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(smooth music) – [Raven] Look who’s here! With a new hair color! Cotton Candy Randy! So, apparently, we’re having a party. (dishes clanging)
This is a Raven got the keys to her
house, Maya’s home slash (dish clatters)
late Father’s Day party. Got cake and everything. My Dad used his new smoker that
we got him for Father’s Day. – The meat is over here.
– Oh, I was gonna say, why does it look so eaten? (laughs) – The meat is over here.
– Here. We got him a new smoker, so he made this and we got some corn. And Ziya was so excited
for Maya to come back! (upbeat music)
Ziya! Were you so excited to see Maya? All right, so as you just saw, Maya got into town last night. Today is the official beginning of Operation Move Into the New House. I know you guys had saw me
starting to pack up some stuff in a previous vlog, that was just me kind of trying to get a head start but now the real, real packing begins. What you’re really gonna
see in this vlog, though, is mainly adding finishing
touches to the new house. Like I keep saying there was some stuff that my builder did
not have, could not do, that I wanted to add after the main construction was already done, after I closed on the house, so as you guys saw in my previous vlog, I closed on the house, I
got the keys to the house, so now I can start having
my own different contractors coming in to change stuff,
fix stuff, install stuff, add stuff, and just add a
little bit of Raven Elyse flair on top of this house that was just built. So yeah, I’m gonna be giving you guys some sneak peeks of the
stuff that I’m adding. I’m not gonna give you guys
the full view of the house yet because I do want to save the surprise for the actual finished empty house tour. It’s time to start saying
goodbye to this place because we are officially
starting the process of finishing everything
up at the new house, packing up this house,
and before you know it, I’ma be over there. It’s happening, y’all, it’s happening. So, as you guys saw in my previous vlog, we started by packing
up some of Ziya’s toys, so that’s already looking good. Also, some of my home
decor items over here, throw pillows, decorative stuff, I’ve got more pillows
in trash bags over here. I also went and purchased
two 65-inch TVs from Costco. Got a pretty good deal on these. One of ’em is gonna be for the living room and one of ’em’s gonna
be for Ziya’s playroom. Starting to just kinda have
random things piled up, just preparing to move. I took y’all’s advice from the comments and all of Ziya’s smaller toys that were in these bins, I left
them all nicely categorized but I put them in big, Ziploc baggies. So just to keep everything organized, I just labeled these baggies, that way when we get over there, we can easily just dump these baggies out in their respective bins, so that was a really good
idea from you guys, thank you. Also, yes, I will be using trash bags for packing certain things. I honestly just had an extra
box that I wasn’t using, so that’s why I put the pillows in there but I saw your comments,
I’m seeing your comments, I’m taking your packing advice. Up here, in my bedroom,
made some progress. My shoes are all packed up
from these cubby shelves into these two boxes, also,
this other closet over here had a bunch of shoes in it,
so that’s all packed up. Obviously still have to pack up all these accessories and stuff. So, yeah, one of the first things that’s being installed
over at the new house today is light fixtures,
which I feel is going to really make a big difference in the house, so I’ma give you guys a
little sneak peek over there, what the light fixtures look like. Also, I’m getting internet
installed over there today and what else, oh, all of my A/V stuff, so audio visual, meaning
speaker systems in the ceiling, TV hook ups, is being installed as well. So Ziya is having a late morning. It’s actually almost 10
a.m., but we’re still here having breakfast, getting ready for school because I had to wait this morning for the BungoBox guy to deliver my boxes. These are the moving boxes
that I’ve been talking about. They’re plastic moving boxes so you don’t have to
use so much cardboard. They drop off the boxes, you use ’em and then they come pick up the boxes from your new place, so
it’s really convenient. Except they were supposed to
drop off the boxes between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. this morning, which is why I’m sitting
here waiting for them and not taking Ziya to school yet and it’s almost 10 a.m.
