Allergy Season In Full Bloom

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If you suffer with seasonal allergies, the
beauty of spring can be blurred by all of the blowing, sneezing and stuffy noses. But
you don’t have to suffer. There are ways to control your allergy symptoms. With just a
little know-how and a proactive approach, you can stifle the sneezes. Ahhhh Spring! Birds chirping… bright sunshine…
green grass, spring flowers, and….. sneezes, sniffles, and dare I say it? snots. “Watery eyes. Terrible – so my make-up will
just be running and then my sinuses are really bad too. I get a lot of pain, a lot of swelling.” “For the first time I bought medicine specific
for allergies.” Emergency room physician, Dr. Ross Tobleman,
says he’s seeing his fair share of people suffering.. “Even though it’s a beautiful time of
year and people are enjoying the weather, it’s also a really bad time of the year
for allergy sufferers.” Dr. Tobleman says it’s important that you
don’t wait until your symptoms are unbearable before getting help. “Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
If you know that you’re an allergy sufferer and you know that there’s typical times
of year that you know you’re going to have a hard time, then make sure that you are taking
your medicine before the season starts.” You should take antihistamines a few weeks
or even months before you feel your symptoms, arming yourself before the tress unleash their
pollen. Waiting can mean more discomfort, and a heavier duty medicine. Here’s why: “On a flower-filled, beautiful spring day
when you have an allergic reaction, your body is producing a substance called immunoglobulin
– an antibody specifically associated with a particular allergen. This causes the mast
cells in your body to release chemicals, such as histamines, that cause all those unpleasant
side effects.” The histamines cause cells to swell and become
inflamed. Antihistamine drugs work by blocking the histamine from affecting these cells..
if you wait, your body is mobilized for the fight.. and if all else fails: “Then see an allergist because they can test
you for the specific things that you are allergic to and if deemed warranted, they can get you
allergy shots which are the gold standard for allergy treatment and prevention Obviously, try to limit your time outdoors.
Don’t mow and rake leaves if possible, since this also stirs up the pollen. And wash your
hair at night before you go to bed and wash those sheets too.

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