipped while holding my toothbrush and half of it ended up in my dung bunker (unsubscribed)

  21. Sir i have suffering from cough since 4 yrs i m doing treatment by homeopathy treatment but it get relieve but again it come either i have cough either running nose or throut sewelling n since childhood i have allergy problem pls help me out i m too fed up from all this pls help me

  22. Try sinubalm if you have a nasal allergy. It is a natural nasal barrier and helped reduce my allergiies caused by pollen and mould and even stopped my watering eyes and scratchy throat. How it did that I don't know. Now I don't dread summer. Heaven sent 🙂 Also check out natural anti-histamines

  23. Mannn you the BIG HOMIE now this really worked 😭😭 I was literally dying before I seen this video 🤧 thank you !!

  24. I just did the motions with the knuckle of my index about 3 times at each point on my face as he said to do. I will say, I had no idea my sinuses were not open lol. I feel an great difference, as my sinuses feel open now. This is amazing!

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