Amanda developed asthma as an adult. A new treatment changed her life | Treatments – Biologics

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The worst for me was the wheezing. I just couldn’t catch my breath. They gave me a nebulizer treatment and said, you have asthma. Never have heard that before. Never had asthma. I was 30. And it really got bad when it was time to go to sleep and lay down. That’s when I noticed it the most. I had a hard time working out. And the biggest thing that stands out to me is how much of an impact it had on your quality of life and the things you were able to do. You deserve the ability to do the things you want to do and your asthma was keeping you from doing it. To have a doctor who understands your symptoms and who understands, you know, what is in fact happening and how to help you feel better is huge. We started with the typical asthma medications. Inhalers, increasing doses, And unfortunately, we didn’t get to a place that was acceptable asthma control. You required prednisone way more than you wanted, with all the unwanted side effects. Eventually, we had some more options for biologics for asthma. So we escalated our care to that for you. So, I was willing to try whatever it would be, cuz we ended every appointment with, “I’m gonna make you feel better.” With this burst of new asthma medicines, medications, biologics. These injections for asthma beyond the typical inhalers, pills. Your response has been very, very rewarding. You feel better, you’re happier, you’re doing the things you wanna do. And, in fact, with the biologics, we’ve have been able to use some less other medicines, Right. most importantly prednisone and steroids. It has literally changed my life, and for the better. And, you know, that is everything.

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