and they have not called me and they have not dropped off the boxes, so I’m like, where are they at? I need my boxes, I need to start packing, I need to start moving, I
need to take Ziya to school, we got stuff to do today. Okay, so it is 10:05, the
BungoBox people just never came, they’re not answering the phone, I do not know what’s going on, they just wasted my
whole morning (groans), I’m annoyed, but it’s okay, we’re gonna take Ziya to school now. Super later for no reason. Grab your lunchbox, boo boo. The stress, the anxiety. Anyway, gonna take her to school and then, like I said, I’ve got materials to bring over to the new house. The install people are waiting for me to bring these materials to the new house but I’m waiting on the BungoBox people and they didn’t even come. – I see you back there. – I see you. All right, so loaded up my
trunk with the materials. Gotta bring that. Put your arms in the straps, please. Since Maya is in town, I am
going to be putting her to work this summer, her summer job is going to be working for RavenElyseTV. She’s gonna be helping me
with the moving process, unpacking process, she’s
also gonna be helping me with some actual work
stuff, behind the scenes, helping me film videos, organizing, helping me with Ziya,
just any and everything, she’s gonna basically be my assistant, whatever, this summer. All right, so we got
light fixtures being hung, they’ve got this giant contraption to reach all the way up and
there’s the new light fixture, right now trying to decide how low or how high we want it hanging down. I keep saying we, who is we? – There’s no we, it’s I.
– Why do I say we? Why does it look brown from this angle? – It looks brown to me. I thought it was black at the store. – [Raven] It looked much
blacker in the store. – What? I gave him the number you gave me. – I hope it doesn’t
come in multiple colors and they gave me the
wrong color or is it just, ’cause it looks pure black in the store and from the picture I have. Just want to make sure they
gave me the right thing. Speakers, oh, they look nice and minimal. (clanking)
Wasn’t sure what they were actually gonna look like.
– Look outside on the patio too. – So I’ve got a speaker on
either side of the sliding door. Out on the patio, we’ve
got speakers on either side on the patio as well, so
those were just installed, looking good so we can pump some jams for the backyard barbecue. Here is the aftermath of
them installing the speakers in the master bathroom. So I’ve got these little speakers in the ceiling in here as well. So there are speakers in
the living room, the patio, the kitchen, the master bath. I think that’s all the places that have the speaker system installed
and it’ll be connected to a system that is Bluetoothed to my phone so I can play Apple
Music, whatever, Spotify, off of my phone and control it, control the whole house from my phone, so you know, when I’m
getting ready in the morning, I have it in my bathroom. When I’m cooking, I
have it in the kitchen, when I’m having a barbecue,
I have it on the patio. You see, you see the vision. (“thank u, next” by Ariana Grande) Oh. – [Man] And for volume,
you can use your phone. And this thing here, which
controls them separately. – Wow. (“7 Rings” by Ariana Grande)
That was really loud. That’s cool. What did you just say
about my speaker system? She said, “Girl, we up in the club.” So my mom, like I said, came this morning to let all these people in
and she’s been camping out in the assistant’s office. She brought, she’s literally
been camping out in here ’cause obviously I have no furniture, so she brought (laughs)
a freakin’ lawn chair. (upbeat music) So, this light fixture that I ordered, in the store, it looked black. Now that it’s hanging in
my house, it looks brown. We just called the people to make sure they gave me the right thing
and they said they did. They said it only comes
in bronze or chrome. Bronze is the black one. So they’re like, “There’s only two, “we gave you the black one,”
but it’s not black, it’s brown. I guess it’s just the lighting. I mean, I think it looks okay. The DIY person in me
wants to spray paint it to make it darker, but now
it’s already hung up there and, as you can see, it was pretty hard to put up and take down,
so I’m kinda like, well. I mean, from here, on camera, it looks like it matches
the stair railing. It looks dark. It’s just when you get
close, it looks brown. Okay, a very last minute risky decision about the light fixture that turned out to be the wrong color for some reason, I guess there’s just some discrepancies in the way that the lights are painted because the one in the
store was definitely black, the one they gave me was
brown, but I can’t even talk. But they’re saying it’s the same light, so now I talked to the
light fixture hanging guy and he was like, “I can go ahead,” and, I’m running to people, he was like, “I can go ahead and take it
back down while I’m still here “and you can go ahead and spray paint it “the color that you want,” and
then he can hang it back up just to get it all done
while he’s still here just because it’s gonna
be such a hassle to get him to come back and change
