ALLERGY Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

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Allergy allergies are your body’s
reaction to a substance it views as a harmful invader for example coming into
contact with what is normally a harmless substance such as pollen might cause the
immune system the body’s defense system to react substances that cause these
reactions are called allergens an allergic reaction is the way the body
responds to the allergen a chain of events occur that result in an allergic
reaction the first time an allergy prone person is exposed to a specific allergen
such as pollen the body responds by producing allergic by antibodies the job
of these antibodies is to find molecules of the offending substance in the
bloodstream and tissues and to usher them to the body’s mast cells a type of
white blood cell for destruction as the mast cells destroy the allergens a
chemical called histamine is released into the bloodstream a large amount of
histamine swells body tissues inflammation causes itching enlarges
blood vessels increases secretions and causes bronchospasm tightening of
muscles that surround the airways symptoms allergy symptoms can be
classified as mild moderate or severe mild reactions include local symptoms
affecting a specific area of the body such as a rash or hives itchiness watery
red eyes hay fever and runny nose mild reactions do not spread to other parts
of the body moderate reactions include symptoms that
spread to other parts of the body symptoms may include actionless hives
and/or swelling and trouble breathing a severe allergic reaction known as
anaphylaxis is a rare life-threatening emergency in which the body’s response
to the allergen is sudden and it’s the whole body anaphylaxis may
begin with severe itching of the eyes or face within minutes more serious
symptoms appear including throat swelling which could cause problems with
swallowing and breathing abdominal pain cramps vomiting diarrhea hives and
swelling angioedema the person may also have mental confusion or dizziness
since anaphylaxis may cause a drop in blood pressure treatments
although avoiding the allergen is an important treatment approach it usually
does not completely end the allergic reaction medications such as anti
histamines decongestants or a combination of over-the-counter and
prescription medications are used to treat allergy symptoms nasal sprays such
as topical nasal steroids tromelin sodium and topical nasal antihistamines
also can be used to treat allergy symptoms asthma medications which reduce
allergy symptoms include inhaled bronchodilators and hailed steroids oral
bronchodilators theophylline or olanta luka trance Zafer luk a stanza flow
injected medications including an antibody such as Omar Liza mAb
immunotherapy allergy shot therapy or allergy oral immunotherapy is
recommended for symptoms that are not adequately controlled with a combination
of avoidance measures and regular medication use this shot has been shown
to be effective in properly selected patients with allergic rhinitis and/or
allergic asthma another treatment option is say line irrigation using a sinus
rinse kit these rinse kits are sold over-the-counter or can be made at home
to make your own rinse combine 1/2 teaspoon non iodine ated salt with 1/2
teaspoon baking soda in 8 ounces of distilled or boiled water
this mixture rinses out allergens and decreases the amount of inflammation
edema they cause every individual needs unique treatment and
we encourage people with allergy and their families to learn as much as
possible about the latest medical treatment and approaches as well as
healthy lifestyle choices please subscribe and comment if you have any
latest medical treatment for this illness stay strong
live long thank you

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