AMD Adrenalin 2019 Drivers – Benchmarked & Explained!

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so guys a few days ago we had the
opportunity to sit down with AMD at their Markham offices and talked about a
bunch of new things and while some of them will need to stay locked away a big
part of our time was spent discussing their drivers so for those of you who’ve
been following a channel for a while now you’ll notice that this is a video that
we do every year around the same time as a matter of fact last year on December
the 12th we posted our video on the Adrenalin and edition drivers and you
can actually check it out right over here but basically AMD tends to roll out
major updates on a yearly basis and so here we are in mid-december and boom a
massive overhaul for Radeon software you see many years ago AMD was known for
having amazing hardware but they were held back by some pretty poor drivers
now they’re on a mission to deliver the best software possible and move the
perception of gamers away from the old thought that AMD is amazing but their
drivers really suck kind of thing so now they want to deliver day one support for
new games and also want to add a lot more features to their GPUs so let’s
discuss a little bit more about that right after message from our sponsor hi
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what you’re all thinking what’s performance luck on these new drivers
well according to AMD they made some pretty big steps since the original
Adrenalin Edition drivers that were launched about a year ago so this is a
chart that they provided us and there has been some significant improvements
but remember this is a year of development but you can also see some of
these titles like battlefield 5 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey weren’t even
around when the Adrenalin was first introduced in 2017 but with AMD’s focus
on day 1 driver support for new games there’s a big performance improvement
over you using older software another big focus for AMD is their project ReSX which targets popular esports games like overwatch and fortnite for
special treatment basically they’re aiming to boost FPS while also lowering
response times and improving 99th percentile frame times but what does
this all mean in real-world testing let’s check it out but before that I
wanted to mention how these were tested basically I took AMD’s 18.61 drivers
which were launched in June and I’m comparing them to the adrenalin in 2019
at 1080p resolution it should be interesting so as you can see that even
with some older games like overwatch and destiny there are performance boosts but
the bigger ones come with battlefield 5 basically the newest game received a one
driver updates that weren’t around back in June which is pretty cool
alright so enough about performance since there’s a lot more to talk about
and I don’t want this video to run close to the 20 minute mark again but I do
want to mention something really quickly AMD has been adding a lot more features
their latest update and that’s primarily because of the community feedback that
they’ve been receiving so they’ve been hosting the Radeon team has been hosting
regular feedback sessions on reddit Twitter and even their diminishing
service to their drivers so that as soon as you know they get those results in
they actually start developing the new features honestly guys the most
interesting thing about these new drivers is what AMD is bringing to the
game streaming space while you can already use the relive features to
stream your gameplay to services like twitch YouTube and mixer really of games
streaming service allows you to wirelessly stream your PC games directly
to your phone or tablet over a Wi-Fi network so a quick overview before we
show this in action basically AMD game streaming is meant to offer exactly what
valves steam link and in videos game stream technology do but it doesn’t
require another box like the Nvidia shield to run the only small hiccup is
that it isn’t officially compatible with Android TV solutions but if enough
people ask for it they’ll look into porting it over so ask for it guys
according to AMD since this uses the asynchronous compute engine within GCN
GPUs latency is better than on other solutions like steam link the only
performance cut will be between one to three percent which is basically the
overhead from AMD link running in the background setup is actually pretty easy
too at least that’s the way it worked at AMD HQ the first thing you do is
download the AMD link app on either your Android or iOS device scan the QR code
to pair with your PC and select the game from the game Explorer tab
it’s then a simple matter of actually playing since AMD gives you the option
to either use on-screen controls or a Bluetooth controller in theory it should
be possible to get this setup with your TV provided you have an Android
compatible wireless controller supposedly Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
could work too but we didn’t get to test that now considering this is a first
generation technology I thought it worked pretty well but there were a few
streaming hiccups and artifacts every now and then
the nice thing is that you can even change the resolution in case your GPUs
having trouble streaming at your devices native resolution we’re actually going
to cover this a bit more soon so stay tuned for that if there’s anything
specific you want to know let us know in the comments down below one of the other
interesting features rolling out in these new drivers is Radeon game advisor
now it might not sound as amazing as game streaming but let’s check it out
anyways so basically this analyzes performance as you play a game so here I
am playing battlefield 1 and I can press alt R to bring up a Radeon overlay this
overlay tool was launched with Adrenain in 2017 and it brings a massive number
of tools right at your fingertips in a game so in the game advisor tab you can
see that it after after quickly test performance of my system in this title
ill recommend some changes to either improve frame rates or give better image
quality I think this feature will likely appeal
to people who quickly want to optimize their game and get playing instead of
spending a while going through the whole trial and error process it’s also
probably a pretty big deal or it’s probably going to be a pretty big deal
for novices who are just getting into PC gaming and might not be able to use you
know all the options that they encounter so back to other few options in the
overlay features AMD has added a centralized display tab that houses
options like the ability to turn on free sync and enhance sync there’s also an
option to control colors in-game as well luckily the Radeon overlay will remember
all of these settings for the next time you launch a game or a specific title
but remember that some monitors require you to turn on free sync on the panel
before it’s enabled in AMD’s software Wattman is the overclocking utility for
AMD cards and it’s now in the overlay as well with the ability to overclock or
automatically overclock the GPU and its memory that’s pretty cool since it
allows you to create a game specific overclocking profile and tested
immediately rather than just use the global settings finally the
performance tab is still around but it has a whole new makeover with a ton of
customization options that includes you know adjustable colors modifiable
columns and a lot more it’s a pretty cool area to show and login game
performance metrics speaking of wattman it got a shot of
Adrenalin into with automatic GPU and memory overclocking as well as dynamic
GPU under volting there’s also better control for fan curves and the RX Vega
GPUs get a few targeted improvements too with fine grain adjustments for DPM
States and even some very serious memory tuning options a next up is a small but
pretty improvement to facing to HDR you might remember Dmitry had some
issues with HDR displays blowing out bright colors and scenes in some games
well-aimed he’s now adding Auto tone mapping into scenes so they keep the
detail when HDR is enabled that’s a huge relief and I’m hoping Nvidia does the
same things since their cards experience these same problems the last thing that
I wanted to cover is something that’s a bit small when compared to some of these
other huge items its extended support for virtual super resolution or VSR
upscaling on 21 by 9 displays it was actually one of the most requested items
on AMD surveys so they ended up adding that as well which is awesome improve
your workflow at streamdeck Mini by Elgato giving you six fully customizable
LCD keys for macro commands hotkeys app launches media control and the full
array customization for OBS Twitch xsplit and more check out the stream
deck MIDI down below so there you guys have it I know it was a lot to cover but
believe it or not there were a bunch of changes in these new drivers that I
personally wasn’t able to get to but I’m really curious to test out some of the
new features like game streaming for example and see how that plays out with
my smartphone but what we’re really seeing here is AMD continuing to develop
their drivers and bring some really cool exciting features to the forefront I
just hope that their hardware makes a real comeback as well so that’s it for
me let me know what you guys think about the new update from AMD in fact if you
own an existing aim to GPU would you consider taking a manage or would you
actually take advantage of some of these new features at AMD is rolled out love
to know in the comments down below I’m eager with hybrid connects thank you
so much for watching make sure to check out some relevant content over here
subscribe to our new boot sequence channel I’m signing off and I’ll see you
guys one

100 thoughts on “AMD Adrenalin 2019 Drivers – Benchmarked & Explained!

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