it if I do change my mind, and knowing me, it is gonna bother me knowing that it’s slightly the wrong color so I’m walking into Home Depot right now. I need a black chain to go with it since I’m painting it black. I think this is what I need. This is what the lighting
guy told me to get. All right, just ran out of Home Depot. When I say ran, I mean literally ran because I’m on a time crunch. He’s still at the house working on hanging the rest of the light fixtures,
so it kinda worked out so he’s not just waiting on me, except then I realized
that I was bringing over my bathroom light fixtures for him to hang and I forgot to take them out of my car and give them to him before I left, so I have the bathroom light
fixtures in my car right now so now I’m racing back to the house so he can have those
and so I can spray paint the other light fixture (groans). The stress! The anxiety! But yeah, I got the spray paint. Hopefully this is the right paint, hopefully it looks good (groans). It’s already about to be noon and I have a whole video to edit. That’s what I’m really
supposed to be doing. The plan was that my mom was gonna handle stuff that’s going on at the new house, my sister was gonna handle helping me pack up stuff at the old house, and I was gonna handle
getting this video edited that has to post tomorrow. But now I’m over here going to Home Depot, buying spray paint, the
freaking BungoBox people wasted all my time this morning. How is Maya even gonna pack my stuff? I forgot, I didn’t even
get the freaking boxes ’cause the BungoBox
people didn’t even come and we still don’t even know
what’s going on with that ’cause they won’t answer the phone. But, anyway, I’m just gonna focus on what’s in front of me right now, I’m gonna go and spray
paint this light fixture and try to get this damn
light fixture looking right. All right, so here’s the light fixture. As you can hopefully maybe
see, you can see right there that it’s brown. Thank you. Very smart. (laughing)
– See, he knows the stuff. – [Raven] This is why we
have professionals around. – All right, let’s do this.
– Okay, thank you. All right, here goes nothing. Hope this is a good decision. (Raven laughs) On a scale of one to 10, how much am I stressing you out today? – I’m not stressed. – You’re not?
– No. (smooth music) – Y’all know me, the DIY
queen, I can fix anything. You got a light that’s the wrong color, no problem, just spray
paint it, no big deal. Look back at the camera. Like, like stressed. – How stressed do you want me to look? No! (light music) – [Raven] Okay, so here’s
our finished product. We almost died locking
ourselves in the garage, it’s so hot with all the fumes. But we went ahead and just spray painted the chain that came with it. So I’ll just return the chain
I bought from Home Depot. I think some of the brown
is kinda poking through in some areas, but I think
that actually looks good ’cause it actually makes it
look like oil-rubbed bronze. I’m happy with it and now
he can hang it back up while he’s still here. The overspray from the black
spray paint went quite far. We put this tarp down, but you can see. – [Grammy] Does this house
not come with a bathtub? (water running) – Well, you see, we have
very limited resources in here right now (laughs). – That’s–
– Multi-purpose cleaner. – [Grammy] That’s Mrs. Myers,
so it’s organic and natural. – I don’t have soap.
(both laughing) (upbeat music) – [Grammy] All right. Ooh, that’s (mumbles). You see what I’m saying? Yeah, just put it in from there. – So, in my master bathroom, these lights are about to get replaced. These are just the standard
ones that came with the house. And I will be linking a lot of things down below for you guys, so
if you guys are interested in light fixtures, furniture,
anything that I’m showing in these videos, I will be
trying to link it for you guys. So always check the description
box if you’re interested in anything that I show. Any of y’all live in the Austin area and want to buy these
light fixtures off of me? Comment down below, for real. Only if you live in the area,
’cause I can’t ship them but I am gonna sell these. Currently I’m getting indoor
security cameras installed in the playroom and Ziya’s room so I can watch her from my
phone with the Nest cameras. So I’m super excited about this because Nest so kindly gifted me all of this stuff for the new house. I’ve got the Nest Cam IQ
Indoor Security Cameras that I just mentioned, I
will be using in the areas that Ziya will mostly be in, but I’ve also got the Nest Cam IQ, two packs of the outdoor security cameras plus the Learning Thermostat
and the Nest Hello Doorbell, so all of this stuff has
obviously video capability on all of the cameras and on the doorbell. It’s all gonna be hooked up to my phone so I can control everything from my phone, I will get alerts on my phone, and I can visually see the video of what’s going on from
the cameras on my phone from the indoor cameras
and the outdoor cameras. So big shoutout to Nest for gifting me all of this awesome security
stuff, plus the thermostat. It is going to be so helpful. Okay, so it is 4 p.m.
