Allergy Shot –  Near Death Experience  – Yvonne’s Story

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My allergist was out of town and my former husband said that he could give me my shot. He did, and instead of doing it subcutaneously he actually ruptured a blood vessel and within two minutes I closed my eyes and remember nothing until I opened my eyes in the hospital. With my eyes closed a lot happened um.. at one point I was watching myself from which appeared to be more than above the ceiling it felt like I was through the ceiling but looking through the ceiling and unusual perspective and looking at myself wondering why the nurses and doctors
were doing what they were doing to me but also feeling very calm and very peaceful and not feeling frightened and being somewhat detached yet connected. There was a
specialist there who came into the room and immediately put a shot into the arm where I had had my shot and a shot into my heart and I remembered feeling things physically happening . . them tearing my clothes off and moving me and them becoming absolutely separate from that and I don’t think I even felt scared there was a place of just not being present from myself at all just being absolutely detached then my feeling as I was looking at myself and everything that was happening was probably the most relaxed, gentle, sublime. peaceful feeling I had ever had in this life and again I don’t know that there are words to totally explain that um.. After I went through looking at them doing this to me I realized that I was in no pain and I remembered before I became unconscious I was in a lot of pain I was gasping her breath and I was these muscles here were hurting a lot because I was really rasping and this was very sore before I became unconscious and in fact at one point I know that I had I’m not sure if it’s died or weather I passed into a place of close to death but I did hear the physician saying and he was holding two circular discs in his hand and was about to place them on my body and it was just seconds after being given
another shot and he said “clear!” and all of a sudden I heard this machine going ( beep ) and he said ” We don’t need to do it we got her! we’ve got her” Then all of a sudden they calm down and the next feeling from myself was rushing in a tunnel, a black tunnel I was coming in through this tunnel and there was lot’s of lights all around me and it started off at a fast pace but by the time I got to the end of the tunnel it was going so quickly that I felt uncomfortable and I felt
like I fudied back onto the bed but my body
actually bumped back into the hospital bed not the
hospital bed but where I was laying and the progression of the pain started to come back as I was progressing down the tunnel and I know that at one point I saw a doctor working at pressing on my heart and my chest was hurting so much because they had really pulled and pushed and had to do everything that they needed to do and I felt exhausted by the whole episode and yet scared to even say that this had happened because I was still thinking did this happen? Was I seeing myself? and the first time I really opened my eyes I looked into the eyes of the doctor and he looked very upset and said “What happened?” and I knew the question was not about what had happened to get me to hospital but I felt that there was some unspoken things happening and I said I was watching myself from the ceiling. He said “I know I lost you” and then we never talked about it again but I feel like I had an opportunity to
really look at myself and say “What do I do now?” I still have to work with it day in and day out and that’s something that’s just a part of who I am as a person um.. When we are born we come into this world innocent and can take away so much so why at the end do we not come in and say this is an opportunity It just feels so clear to me. Death is I don’t feel is something to be afraid of I think to me I would be more afraid of not dealing with my children or my husband or my siblings and helping them even with this..yeah I’m dying but let’s not just sit here let’s go and do some things together let’s go out and yeah I’m gonna miss you but. I just feel like you can grab hold of so much at that time and that is clearly how we come to our life before we know we’re dying. Why does it have to wait till then? There are questions that I’ve asked myself and I just don’t feel that there are answers that I can give myself other than there was an unbelievable calmness that came out of it for myself and that has gone through my life since then in may different ways. Even in how I thought about my mothers death. My mother committed suicide and I had a lot of issues that had been unfinished but my experience then made me feel that I could look at her death in a different way but it was.. I think I became more understand of it that there is a plan and that were all apart of a plan and that death doesn’t need to be an end and that death could be a real… If we know that we’re dying that there could be a lot of preparation done for that a lot of talking with people, a lot of safety and a lot of specialness that could happen at that time. I mean I came back knowing that I had a lot of unfinished business a lot of unfinished business and that at anytime I could leave and it was my choice to do something about that unfinished business and I tried to do that as much as I can A direct result of that incident is I ended up divorcing my husband it became very clear that that was not where I needed to be I was not happy it wasn’t a relationship and I went out on a limb on a lot of different.. The choices that I made were very unusual for what I perceived as my personality I wasn’t a risk taker I don’t think I’m a real risk taker but even now that I think that I made choices as a result of that realizing that we can’t just…take every day that we have here for granted we could leave at any minute and I’ve done a lot of reading and a lot of work with different peoples who have who think similarly and I didn’t know that there was another environment of people out there who really talked about this in a different way. It opened my mind I’ve since found some very special people who’ve also been concerned about talking about issues like this because it’s not really the accepted norm but it feels so right when I talk about it and there’s something that’s just goes through my whole body that there’s no logic it just feels right! I worked as a volunteer in an emergency room in a local hospital and I had seen some people near death and I have heard doctors and nurses saying they are discombobulated, they don’t know where they are but those people are actually talking with people and they’re talking with parent’s and they may be in their 60’s or
70’s and they’re talking as if they were grasped in life but.. I don’t think they have I think they’re meeting somebody. I think there’s a transitional place I remember one night there was one man who did die and he told me that he met his sister and instead of me just patting his hand I asked “What was she saying?” He told me and it was if he came out of where he was and looked at me like “oh thank god somebodies listening to me!” and um…… There’s more to this than I know but instinctively I know that there is much more.

