Am I Allergic to Braiding Hair? Braids Make My Head Itch! How To Make My Braids Stop Itching

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Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter author
of the book the natural hair Bible and founder of and for these special
videos I left as all of the questions you all send me via email so you have any questions
that you like for me to answer be sure to check out the description box below for additional
information so without further ado are going to get right on into the video in this video
is the video is because of a question I received from Candy she wants to know if it is possible
that she’s allergic to braiding hair because when she get her Senegalese twists installed
her scalp always itches very bad so this video is definitely going to help a lot of you who
are watching because a lot of you have issues with putting synthetic braiding hair and your
hair and having problems with it itching and causing a lot of inflammation and swelling
on your scalp so I am going to tell you why you’re probably having this thing is going
on with the braiding hair and what you can do to help your situation so first is the
reason why a lot of people are very sensitive or think that there allergic to braiding hair
is because of the material that’s sprayed on the braiding hair in the manufacturing
plant where they are spraying on alkaline base on this hair preserve the hair from getting
mold on it now mold cannot grow on material that’s now organic so if it is that dead tissue
cells or any type of food or anything like that mold can’t grow on things that were once
real if you understanding what I’m saying because synthetic hair are plastic fibers
so nothing can live off of plastic fibers and be alive but they spray an alkaline base
on the braiding hair which is a very acidic material
that’s going to kill off any bacteria that
can grow on the hair because when hair produced it’s produced at a rapid rate and is usually
just setting inside of the until it shipped out to someone who wants to buy the braiding
hair so to prevent a lot of the moldy packages what they do is they spray the alkaline base
on to the hair to prevent mold from growing on and only way mold can grow on it is the
dust collects and then the dust have to be moist to actually give an environment for
mold to grow so I hope I didn’t confuse any of you as to like okay what are you talking
about basically the spray that they spray on the hair it just prevents material from
growing on it so that we gave it as a have mold all of the braiding hair a lot of people
are very sensitive to the alkaline base because the pH of the base is about seven so it’s
a lot higher than the environment your scalp is and that’s why it itches so badly so what
you can do you can still weigh her Senegalese twists and your box braid in the love to wear
but you first have to treat the hair and the way that you treat the hair is that you just
have to wash itsome people like to wash it with apple cider vinegar so what you want
to do is probably fill up your bathroom sink or a small bowl or something like that that
you can fit all of your hair and and then pour a cup of apple cider vinegar in it to
strip the alkaline base off of the synthetic hair what you also can do is just washing
with regular shampoo you just need some type of adjutant to get the alkaline based off
of the hair so that you can install it without a irritating your scalp so that is pretty
much a way around everything but I wanted you to know that it’s not the synthetic braiding
hair that you are allergic to is the actual alkaline base that they spray on it to keep
the hair from having an environment that mold can grow so hope this helps you in everyone
was watching me that this is a very common problem with extensions is that when someone
gets them done they often blame the braider or where they blame the brand of hair will
really is just the way that the hair is treated so this is available for customers to consume
and to just braid into their hair so yeah just make sure you wash it and before you
install it has to be stripped of alkaline base or will irritate your scalp saw hope
this is help you and everyone else was watching it before you go make sure to sign up for
my email is so that you automatically entered for any giveaways that I do and also received
exclusive content so until then I’ll see you are in my next video

100 thoughts on “Am I Allergic to Braiding Hair? Braids Make My Head Itch! How To Make My Braids Stop Itching

  1. this is so weird, I just randomly saw this video & I'm so glad I did. I`ve been having this problem for a week now. I thought it was my scalp just being too dry, but then I noticed it breaking out. Thanks for the tip & will these methods work after adding the braiding hair in?

  2. Thanks for the info.  My scalp also itches when wearing human hair extensions.  Is the Human Hair also treated w/ the same chemicals as the synthetic hair?

  3. It has to be soaked in vinegar for 20 min, any kind of vinegar, I use white vinegar.simple washing will not get the itch out! I know been soaking for 19 years, and no itch!

  4. Thank you so much this is the reason why i started wearing yarn twist. I really thought i was allergic to synthetic hair. i will be trying the apple cider wash. I needed this video

  5. Hi, thank you for sharing this 🙂 What can I do if I already have the braids in? I got them done a few days ago and the itch is driving me crazy!

  6. Thank you so much! I'm going out of town this summer and I am planning on having Senegalese twists, but I worried that I was allergic because of a previous incident with itching. This helped a lot 🙂 

  7. Omg omg lawd yes you have helped me i love doin my box braids but i haven't for a while because the last time i wore them for only a week and couldn't take it at all and i thought only vinegar took the alkline off good to know shampoo does also thank you very much

  8. I soak the hair in the bath with shampoo for a good 30mins…..I then rinse with the shower head and leave to dry!!!! It works wonders for me. No itching once the hair is thoroughly washed!!!

  9. I usually don't have any problems however I installed Senegalese twist with sassy kanekalon hair from Sally's and it has my entire body itching. I tried the apple cider vinegar but it didn't work. I hate to take my hair down. 

  10. Thanks so much. I spray my braids with acv, rinse and wash after install and this works for me but soaking the hair first is a good tip💜💜💜

  11. I'm just now seeing this but thank you so much for making this video! I've been wondering for the longest what it was that had my scalp itching and bumpy.

