Allergy Relief Tea – Honeysuckle

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When you suffer from seasonal allergies like
me finding relief can seem so out of reach. I’ve tried allergy medicines in the past
but they were so strong that they’ed knock out the rest of the day. Not good when I’m
juggling so many things at work. So after searching around I found a natural allergy
tea remedy that’s been helpful for me and I hope it will help you too! But before we start be sure to follow my Instagram
at Honeysucklecatering and snapchat at HoneysuckleBee to find more daily recipes! Now I have a variety
of tea leaves that I’m going to combine. All of these teas can be found separately
at the special tea store like David’s Tea, Teavana, or any health food stores.
Rooibos is a native South African plant. It’s name “rooibos” means “red bush” and describes
the leaves and teas made from it. This tea is traditionally used to treat allergies,
asthma and skin ailments. Its high flavonoid content makes rooibos an antioxidant powerhouse
and immune system stimulant. Next we have some dried Nettle. Nettle is
a very potent herb with many uses. It is a natural antihistamine that’s very effective
in relieving symptoms like itching, watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. Next we have some Peppermint. Peppermint is
another popular herb that helps to open up airways and relieve headaches. And now some Lavender buds. Lavender is calming,
cleansing, and anti-inflammatory. It also has antiseptic properties that helps cure
sinus infections. I’ll put them in an airtight tin and shake
to evenly distribute the teas. Now to prepare my allergy fighting tea: I
have a lemon and I’ll just shave off 2 pieces of its peel. The oil from the lemon peel brightens
the tea and it helps to thin mucous which relieves congestion. Be sure to use organic
lemons though! Next I’ll add in 1 tbsp of my tea mixture to my tea strainer. Then I’ll
pop that into my teapot. Do you guys like my teapot? I painted it myself at those pottery
stores. Isn’t it pretty? I’ll boil some water then pour it into my
teapot. I like to drink at least 32 oz of this tea a day to make it completely effective.
The tea is pretty tasty too! There’s an herbal floral note and the lemon peel really ties
it together. Let me know if this allergy tea remedy works
for you. I know it won’t be a complete cure but it will relieve any miserable symptoms
you have during this pollen-filled season. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next
time. Bye! If you’re feeling sick be sure to check out
my cold remedy tea and if you’re having trouble sleeping, check out my sleeping tea

27 thoughts on “Allergy Relief Tea – Honeysuckle

  1. i think adding a little manuka honey will also sweeten the tea and help with allergies. I usually mix a spoon of honey with some warm water and i usually drink this when my skin allergies go crazy or when i have a sore throat!

  2. Ahh thank you! I've become allergic to cats since 6 years ago but I have had my cat cat for 11 years so I take an anti- histamine everyday! I need to try this ASAP! x

  3. Just what I need!! Thank you!! Btw I've always wondered, what is that cute little raccoon by your cute pink toaster? Thanks! 😊

  4. I am definitely going to try this….suffering from sinus infections 😩 by the way I do love your tea pot you made 👍

  5. There's quite a few of these ingredients that I grow in my back yard, I'm going to try this, thank you!

  6. Roobio, Roobio, ROO BEE OHHHHHHH! That was cute, and the tea will be a good test once I get back from the market today, hopefully it helps with cat allergies, too!

  7. I'm having trouble finding all these ingredients. Tried Teavana but they didn't carry them. Can you maybe give links to where we can find all these teas?

  8. I have terrible allergies year round. What has worked best for me is taking Loratadine (Claritin-like) daily. When I know allergies are really bad, I go heavy on the neti pot (1/2 tsp natural sea salt mixed with about 1 1/2 cups of warm water and flush my nasal passages). When my sinuses are really bad, I use my neti pot more than once a day. One year, my allergies were so bad, I had to flush about 4-6 times a day for a month and a half. But that was because I let things go so long and my nasal passages were majorly clogged up. Now, it's just taking my Loratadine daily and flush once or twice a day when allergies are bad. When allergies are not that bad, I may not flush or flush once a week. Works great for me.

  9. Thank you so much so many much for this tea. All of my family is allergic and it's helping us like nothing else so thanks from all of us.

  10. Hi~ I love your video 😍 I have an allergic and i want that tea. but the ingredrients its so hard to find in my country 😢

  11. when you make the tea do you use just the honeysuckle flowers or do you use the leaves also. I have a honeysuckle vine.

  12. Thanks for the idea. I have awful allergies, but there's no such thing as a season for them here in Louisiana. There's always something blooming here. 🙁

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