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  1. I agree…. definitely needs closed captioning inserted by a human. Auto CC isn't really working either.

  2. correction… the auto CC seems to be doing better today. Perhaps it was reviewed and corrected by someone. I can follow the CC easier. Seems correct for the most part.

  3. I think this is because we had take some loud buzzing out of the footage. It sounds fine with headphones but tougher to hear on speakers. I will make sure to test the audio a bit more next time. Thanks for letting us know! 🙂

  4. We as human beings have been indoctrinated from birth to be constantly occupied with activities that constantly distract us from who we really are. Our true spiritual nature has been hidden from us under the fabric of entertainment, etc. Many people learn this after having an NDE. The key is to realize your role in this life and complete the experience to your satisfaction before you vacate this Earthly existence.

  5. There was a video of this lady talking deeper about her experience, it was recorded on an hospital, it was like 30-40 minutes long, but don't know why the user deleted the video. It's a pity. She talked about spiritual family and more.

  6. The words I used to describe my out of body experience are the most often words used in both out of body experiences and NDES. The words are LIGHT,PEACE,LOVE and as I have said in describing my out of body experience is "there are no
    words that can really clearly explaiined the experiences. I had mine in 1972. I can say with absolute certainty in my heart and mind and soul "death is nothing to fear. The fear is what one  sometimes goes through before death itself.

  7. She said, we come into this world so innocent… have you looked at the eyes of a newborn? Or a baby, a toddler? That is who we are at arrival and at departure. What happens on earth stays on earth…

  8. Divorcing her husband???
    Sounds like she hasn't learned a thing
    Selfishness is what she's learned
    Divorcing your husband at this age is nothing but selfishness
    She rambles on like she's an airhead

  9. We are spiritual beings and we are inside a physical body. When the physical dies then we are released into eternity with the creator or the king of horrors. The deliever gave HIS physical body to suffer and die so we can escape the pit thru the shed blood. HIS blood never mixed with Mary ( her name was Miriam just like His was not Jesus but YaHUSHuAH ). Repentance for breaking HIS commands bring restoration and eternal life to those who "believe" in HIM the word believe comes with the action of obedience to HIS commandments.

  10. I like when she explains what the patients experienced while she was a nurse. So glad to hear this great news.

  11. The real NDE are really calm when they talk arent they? Its like the peacefulness and love come back with them and its proven on how they speak and act, how calm there voicees are when they talk to the interviewer, all those who have died and come back are so calm, everysingle neardeath experiencer has this new attribute about them, thats how powerful the Realm theyve seen is. I bet profilers dont watch these cause theyll know that theres something beyond us, because these ppl ARE NOT LYING…

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