  12. Great!  I have always had skin irritations whenever i braid my hair. Now i know why. Im gonna try this soon. Thanks. Keep it up!

  13. Thank you !! scalp hurts so bad ..I was about to cry lol..thinking monet spent to braid it is down the drain and I'll have to never use synthetic hair again

  14. Thanks for the info. My daughter is 12 but when she was around 6 she had synthetic box braids, the next day she wasn't itching, but she was trowing up. We took them out the next day and she wasn't throwing up anymore, and was no longer sick. Could it still be the alkaline spray base that made her sick?

  15. Why does braiding hair extension shed? I have gotten them many times before and have never seen this before. X-pressions braiding hair, first time using the brand as well.

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Very helpful! Once again, great job! Keep doing your great , informative videos/tutorials!!!

  17. ladies and some gents that are having issues with allergic reactions, itchiness , and such when it comes to synthetic hair, I recommend you to try yarn braids/twists. They are life savers. not only will they probably save u from sleepless itchy nights but they are way cheaper than buying packs of braiding hair.

  18. I jus recently got two strans installed in my hair… most of the time it always itches..and I use the apple cider vinegar which makes it stop… this time around my scalp is on 10… and its not working.. last night I rinsed my scalp and hair twice literally used a whole bottle of acv.. no relief… any other suggestions???

  19. In know I am because I have Caspar in my hair and it itches very bad I hate it but lol I wish my hair was more healthier like my sister star bright Beretta my name is Santa Anna Martinez and I'm ready for new years 2016 write now its 2015 december

  20. Oh ! So washing/soaking futura fiber in vinegar won't ruin the quality or longevity of the wig, but will only remove that mold preventative alkaline base.

  21. If the braids are neutral (7) on the PH scale, then what is my hair on the scale in normal conditions?

  22. I washed the braiding hair and more it didn't work. I had painful blusters that was itchy and oozing. Guess I'm staying natural

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  24. what can you do if you didnt know this and installed the hair already? I have goddess locs in and after 4 days I've develops red, itchy bumps all over my scalp 🙁 i really dont wanna take them out because they're so pretty and i paid a lot to get it done

  25. I have worn synthetic wigs for a while. All of a sudden my neck has started to itch and break out really bad. I have welts on my neck. What is going on.

  26. Everyone should get into the habit of doing this. I just realized kanekolon has been making my scalp burn and shed for years. You would put virgin hair on ur head without treating it first. This is no different.

  27. Hey. Quick question… I've done the apple cider rinse on braiding hair and freetress crochet hair. But can you do it on ANY brand of crochet hair (African Jamaican bounce hair) ?

  28. My first two times of braiding my own hair i never had an itch but my third time omg….they must just started putting akaline on the kanekalon hair?

  29. Hey there, I just have a question. I have been wearing Senegalese twist for awhile and I will have itching but nothing too major and it usually subsides after a few days and me using black castor oil on my scalp. I am considering doing crochets braids using the water wave hair and I have seen videos talking about the alkaline irritating the scalp. My question is – since I have had my Senegalese twist installed 3 times now and haven't had a bad reaction, do I still need to wash the water wave hair to remove the alkaline base? My thoughts were that since I hadn't had a bad reaction I may not be sensitive to synthetic hair. Let me know your thoughts please.

  30. I'm going through this now I had my hair braid Thursday and today is Monday I told them out OMG I'm about cry my head is so sore and hurting

  31. If you don't feel like soaking the hair in ACV. A neutralizing shampoo works just the same. Ive been doing it for years with no itch at all

  32. lol just use anti itch brading hair…doing to much…a goid pre stretched anti itch braiding hair is "I & I braiding hair or innocence braiding hair" at my beauty suppy its 2 dollara

  33. I've had them for 4 days and it still hurts/itches. I'm about to take them out honestly. I feel like it's ripping my hair out.

  34. Life saver, I'm white and very short hair and wanted long French braids/dutch braids and I did this once and it rubbed my bare neck RAW hurt so bad I had to take them out after a few hours

  35. I would like to know, can you clean the Alkaline chemical out even when the box braids are installed? I cant stand this constant itch even when its moisturized and cleaned!! Help

  36. I got braids 3 days ago and my head is burning and itching 😩I also got a rash on the back of my neck.I don't know what to do

  37. If it has a pH of 7, it would be neutral. Like water. And the acidity of a chemical decreases the higher up on the oH scale.

    Acid 123456 Neutral 7 Basic 7891011121314

  38. I box braided my hair 2wks ago and I had to take them out last night. My poor head was so sore and tender. I started to get spots on my hair line, my hair felt tight. The itch made my head sore.In certain places my hea felt as if it was burning. I had dreads for over 20 years and cut them off last year and for second time since twice using synthetic hair I have missed my dreads. I loathe the synthetic hair. From comments down below some people are still experiencing itchy scalp even after washing the hair. I even bought 'non itchy' synthetic hair (read on the packet). No wonder black women have bald edges etc. Manufacturers please take heed.

  39. Yes I am so glad I saw this video I have that problem all the time every time I tried to get extensions in my hair breaks out my skin and I cannot keep weave in my hair no longer than 3 days and when I washed it so much. Dye came out. thank you nice video

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