and I’m just about to leave the new house and
go home to the old house so I can edit this video
that I was supposed to have this entire day to edit this video and the plan was that my
mom was gonna be here, facilitating installations,
and I was gonna be at home editing while my sister helped me pack. None of that happened today
’cause y’all already know what happened with the moving boxes, so my sister didn’t get to
help with anything today. I was here all day with
my mom at the new house because come to find out
it was a bunch of hoopla with the installations
and I needed to be here to make decisions and tweak stuff. They just got done with everything that was gonna be installed for today. It’s 4 p.m., like I said,
I’m about to head home and start editing this video. I’m supposed to pick up
Ziya from school at five but now I’m gonna have my
mom pick up Ziya from school so that I can have some extra
time to edit this video. I have tons of installations
happening for the next, okay, today’s Wednesday,
all the way until Sunday, I have installations happening every day. Installations, deliveries,
appliances are being installed, plumbing fixtures are being installed, blinds and curtains, I mean,
so many different things happening over the next few days, so it’s gonna be a juggle between coming over here and checking
on stuff and making decisions but then, also, I need
to work on stuff at home but then, also, I need to
pack up my stuff at home and just make sure where
is Ziya, is she at school? Who’s watching Ziya? It’s just a lot to juggle. All right, guys, so it is day two. It’s the next day, officially day two of the whole getting stuff installed in the new house process and, um. (dramatic music) We have breaking news. I don’t even know. I, yeah, so, last night,
after getting back home from being at the new house, I randomly started breaking out in hives. I was just sitting at my computer editing, like I told y’all yesterday, I had a whole video to edit,
so I was sitting at my computer for a long time, editing,
as I was editing, my face started to get itchy and I started scratching,
scratching, scratching. So, eventually, I got
up to go to the bathroom and I looked at my face and
my face was all red and bumpy and basically breaking out in hives and it was going down my neck. And I got on Snapchat
and I was freaking out but then I looked it up and it was like, oh, sometimes if you’re
just really stressed, you might break out in this
temporary rash or whatever. So I didn’t even get
too concerned about it, I’m like, it’ll probably go away. It’s probably just stress
or something like that. So everybody was telling me
to just take some Benadryl and it’ll just go away. So I was super tired, I
went to go take a shower and then I was gonna take
some Benadryl and go to sleep. After I got out of the shower
though I just fell asleep without taking the Benadryl. And then I woke up super
early this morning, at 5 a.m. because my face was
itching so bad it woke me up. So I’m like, oh my gosh,
my face still itches and then I realized, oh, I
forgot to take the Benadryl, so I went to go look in the mirror and my whole face was swollen. And it was super red earlier. It’s not even as red as it was right now, but, as you can see, my eyes are swollen, this area in between my eyes is swollen, it’s starting to kind of come
into the corners of my eyes, you can see right here,
it’s swollen right there. But this morning, when
I just woke up at 5 a.m. and I looked in the mirror,
my face was super red too so I was like oh my God, what? So I’ve been posting on
Snapchat and texting my mom and showing pictures and asking people has this ever happened to you? What should I do? Like, I don’t know if this, can I just treat it with
Benadryl and be okay or do I need to go to the emergency room? Like, I don’t know what’s
causing this reaction. Anyways, I took some Benadryl this morning and I put aloe vera gel all over my skin because it was so red
and itchy and irritated and the aloe vera gel definitely helped with the surface of my skin. It’s not as red anymore and
it’s not as itchy anymore, but with the puffiness and the swelling, it’s actually getting worse, I think. So I’m literally sitting here right now trying to decide if I
should go to the doctor. I think I do need to
go to the doctor, like, at this point it’s not
just a little hives rash, at this point it’s starting
to get kinda scary, so. (sighs) But it was so embarrassing because yesterday, how I told
you guys the BungoBoxes, the moving boxes were
supposed to be delivered. It was actually our fault
