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thanks for that and keep your comments at home coming as well please hay fever beautiful weather at the
weekend I know for a lot of people going outside get’s absolutely ruined in the summer by the dreaded hay fever
and apparently there is an epidemic from pages express today ‘Hay fever Hell’ it says As Britain hots up soaring pollen count is gonna get worse apparently and er double the amount of people now seeking help from their GP’s fortunately I’m very pleased to say that I’m not a sufferer but my son is and in fact I’ve kept him off school today it’s so bad and he’s really bunged up and headachey and hot and awful are you sufferer? I’m not but Jake is my son terrible I mean dreads like dreads the summer every year because it totally effects his life for weeks and weeks and exam time is a nightmare isn’t it? well it was when he was doing – it was awful when he was doing his exams actually but also he’s tried absolutely everything you can possibly
try um off the shelves and all that and just
nothing I know you suffered when you were young do you still get it? No I still get it now although I would say it’s probably slightly better as I’ve
gotten older but I think at the age of 4 I developed it and you mention exams it’s just hideous for hay fever sufferers and I remember being put into a different room to do my maths O level that’s why I did so badly that’s what I told my mother anyway cause I was just sneezing (makes sneezing noises) so I was distracting everybody so I got moved into a different room but it is hideous and particularly as a girl you can’t wear make-up you know when you’re a teenager
because your face just streams everything just rolls down and I remember years and years ago sci-fi program or science program called
tomorrow’s world and there did a kind of er they said oh you know cure for hay fever and I was so excited! I said to my mum oh my God they’ve found a cure for hay fever well this thing honestly it was the I
think we’ve got a clip from erm it was on TV AM as well look (audience laughs) literally this is TV like a goldfish bowl with like hoover attachment at the back of it mind you if you were desperate you’d probably just be happy to wear it if it worked I’d rather have make up all down my face than have to walk round with that Do you get it Claire? I do get it and it’s always been relatively mild but we moved house last july and the shock come April when all the tree pollen was out I couldn’t even leave the house I looked – my face swelled up so much you know that film the goonies? the character in goonies that’s what I looked like my eyes were all kind of popping out swollen and just awful so I’d lived in the same place for thirty five years and moving somewhere
completely different it totally threw me it was so so bad It’s very debilitating actually – Yes and it’s almost like because we’ve had sort of quite weird weather this year suddenly you get people who have never suffered before going ohh I’m feeling a bit hay fevery and I think it brings in a new kind of pollen or something the weird symptoms I think that you would probably wouldn’t associate necessarily with even the insides of my ear itch and I’m sure that’s all hay fever as well have you been washing your ears Claire? (laughter) not as well as I should people love to tell you about remedies don’t they? and I’m always interested to hear hear um Emma on Facebook I have heard this one Emma she said eating local honey is meant to work but when she’s says local
it has to be within a five mile radius see I’ve told three miles Oh you’ve told three miles have you tried that? no i can’t – I don’t like honey it makes me (imitates vomiting) um yeah and um Scott I suffer with Hay fever and it never ruins my summer I have honey on toast every morning it always cures my hay fever so yeah The only thing that worked for me which you have to pay for um is having an injection in my gluteus maximus or whatever it’s called particularly maximus in my case and that worked only for about four weeks but it gets rid of it completely see I didn’t know anything about that you could have a injection I would I don’t think you can always get that on the NHS we’ve got Lindsay McManus on the phone you there Lindsay? Yes I am Hi there and Lindsay is the deputy CEO from Allergy UK which is the patient information
organization is that right? That’s right Do you have Hay fever yourself Lindsay? I don’t but a bit like you my son has really bad Hay fever and he’s a PE teacher so it’s extremely difficult to stay outside all the time and it’s been miserable this year absolutely miserable and what about your helpline? because they’re saying that the pollen is really high at the moment so are you noticing more and more people calling? we are absolutely and trying to find ways that they can exactly what you were saying they’ve tried things over the counter they’ve tried the local remedies and things like that it’s not working what can they do to to make a difference this year it has been particularly bad this year the weathers been very warm very windy and we had a warm wet mild wind which gives ideal growing to the plants and it’s all gone all gone mad this year and set to get worse according to the MET office cause they’re saying temperatures are expected to reach
seventy seven degrees in some places this week yeah we’re in the grass pollen season now as you were saying so it’s people who are out there cutting their lawns it’s been very dry and as soon as you know they start cutting the lawns it’s a bit warm it’s a bit windy so all the pollens are released and it’s a nightmare it’s a very underestimated condition I think and it can make people’s lives miserable Apart from putting a goldfish bowl on your head like we saw there but what about remedies you know people that call you or advice
that you’re giving I mean obviously if it’s very bad I presume you would say go and see your GP but there are anything that you find works
particularly for people yeah absolutely I think the thing is alot of people don’t take the medications correctly they’ll take their antihistamines a bit adhock if it’s just a bad day they’ll take a pill then rather taking them regularly right the way through nasal sprays are often used incorrectly so instead of spraying them to the outside of your nose so the actual inside of your nose is treated with the medication it goes straight up your nose straight down the back of your throat into your tummy doesn’t do any good so people think they don’t work properly because they are not using the technique I saw a nasal spray being advertised can children use nasal sprays I’m not a medic but I mean if you spoke to your GP or if you spoke to your pharmacist they would be able to give you the right one for suitable ages sometimes it’s practical things as well you know wearing wrap around sunglasses when your outside there’s pollen barrier balms that you can just put on the inside of your nose that traps the pollen when you’re out and about – washing your hair and changing your clothes when you come in so you’re not taking all those pollens into your bedroom where you’re sleeping so causing symptoms all through the night making you get up in the morning it’s just that you’re all bunged up and feeling dreadful get undressed at the front door then strip off! (audience laughter) strip off when you come in yeah well thank you Lindsay and hope your son gets through the summer okay that’s not a great job is it PE teacher with really bad Hay fever thank you very much for all your advice and as um Lindsay said there and we said obviously if your symptoms are very bad um see your GP Any helpful advice there? we should point out one positive thing about Hay fever there’s been a couple of american studies that say that um children who suffer from hay fever a 40 percent less
likely to get leukemia and adults that suffer from hay fever
30 percent less likely to get ovarian cancer as low because you produce more histamine is that right? it’s about the immune system and yeah and producing more histamine so yeah they are some upsides i suppose so there’s a sliver lining thank you very much for your comments and any of your kind of homemade cures and things that work for you do let us know we’d be very interested competition

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