because we had the days mixed up, so they were actually coming today, so the guy just came
to drop off the boxes. So here is all of the boxes stacked up. These are the plastic
bins I’m gonna be using to pack up the rest of my stuff. And so they come and drop ’em off for you and the guy, I’ve used this service before and last time I used it, I told them about my
YouTube channel and stuff, so the guy was like, “Oh, hey,
Raven, nice to see you again, “I’m a big fan of your YouTube channel “ever since the last
time I worked with you,” and the whole time I’m like
trying not to make eye contact. I’m looking down, I’m
like, “Oh, hey, yeah,” ’cause I don’t want him to see my face. It was so embarrassing. He kinda did a double take
when I first opened the door. He kinda looked at me
like, uh, are you okay? My mom is already at the new house, again, facilitating deliveries and installs because we’ve already had people coming in early this morning. But, I don’t know, I’m just
concerned about my face now. I think it might possibly
be from yesterday when we were spray painting. Maybe the spray paint
kinda got all in the air and got all on my skin
and irritated my skin but I’ve always used spray paint, like, a lot, ’cause I do a lot of DIYs and I’ve never had that happen
before with spray paint. Maybe it’s that specific
spray paint, I don’t know. Maybe it’s something else completely and I just, I didn’t eat
anything I’m allergic to. I didn’t do anything
except for the spray paint and stuff at the house or maybe, I hope there’s not something at the house in the air that I’m allergic to. (groans) New clickbait for this vlog is I’m allergic to my new house, with my face looking like
this, how about that? Okay, so here’s the plan. Ziya is really concerned about me. She’s like, “Mommy, what
happened to your face? “Something happened to your eye.” And I was like, I don’t
know what happened, boo boo. And she was like, “You
need to go to the doctor.” Mommy needs to go to the doctor. What happened, where are we going? – To the doctor. – She was really concerned. She was so cute, she was
like, “Mommy, are you scared?” I was like, “No, I’m okay.” And she was like, “I love
you, gimme kiss,” (laughs). She’s trying to console me. And she really wants
me to go to the doctor, she keeps saying, “When are
we gonna go to the doctor? “Are we going to the doctor?” Maya is at my mom’s house. I’m gonna go pick up Maya so
that Maya can help babysit Ziya while I go to the doctor
and just figure out everything for the rest of today. Okay, so I went to the clinic, the little walk-in clinic,
and saw the doctor. She basically thinks that it probably was some sort of allergic
reaction to the spray paint and just all the construction
stuff in the air yesterday that I was exposed to, plus
the heat, plus stress, so, yeah, that’s what we’re thinking it is. Obviously, my face still
does not look normal, but she gave me a steroid
shot in my buttcheek for immediate treatment. She said that should help
everything start going down. She also told me to take
24 hour allergy medicine. I also got some itch relief cream to just put directly on my face ’cause my face still itches pretty bad. She told me I can take Benadryl, but to watch out for the drowsiness, so I’m not gonna take that ’til tonight. And she also prescribed me an oral steroid that I can take for the
next five days if needed, if this doesn’t go down just with the steroid
shot that she gave me. And hopefully, tomorrow,
it’ll be a lot better. She also prescribed me a freaking EpiPen because she was basically like, “You’re clearly allergic to something, “this time it’s good that it didn’t “affect your nose and throat
to where you can’t breathe or anything,” but she’s like,
“Next time, you never know “’cause we don’t exactly
know what caused it.” And I do know that I do
have some food allergies, food sensitivities, I don’t know, I normally don’t have problems like this, but she just gave me an EpiPen just in case, in the
future, if I ever do have a really bad allergic reaction
to where I can’t breathe, she’s like, you need to carry
an EpiPen, so there’s that. So Ziya is about to take her afternoon nap and Maya is here doing her
personal assistant duties, washing makeup brushes right now just so that they can all
be clean when I pack them, ’cause I didn’t want
to pack dirty brushes, so she’s got quite a few to wash. (products clattering) Okay, so this is actually
part of the packing process because I do need to pack this stuff up but these are actually mystery
box prizes for you guys. Maya is packing up the boxes. Makeup products, hair
products, skincare products. These are the giveaways
that I do every Monday. I took a break from doing it just because I was busy with the house but I’m gonna be starting back up with it. I think by the time you
guys see this video, I will be starting back up. All you guys have to do if you want to win one of these boxes is
be an active follower, so, subscribe to my channel,
follow me on Instagram, follow me on Twitter,
just interact with me, like my photos, show
that you are supportive and I might randomly choose you one week to win one of these
boxes full of products. Day three of installations. My face is doing better but not 100%. I’m still taking allergy
medicine and steroids so we’re getting there. Blinds were installed. So this is in my office. So we now have the blinds in the office. I haven’t been here since
I’ve been dealing with this and doing other stuff, so
my mom’s been the one here, so I haven’t seen some stuff yet. TVs were mounted, so the new TV I bought and then the TV that I already had but they mounted it for the patio. And then, in the playroom,
the other new TV I bought got mounted in here and
blinds were also added to the windows in here. As well as, up in here
in the playroom, I’ve got one of the Nest indoor security cameras mounted over here in the corner
and it has a fish eye lens so you can see this entire playroom. I’ve also got another one
of these in Ziya’s room, which, again, just gives
a full view of her room. Blinds were also added to
the windows in Ziya’s room and Ziya’s custom closet
was installed this morning, so this is from The Container Store. It’s the Elfa Decor Closet System, so you kinda get to pick how you want it and then they come and install it for you and it’s all changeable and customizable, like if I want to take this off and move it up the rungs or whatever, as she grows or as her stuff changes, this’ll come in handy to be able to reorganize stuff if necessary. Washer and dryer is here. (Raven laughs) Yeah, that’s just our old vacuum cleaner. We been had that. Fridge is here. You guys saw when I was shopping for this in one of my previous vlogs. So I went to Home Depot and
bought these light bulbs. These are the fancy, decorative bulbs that are meant to be exposed
as part of the light fixture. When they installed these
light fixtures yesterday, I didn’t have the right light bulbs, so these are just regular light bulbs that are obviously not meant
to be exposed like that, so it looks really stupid,
but we just put those in there just to test the light out, but now I’m gonna switch
it out with these. Hopefully these are the right ones. (upbeat music) Okay, back at the townhouse now. I got Maya here helping me and my mom is over at the new
house facilitating installs, my custom closet and the master
closet is being installed as well as the drawer
pulls are being added onto the cabinets in the bathroom
and in the kitchen today. So she’s there facilitating that. We’re here trying to really get most of the packing done today. Today is Friday and I have
to be done packing by Sunday, so we have the whole
weekend and Maya is helping. Right now, we’re starting off with some of the clothes in my closet. Okay, so just dropped Maya off. We were packing all day, picked up Ziya. (laughs) She’s running in the background, picked up Ziya from school. Came by the house
because the cabinet pulls have now been added onto the kitchen, so that’s what those look like. They’re all over the place,
in the whole kitchen. I’m not gonna show you
guys too much right now ’cause I’m trying to save
it for the empty house tour. And my master closet is
also done being installed, so I am gonna go check it out. Again, I’m not gonna show you guys ’cause I’m actually gonna
do a whole separate video all about the closet, so I’m
keeping it a secret for now but I want to get my reaction to it and I want to go look at it, so. (gasps) Oh my gosh! Wow, oh, and it does, actually. I was wondering if the
mirror came with it. And they gave me the little
hook and then in here too. Wow. It looks really good, guys. I can’t wait to bring my stuff in here and organize it and put
little decorative stuff. But like I said, there’s gonna be a whole separate video all
about the closet organization, decorating, you guys are gonna
see the whole glam closet a little bit later but
it looks really good. I want to record your
reaction to my closet. – Wow! (both laughing) Oh boy. This is super nice, Raven. This looks like those
million dollar homes.

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